Welcome to NSE’s EuroShop exhibition

With the end of our ISE exhibition, Another exhibition of NSE-Euroshop, is also under preparation. Like every previous exhibition, we will devote 100% enthusiasm to receive every customer who visits our exhibition.

NSE Euroshop exhibition details:
FEB.26-MAR.2, 2023

What does Euroshop exhibition do?

Euroshop, located in Dusseldorf, Germany, was founded by Messe Düsseldorf in 1966 and is held every three years. The exhibition area exceeds 100,000 square meters. It is the event with the highest level, the widest range of exhibitions and the highest degree of internationalization in the retail, advertising and exhibition industries. The exhibition includes four main exhibition areas, namely EuroCIS (commercial automation, security and IT, etc.), EuroConcept (commercial equipment and facilities, architectural and store design, lighting, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration systems, etc.), EuroExpo (booth construction, space design, etc.) , exhibition equipment and technical equipment related to large-scale events, etc.), and EuroSales (visual merchandising, sales marketing and POS, etc.), covering all technologies and equipment related to trade, retail and exhibition industries.

Welcome to NSE's EuroShop exhibition
In 2023, the Euroshop exhibition has also been officially launched. The 5-day exhibition opened 16 exhibition halls in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters. Regardless of whether it is from the perspective of exhibitors or visitors to the exhibition, compared with the previous session, the quality of visitors and the scale of participation will increase steadily, and the expected exhibition effect will be achieved.

What preparations NSE do for the Euroshop exhibition?

Although we just finished our ISE exhibition, we have done a lot of preparations for our Euroshop exhibition. Since last year, we have carefully laid out all our exhibitions this year, from booking booths to receiving customers, we have done careful planning, just to give Customers who come to visit our exhibition a pleasant exhibition experience.

Preparations for the exhibition hall: When we set the booth, we chose a booth that space is big enough, so that you can have a place to sit down and communicate with us when you want to chat with us in detail. In addition, we will also add a series of welfare equipment such as popcorn when arranging the exhibition, so that we can discuss business with customers happily.

Product preparation: We have been researching new products last year, so this year’s Euroshop exhibition, in addition to conventional LED posters, taxi top led displays, ordinary fixed large screens and rental large screens, we will also show a series of our New products, such as: OTV series outdoor led screen, LED ball, flexible led displays, super-slim taxi top led screen, ect. To guarantee that every customer who comes to our booth can see the products they want.

Service preparation: In terms of service, we also find ways to provide high-quality services to our customers. In this exhibition, our Italian colleagues and excellent Chinese colleagues will receive customers on the spot. Ensure sufficient staffing so that every client is received. There will be professional engineers, sales, and various staff on site to provide customers with supporting services.

What products will be displayed at the exhibition?


  • Digital led poster: LED poster is one of our perennial hot selling products. Undoubtedly, we will display our LED poster at the exhibition, welcome customers who like to see our LED poster in person to talk about this product.
  • Taxi top led displays: Taxi top led displays are also one of our main products. Different from the past, this year we will show our new product – P2.5 super slim taxi top led display, this product is thinner and more beautiful.
  • OTV series outdoor led screen: This product is also a new product we just launched this year. Because of its easy installation and light and thin cabinet, it has won the favor of many customers at the ISE exhibition.
  • Flexible led displays: Flexible led displays are a product that many customers like but have more concerns about. We will exhibit our Flexible led displays at Euroshop to answer customers’ doubts and trust us even more.
  • Creative led displays: We will display our Creative led ball in this exhibition, I believe it will attract a lot of attention during the exhibition as our ISE exhibition.

Because NSE’s customers are scattered all over the world, we have many exhibitions in different countries every year. On the one hand, it is to expand more new customers, open up a larger display market, and bring good LED displays products to the world stage. On the other hand, more importantly, we want to meet with old customers who have cooperated with us, and let them know that we have been concentrating on products and services, so as to deepen our cooperation and turn customers into friends. So whether you are a new customer or an old customer, we are looking forward to your arrival with the most sincere heart. Hope FEB.26-MAR.2, 2023 We can meet you and introduce our products to you face to face at our Euroshop exhibition in DUSSELDORF, GERMANY .

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