NSELED at Viscom 2022

From October 13th to October 15th, Viscom 2022, the exhibition is underway and ended successfully in Italy. With the development of modern technology, the LED display is still expanding, and there is huge market demand. NES exhibited LED displays, Outdoor & Indoor Digital LED Poster, Transparent LED Display, Outdoor Taxi Screen, and wave poster screens in Italy, and many other products were exhibited at the exhibition and received widespread love and attention.

  • What fields are NSE LED displays being used in?

    At present, NSE-Led display products have only entered the Chinese market for more than 12 years. It is one of the oldest LED brands in Europe, and it also has good feedback, reflecting the huge market demand. The wide demand for led displays is mainly due to the high-definition color and clear display, super three-dimensional sense, and its advantages of being widely combined with smart devices to quickly occupy some fields of production and life, then, where is the led display is used? field?

NSELED at Viscom 2022(2)

  1. Outdoor & Indoor Digital LED Poster
    NSE Outdoor & Indoor Digital LED Poster is the most popular product. In the NSE Italy exhibition, we show the most Digital LED Poster, two wheels are fixed on the bracket, so it is more portable and smart maintenance, with indoor P3 smart LED poster, for example, weighs only 35kg and can be easily moved by one person without the help of others, which is very convenient. The smart control system supports wireless network, USB, HDMI, 3G/4G (optional), and network cable connection for controlling smart digital LED posters, NSE LED posters have 8 GB memory and can support USB expansion. NSE Digital LED Poster has a golden ratio of 16:9 screen, just splicing 6 units of Digital LED Poster together. Connecting 10 units of P3 LED poster can achieve 1080p HD performance, for P2.5, 8 units are required. The screen is capable of HD, 4K, and UHD video performance by connecting 10-16 units. For simultaneous display, simply connect the computer to the digital LED poster using an HDMI cable.
  2. Transparent display in shopping malls
    At present, many shopping malls and merchants use LED transparent screens as a way to attract customers’ attention by displaying products. LED transparent screens have the characteristics of high transparency, display beauty, visual transparency, and LED self-illumination characteristics. Tech sense. Can display dynamic product video advertisements without obstructing passers-by from viewing the in-store product displays, NSE transparent LED displays with flat, round, cylindrical, or custom shapes and designs have attracted a lot of attention in the commercial display creative field.NSELED at Viscom 2022
  3. Taxi LED display
    NSE roof is a double-sided LED display design, very thin and stylish, with small spacing and high-definition images, can support GPS positioning and 4G for network connection, currently has 6 patents registered, with IP65, super waterproof and dust-proof Functional and can withstand any weather conditions, the taxi top LED display can be accessed through multiple interfaces, including USB or wireless network connections such as WIFI and 3G/4G. Web-based/Android app control. Users can remotely control and manage all taxi LED displays in real-time.
  4. Outdoor advertising LED display
    As advertisers pay more and more attention to the feelings of the audience, LED displays are common in street advertising LED bars, gas stations, community media, and building curtain walls. Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield of LED displays. Small-pitch LED displays, let LED products Strongly occupy the frontier market of outdoor advertising.NSELED at Viscom 2022(3)
    Gas stations have the advantages of wide coverage, a large audience, and good economic conditions. In the future, gas stations will be a promising market for the LED display industry. The community-led display screen can be simultaneously broadcast by the central platform software, which can scroll and broadcast the weather, urban emergency information, public service advertisements, commercial advertisements, life services, and other community life information in real-time, providing convenience to residents and disseminating valuable information at the same time. There are also more and more applications of led displays in social media. According to statistics, the total area of modern glass curtain walls in China has exceeded 70 million square meters, and such a huge stock of glass curtain walls is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. A new blue ocean of the market that the display screen has broken through.
  • NSE is a high-tech LED display technology enterprise established in 2011, which is a leading manufacturer of LED creative technology displays, taxi LED displays, and Digital LED posters. We provide one-stop, diversified, and comprehensive LED display solutions for the global market, and our R&D, production, marketing, and after-sales services are very strong.
  • The NSELED team successfully concluded the Viscom Italia Exhibition in Booth Number: C9, D10, and D12, Hall 12, Milan, Italy, Date: 13~15 Oct 2022.
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