Variable Message Sign Manufacturer

Variable Message Sign (VMS) Manufacturer

NSE manufactures and customizes all types of Variable Message Signs by request.

  • Low power consumption
  • Customizable
  • Supports multimedia message
  • IRC, NTCIP, and EN12966 Standards

NSE Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Sign is a LED display that provides wide flexibility of use. It is perfectly used to improve and increase the security communication of managers and operators of highways. With this LED display, road and highway users can inform about the road and traffic situation. It is also a useful display panel for Traffic Management Unit (TMU), and an effective way of controlling traffic.

NSE Variable Message Signs (VMS) are designed with quality LED technology which provides great visibility in any type of weather. Our VMS can be adjusted its brightness through a solar sensor and provides both day and night clear viewing.

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Variable Message Sign for Traffic

NSE VMS for traffic is available for P5, P8, and P10 pixel pitches. It can be mounted on expressways, highways, tunnels, bridges, and tolls. We can offer both single LED colors and full LED colors. The design and trailer can be customized upon request. Customers can also request solar panels.

Mobile Variable Message Sign

This type of VMS can be attached to various vehicle types, with remote programming, fleet control software (web-based), GPS tracking (optional), and provides real-time message updates. NSE’s mobile VMS is a full-color LED screen matrix, with extending jacks, and a rotational hydraulic mast.

Solar Speed Limit Variable Message Sign

NSE’s solar VMS for speed limit is with IP65 ingression protection, -40°C ~65°C operation temperature, and 5%~95%RH operation humidity. The wavelength, panel sizes, luminance density, viewing angle, accuracy, speed range, and radar range can be customized according to the customer’s request.

Car Park Variable Message Sign

This variable message sign for parking is designed for outdoor applications. The panel sizes, pixel pitches, brightness, cabinet sizes, and pixel resolutions can be customized upon the customer’s request. It is controllable through USB or WIFI and offers up to 100,000 hours of life span.

Weather Variable Message Sign Board

NSE’s VMS weatherboard is a LED display with a two-color full matrix. It has an ultra-bright LED display function that allows a clear vision of the message but provides more uptime and has low power consumption. It also supports simultaneous multiple partitions task display and provides animation, graphics, and symbols.

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Variable Message Sign Features

NSE’s Variable Message Signs (VMS) display provides many features such as:

  • Compatible with European guidelines and standards
  • Guaranteed for 15 years life span
  • Emitting multiple signals
  • Energy efficient
  • Remote control
  • Provides excellent road visibility
Variable Message Sign Features
Variable Message Sign Functions

Variable Message Sign Functions

The Variable Message Sign (VMS) provides wide functions on some roads, streets, and highways. It includes:

  • Provides traffic condition information for motorist
  • Gives warning about threats
  • Information about the road conditions
  • Information about parking
  • Information about the speed limit
  • Suggesting detours for traffic problems

Our Comprehensive Service Offers

NSE can provide some comprehensive services such as:

  • Project
  • Assembly
  • Production
  • Commissioning
  • Others
Our Comprehensive Service Offers

Variable Message Sign Application

The VMS is widely used for some industrial purposes including:

  • Construction
  • Road work
  • Highway control
  • Parking
  • Diversion
  • Maintenance
  • Commercial
Types of Variable Message Sign

There are different styles of Variable Message Signs but the two major types of VMS are the:

  • Static VMS – the common type of VMS which has fixed installation in one specific location. The static Variable Message Sign is commonly mounted on a car parking structure, above the road or motorway.
  • Movable VMS – as it is called movable VMS, it can be moved all around. This type of Variable Message Sign is perfect for temporary construction works or to inform motorists about foot traffic conditions.

Benefits of Using Variable Message Sign

Low Power Consumptions

One of the main benefits of using Variable Message Sign is the low cost of operating it. It is one of the very cost-effective types of outdoor signage today. It also lacks maintenance requirements and provides a low cost of maintenance.

Fits in any Weather Conditions

In low visibility and poor light areas, a typical road sign is hard to read. Variable Message Sign (VMS) helps to provide clear signage both daytime and during the night. In any weather conditions, the Variable Message Sign device can be readable.


The customization and flexibility of Variable Message Sign (VMS) make this device a very useful type of tool for various industries and businesses. The VMS can be customized according to its panel sizes, pixel pitches, brightness, luminance density, radar range, speed range, viewing angle, LED colors, and other aspects.

Your Reliable Provider of Variable Message Sign - NSE
Your Reliable Manufacturer of Variable Message Sign (VMS) - NSE

Let NSE provides you with any type and design of Variable Message Sign!

What is VMS?

VMS stands for Variable Message Signs. It is a useful electronic display panel for road traffic, road construction, or road parking. It is known as an effective device for controlling traffic

What are the different forms of overhead VMS?

There are three form factors of overhead Variable Message Signs such as walk-in, front access, and rear access

How Variable Message Sign creates images?

The VMS creates images through the pixel that is made with LEDs. Each color pixel in the colored LED display is precisely controlled by controlling each LED light output.

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