Unleashing the Advertising Potential: Exploring Perimeter LED Displays

Perimeter LED display, also known as perimeter advertising panel or LED perimeter panel, is a type of outdoor advertising display commonly used in sports stadiums. It consists of a series of LED panels arranged horizontally around the perimeter of the playing field or court. These LED panels are capable of displaying dynamic, high-resolution graphics, video, and text messages.

Perimeter LED displays are designed to withstand the conditions of an outdoor environment and are often water and dust-resistant to ensure their durability and functionality in different climates. These displays have become an important part of sports marketing, providing additional revenue streams for sports organizations through advertising partnerships. They enhance the spectator experience by creating an immersive atmosphere and delivering targeted messages to viewers.

Perimeter LED Displays

Advantages of perimeter LED display?
  1. High visibility: perimeter LED displays are located at the audience’s eye level and can be seen from multiple angles within the venue. This ensures that advertising and promotional content can quickly capture the audience’s attention and convey the message.
  2. High resolution and dynamic content: LED displays provide high-resolution image and video displays, making advertising content more vivid and compelling. They can display dynamic content such as video advertisements, real-time scores, instant replays, etc., enhancing viewer engagement and experience.
  3. Real-time updates and flexibility: Perimeter LED displays are controlled by a central computer system that allows for real-time content updates and scheduling. This means that advertising and promotional content can be changed instantly as needed to accommodate different events and activities.
  4. Advertising revenue and sponsor value: Perimeter LED displays provide an additional source of revenue for sports organizations, maximizing advertising revenue through cooperation with advertisers and sponsors. Sponsors can display their logos and advertisements on the displays, increasing brand exposure and enhancing brand value.
    Perimeter LED Displays
What is the perimeter LED display used for?
  1. Sports venues: perimeter LED displays are one of the most common applications for soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, rugby fields, and other types of sports venues. They can be used to display sponsor advertisements, real-time scores, replays, athlete introductions, and other content to enhance audience engagement and viewing experience.
  2. Concert and concert venues: Perimeter LED displays can be used in large concert and concert venues to provide visual effects and real-time information to the audience. They can display artists’ performance footage, special effects images, text messages, and sponsor advertisements.
  3. Entertainment venues: Perimeter LED displays are suitable for entertainment venues such as theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and so on. They can be used to display event information, advertising, interactive games, and entertainment content to attract visitors and provide a pleasant entertainment experience.
  4. Commercial plazas and shopping centers: Perimeter LED displays can be used in commercial plazas and shopping centers for displaying advertisements, merchant promotion information, special promotions, and branding. They can attract customers’ attention, increase brand exposure, and provide real-time updated information.
  5. Indoor exhibition and conference venues: Although perimeter LED displays are mainly used in outdoor venues, they can also be used in certain indoor exhibition and conference venues. They can be used to display exhibitors’ product information, conference agendas, interactive content, and branding.
    Perimeter LED Displays

Currently, for perimeter LED display, NSELED has launched the latest series of solutions OTV series LED display, this series in the perimeter LED display is based on greatly optimizing its advantages, so that it is more widely used and durable.

The advantages of NSELED Outdoor OTV Series LED display:
  1. Fast heat dissipation – mask using VO standard flame retardant materials, high-temperature resistance, and high-temperature conditions without deformation.
  2. Energy saving – compared with the traditional screen, it can save 30% energy, saving electricity.
  3. High brightness – brightness up to 8000-10000nits, to meet customer requirements for outdoor high brightness.
  4. Weatherproof and shockproof – Protection level up to IP65, in addition, high shock resistance and impact resistance make it can be used normally on the bumpy road, and the screen will not have problems. So it can also be combined with a trailer to form a trailer screen.
  5. Wireless hard link – all the connecting wires are integrated into the module, no need to connect the wires when installing, reducing the wire bondage, faster installation, and more beautiful overall. This makes the installation faster and reduces the failure problems caused by the wires at a later stage.
What are the solutions for outdoor OTV series LED displays?
  1. Right Angle & 3D – The box can be made 90 degrees with an arc, can be spliced at right angles, and can be made 3D video program.
  2. Cube-45-degree beveled edge box splicing can be made into a Cube program (the top can not be spliced).
  3. Trailer LED display – the box body is ultra-light and the ultra-thin design can replace the user outside the rental screen to do the trailer screen program.
  4. Perimeter LED display – High brightness, high resolution, and vibrant colors allow content to be presented vividly and compellingly.

The emergence of perimeter LED displays has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for advertising and information dissemination. With the continuous innovation and advancement of technology, we can expect peripheral LED displays to continue to play an important role in the future, and NSELED will continue to innovate to bring a more exciting and interactive experience to the audience, as well as provide more opportunities and creative space for advertisers and event organizers.

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