Truck LED Display Manufacturer in China

Truck LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is supplying a wide range of high-definition truck LED displays around the world. Our truck LED displays can give your viewers an unmatched viewing experience.

  • Provides OEM/ODM services
  • Fast response
  • Ensures quick delivery
  • Support customization
  • Exporting to over 80 countries

NSE Truck LED Display

Truck LED displays are the perfect solution for boosting your brand, product promotion, political campaigns, and other types of advertising. Compared to other form of advertising, truck LED displays can increase your brand recognition up to 15 times. They are featuring easy maintenance, high-definition display, and mobility.

At NSE, we offer high-quality truck LED displays for different types of trucks. Our truck LED displays have a housing that can be made from high-quality steel or aluminum. We can also manufacture LED displays based on your required sizes, materials, resolutions, and other specifications.

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Truck P3 LED Display

The truck P3 LED display is a high-resolution display that can display high-quality pictures and videos, bringing a high-definition visual experience.

Truck P4 LED Display

The truck P4 LED displays with a competitive resolution of 4mm pixel pitch, providing excellent clarity and color saturation for text and video. It is a cost-effective solution.

Truck P5 LED Display

The truck P5 LED displays have stunning image quality, low heat dissipation, and resistance to various weather conditions.

Truck P6 LED Display

The truck P6 LED displays have a 6mm pixel pitch and are designed with aluminum housing. They have a full-color display.

Truck P8 LED Display

You can use the truck P8 LED displays for outdoor advertising or promotion applications. They have a long lifespan.

Truck P10 LED Display

The truck P10 LED displays have an IP-65 rating, high refresh rate, and wide viewing angle. They also have a high resolution.

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Our truck LED displays can be mounted on any type of truck and other vehicles. They are used for:

  • product, brand, and event promotion such as festival events
  • political campaigns
  • musical concerts and other concerts
  • advertising
  • draft activities
  • public information
  • live shows sales
  • product and service advertising
  • funerals and weddings
Self-Sufficient Solution

Self-Sufficient Solution

For customers looking for a complete self-sufficient solution, we offer truck LED displays that are equipped with generators to have uninterrupted power and set them wherever you need without any restrictions.

Through power generators, you do not need any further equipment to make the LED display function. They will still operate in locations with restricted or have no access to grid power. No matter where you park, the truck LED displays will function. Diesel or gasoline generators are suitable. Also, our truck LED displays are available in open or enclosed versions.

Things You Should Know About Truck LED Display

Warranty – Our truck LED displays come with a minimum of a 2-year warranty. We can provide the best after-sales assistance for our clients within that period.

Custom Designs – For custom truck LED displays, every design will always be discussed thoroughly with our customers to make sure the finished result is suited to their requirements.

Complete Solution – NSE offers a complete solution. Our team can provide an installation guide or help you with the installation of the display. We also ensure to give you the best after-sales services.

Things You Should Know About Truck LED Display

Safety Guaranteed Truck LED Display

Safety Guaranteed Truck LED Display1
Safety Guaranteed Truck LED Display

One of our goals is to provide safe truck LED displays. Due to that, our engineers with extensive knowledge designs durable, safe, and reliable truck LED displays that provide a complete safety for both viewers and technicians.

Comply with the standards.

All of our truck LED displays exceed the rigorous standards that are required to pass TÜV certification tests. They have been certified by the CE, ISO, TÜV, FCC, RoHS, and other standards.

Static calculations.

We always put your safety first. That is why the custom truck LED displays are designed and constructed by our experienced engineers. And if necessary, our engineers can prepare static calculations for you.

Alarm system for wind speed.

All of the truck LED displays are subject to wind due to their size. So, to prevent any possible damage, they are designed with wind sensors that can measure the wind speed continuously.

Control Room

You can still display different kinds of content such as videos even if you are inside the truck. The interior of the truck can be your control room. Because of that, you can have a comfortable environment, no matter the weather or temperature outside.

Advertising Area on the Truck's Sides

By displaying your own or your client’s advertisements or promotions on the sides of the truck, you can increase the effectiveness of your advertising or promotion.

NSE Truck LED Display Features

Next Level Mobility

NSE manufactures truck LED displays that have a whole new level of mobility. Our truck LED displays can be placed in any area and still effectively deliver your message or advertise your brand clearly.

Other characteristics and features of our truck LED displays are listed below.

Convenient Operation

You can completely control the rotation and lifting of the truck LED display using the remote controller. By using the remote controller, you can still operate the LED display even if you are from the outside. You can also have a better overview of the display.

This feature is particularly practical in limited areas.

360° Rotating Hydraulic Mast

The truck LED displays can be installed on a hydraulic pole or mast that have a 360° rotation.

This gives you the freedom to move the LED display in whatever way or angle you like.

Your Trusted Truck LED Display Supplier – NSE
Your Trusted Truck LED Display Supplier – NSE

NSE is one of the leading providers of truck LED displays and customized solutions. We have been manufacturing since 2011 and we continuously work to develop truck LED displays with superior quality, easy maintenance, and excellent performance.

  • I am really grateful for our experience working with NSE! Their team provides the best customer service. Also, their truck LED displays have a durable structure.

  • The truck LED displays that NSE provided us really exceeded my expectations! They have the highest quality yet are affordable. Also, the LED displays were exactly customized to my specifications.

  • I highly recommend the truck LED displays from NSE! Their truck LED displays are really sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and made to last. NSE is also an expert in customizing truck LED displays.

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