Round shapes appeal to people because they are easier to understand than shapes with straight lines. No wonder round displays and round logo signs are used so much today that they become more of an industry standard than a stylish trend.

To make you really stand out from the competition, you definitely need a new and improved version, which is a circle LED display, also known as a round LED display. Want to grow more with circle LED displays? Here are the 3 things you need to know.

How to Classify Circle LED Displays?

The circle LED display follows the classic and exquisite round shape of round logo signs, but adopts the newest LED technology for branding, attracting customers, or even as art decoration. With a sophisticated design, this digital signage is an absolute eye-catcher!

In terms of classification, there are at least two basic ways to help you understand circle LED displays.

  • Display Options
    Just as traditional round logo signs, circle LED displays to provide two options to fulfill your needs, namely single-sided and double-sided.
    The single-sided circle LED display only presents your contents on only one side of the display. The single-side display is the most economical solution for your basic visual needs. At NSE LED, we do care about individual needs and can customize single-sided circle LED displays based on your requests.
    The double-sided circle LED display includes LED screens on both sides, which is particularly practical while doubling the possibility of attracting passers-by from dual sides to your business. In response to market demands, NSE LED produces standard size 60*60mm double-sided circle LED screens.
  • Use Environments
    According to the actual use environments, we can divide round shape displays into indoor and outdoor.
    Indoor circle LED displays do not require a strong weatherproof rating, but need moderate brightness to be visible without compromising the visual experience. NSE manufactures industrial circle LED displays with moderate brightness at 1,000 nits to ensure that every viewer enjoys the best visual impact.
    However, outdoor circle LED displays inherently require weatherproofed signs. If you plan to install your circle LED screens outdoors, you MUST select higher weatherproofed displays. Tested by time and weather, the NSE circle LED display series is renowned for its IP65 weatherproof rating and over 5,000 nits of brightness to perform well in harsh conditions.
What are the Main Advantages of a Circle LED Display?


Round logo signs seem an everlasting advertising device for a long time. You must have seen round shape displays in different materials, including wood, poly-metals, LCD and the latest improved LED signs. Compared with traditional round logo signs, circle LED displays have the following incomparable advantages.

  • High-Quality Picture

The high-quality picture of a circle LED display is characterized by high density and a high refresh rate. NSE excels at providing ultra-high density of 62,500 dots/SQM for P4 and 15,625 dots/SQM for P8. A high refresh rate of 1920Hz is built to present flicker-free images. To buy a circle LED screen is to light for a better future.

  • Multiple Playback Formats

If you are tired of regular texts and simplistic graphics, and if you look for a round logo sign to deliver impressive messages with vibrancy, the circle LED display is the ideal screen for you. Your content won’t be static and simplistic texts or graphics anymore. The circle LED display series from NSE allows for common video and photo formats, which can be uninterruptedly displayed in real-time day and night. Help you realize a free choice of playback formats!

  • Multi-Control Methods 

With improved technology, circle LED displays usually support multiple control methods to meet users’ needs. The circle LED screen family of NSE is designed to be compatible with 4G, WiFi control, and USB plug-and-play. Simple clicks on the app or software allow you to display whatever you want on the go. The circle LED screen has 4GB video storage capacity while supporting additional USB expansion. This is absolutely the best value.

  • Easy and Fast Installation

The thinner and lightweight design saves room for easy and fast installation. NSE super thin and super light circle LED displays to empower fast installation. Our new screen can be mounted tightly on the wall with just a few expansion screws. It’s easier than you think it is!

  • High Weatherproof Rating

As mentioned above, circle LED screens must have a high weatherproof rating to meet outdoor environments. Otherwise, it will eventually affect the performance and lifespan of the screen. Taking these into account, the NSE R&D team has developed outdoor circle LED screen series with an IP65 rating for both sides to protect your screen from dust and rain.

  • Customizable Services

When standard screens do not work anymore, people expect LED manufacturers to provide customizable services. Apart from customizable sizes and pitches, NSE LED offers frame color changing and logo printing services to match your brand and business. You won’t be limited to the stereotyped round displays. Instead, you are able to add more personality to your screen.

circle transparent led display

Circle Transparent LED Display

Circle LED Display

What are the Applications of Circle LED Displays?

Circle LED displays are the key to keeping customers or visitors informed and entertained in most industries. Displaying in the right position will engage and help customers quickly decide their next move.

  • Street Marketing —-Retail

The meteoric rise of digital signage has replaced old billboards, almost dominating the retail market over the past few years. Retail industries, such as chain stores, quick-service restaurants, and coffee shops, select circle LED screens to display brand logos or marketing videos to help customers identify them accurately. Certainly, the circle LED screens can be operated to highlight bestsellers or promote new items.
NSE’s next-generation circle LED screen series features a super-thin and ultra-lightweight screen. At 1,000 nits, the round display will overpower any potential light indoors. Over 5,000 nits, this screen can beat the direct sunlight, ensuring your instant messages are visible to customers outdoors.
The key to retail success has always been satisfying products and excellent customer service. But circle LED displays are playing an essential role in engaging customers in any retail business. With this bright set-up, retailers can benefit directly from this street marketing.

  • Thoughtful Guide—-Public Places

We live in an era of impatience. When going away from our comfort zone, we want ourselves informed and everything in order. In this way, public places like museums, banks, art galleries, airports, and stations, utilize advanced circle LED displays to present real-time information, so as to help people reduce anxiety.
NSE’s circular LED screen series is an ultra-thin and lightweight double-sided screen. With our display technology, everyone can get accurate information from any direction, making their actions more convenient and efficient.

  • Artistic Decoration—-Anywhere

Digital signage is utilized as an interior and exterior decoration. Let alone elegant and beautiful circle LED displays. It is an excellent hack to design your space with circle LED displays that can show animated pictures and videos. Remember, static texts and graphics are a thing of the past. Vivid and quality content can always be a part of your space while making you stand out.
Choosing NSE as your circle LED display supplier allows you to design your own stylish screen to match your own needs.

Want a thriving business? Focus on circle LED screens. Want to brighten up your store or brand? Start with the latest circle LED screens on the market at NSE. Speak to our display experts and get your free solution for optimal viewing displays indoors or outdoors.

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