Guangzhou ISALE 2017

The Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition (ISLE) was held at the Canton Fair Pavilion from 15 to 18 February 2017. NSELED, a portable LED Display company, has been invited to the show. Since then, the LED exhibition has promoted the vigorous development of the whole LED display industry. In the ISLE 2017 Guangzhou Exhibition, NSELED has received many NSELED foreign trade customers.

The current customers gathered about 1600 elite enterprises in the industry, including dozens of overseas purchasing groups from the United States, India, Germany, Italy, Russia, and so on. As the advertising logo, equipment, LED display industry’s first annual exhibition. It is also the first exhibition platform in the industry. LED display industry China team in global rapid development. ISELE has become an LED international exhibition event with high industry attention.

Guangzhou ISALE 2017

The ISLE NSE showcases an event of a thousand people with the best brands in the LED Display industry. The diversity of NSELED products is holding customers back. According to the demand characteristics of the market, NSELED launched a relatively novel product. Totem LED Poster This product has passed the test of being waterproof and dustproof suitable for outdoor environment. Received many exhibitors’ love.

The ISLE showed a leap forward for NSELED. If you want to know more about the exhibition, please contact us. We will have further communication with you.

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