Transparent LED Screen Display Supplier in China

Along with the LED display market demand is growing, the conventional LED display obviously to can not meet the needs of all customers, so people in the conventional display based on the development of LED transparent screen.

LED transparent screen display because of its special institutional design, so that it can be used in many conventional screen can not be applied to the scene. More intuitive is the glass curtain wall, because of the limited bearing capacity of the glass curtain wall, so it is difficult to use conventional display screen for installation, and LED transparent screen does not have this concern.

Transparent LED display adopts a lightweight design, the wall bearing capacity requirements are low, and the display is also different from the conventional screen, it can achieve a similar floating display effect, more fashionable and vivid.

As one of largest supplier in Chinese market, let NSELED to introduce the transparent LED screen to you.

What is LED transparent screen?

LED transparent screen, as the name implies is the LED display made transparent, from the original opaque optimization to in some angles to observe the LED display is transparent. It reduces the blockage of the light panel and structure on the human sight, you can see the scene behind the display, thus making the broadcast content three-dimensional, so that people feel that the object is suspended in the air, but also convenient for people to observe the items behind the screen body.

Transparent LED screen has targeted improvements in chip manufacturing technology, lamp bead packaging and control system. LED transparent screen is a kind of inorganic transparent luminous screen. The main components (SMD lamp beads) are displayed through light control to achieve the display of text, images, animation, video and other information; when designing the display content screen, unnecessary background colors can be removed and replaced with black. Only the content to be expressed needs to be displayed. When playing, the black part does not emit light, the effect is as transparent as before.

What are the advantages of the LED transparent display?

1, High Transparency Effect: Transparent LED display light transmission rate can be between 50-90% or so, see-through effect so that the glass retains the function of light transmission. From a distance, you can hardly see the presence of LEDs, making the glass curtain wall lighting is not affected.

2, Occupy Little Space and Light Weight: LED transparent screen takes up almost no space after installation and does not obstruct other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. Light weight, easy to install, no need for complex support steel structure, can save a lot of installation costs.

3, Easy Maintenance: indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources.

4, Save Building Lighting Costs: If the installation of the LED glass curtain wall transparent screen, you can save a large part of the external wall lighting lamps, while the LED screen more attractive, that is, cost savings and advertising benefits.

5, Simple Operation and Strong Controllability: It can be connected with computer, graphics card and remote transceiver through network cable. It can also be controlled by remote wireless control, and the display content can be changed at any time.

Transparent LED Screen Display Supplier in China

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen Display Supplier in China

What should pay attention to when buying LED transparent screen?

Many customers only look at the price when looking for LED transparent screen manufacturers, and ignore the process and raw materials and pre-sales service in pre-sales and so on. A big reason is that customers do not have a complete knowledge of transparent LED display, only to pick a cheap product.
NSELED display as LED transparent screen brand manufacturers, and we share with you the next few transparent screen purchase guide to help us identify misconceptions. Can focus on the following points.

1, LED transparent screen with the driver IC, LEDs and power supply brands?
Select the brand quality and stability, cost-effective ICs and LEDs brand to ensure the subsequent use, reduce maintenance costs.

2, LED transparent screen frame raw materials are iron, aluminum or die-casting aluminum?
The first: iron raw material cost is low, heat dissipation is poor, easy to rust, relatively crude.
The second: the cost of aluminum profiles made of moderate, good heat dissipation, light weight, customizable and flexible, widely used.
The third: die-casting aluminum cost is higher, heavier, less customizable, beautiful appearance, suitable for rental use.

3, How much brightness does the LED transparent screen reach?
Low brightness is often more suitable for indoor (brightness in 1000 can meet), the broadcast picture quality is still possible, suitable for including indoor stage, exhibition hall, conference room, etc.. Outdoor words, generally stronger light during the day (brightness: 4000 above can meet), in a sunny environment, outdoor led transparent screen brightness selection should be in 5000-6000nits.

4, Large size to consider maintenance costs.
In practice, the larger the screen size, the more complex the maintenance, and maintenance costs will increase accordingly.

With the development of LED technology. Architectural media technology has also had a rapid development, especially in the application of glass curtain wall buildings, which has gradually heated up in recent years, with the emergence of LED light bar screen, transparent LED canopy screen and many other solutions.

LED transparent screen gradually hot, market share and customer awareness rate is increasing, but there are still many customers do not know much about it, still in the wait-and-see state or do not know how to implant the transparent display in their own scene design. This article is the corresponding introduction of the information and advantages of LED transparent screen. We hope you can have a deeper understanding of LED transparent screen after this article.


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