Times Square 3D Billboards 2023: How They Work and 11 3D Ad Examples

In the past, when you thought about advertising, the only things that came to mind were radio jingles, commercials on TV stations, and newspaper articles. Although these things are still in place, there are now more exciting and modern ways to reach your audience.

With the emergence of 3D billboards and LED display technology, digital signage has taken a new shape. Ads have become more interactive and exciting, and you can almost feel like you are a part of what you watch.

Every day, many exciting ads and videos litter the 3D billboards in Times Square and attract the attention of viewers in New York and different parts of the world. Even if you’ve never been to Times Square in person, the clips and pictures that litter social media can give you a glimpse of its visual glory.

If you’ve been looking to run an ad on the 3D billboards in Times Square, don’t skip this article. We’ll examine the cost of running ads at Times Square and some successful 3D ads examples. Let’s get started!

Is There a 3D Billboard in Times Square

There’s not just one but several 3D billboards in Times Square. Times Square has built a reputation for providing quality digital display, and to maintain that standard, they need 3D billboards and any other modern display solution.

Apart from the 3D billboards that litter the length and breadth of Times Square, there are also other attractions like museums, restaurants, shops, and other beautiful buildings. So, if you plan to visit the spot anytime soon, you’ll indeed have an extraordinary feast for your eyes.

What Are the Advantages of 3D Billboards in Times Square?

Musicians, actors, and several brands and entities would gladly jump at an opportunity to feature on a billboard in Times Square. It may seem like a regular billboard ad that is not worth the stress and attention it gets. 

However, those who know how a successful ad can affect your brand will understand the rush and craze for a Times Square feature. The advantages of appearing on a 3D billboard in Times Square include:

  • Better Brand Recognition: To leave a lasting impression on your viewers, you must carefully create an ad representing your brand and adequately communicating all it stands for. After that, you need to put the ad on the right platform for broader reach.

Unlike regular billboards, Times Square features distinct and high-quality 3D billboards. The view from these billboards is often very realistic and colorful, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. 

By the next time you see such a brand in the shopping mall or elsewhere, you’ll certainly remember them and even patronize them. Thus, by advertising in Times Square, you will be building a solid spot in the minds of your audience. 

  • Technological Innovation: The advertising space is quite competitive, and only those who go the extra mile can successfully stay ahead and at the top of their game. You can start by engaging the latest technology in your marketing efforts to give your brand an edge. What better to do this than to partner with New York Times Square and put your brand on a pedestal? Using the latest advertising technology will increase your reach, multiply your income, and grow your business.
  • Increased Viewer Engagement: Anyone can view an ad on a billboard, but not everyone will pay attention to what they have seen. Most times, the issue stems from the quality of the ad; some ads are so lackluster that viewers forget them immediately when they look away from the screen. On the other hand, people have great ads but do not enjoy user engagement because of poor presentation. With a 3D LED display screen, you can take your advertising efforts to the next level and enjoy more ad conversions.
  • Adaptability: One shortcoming of using a static billboard is that you cannot easily make changes to your ads. If you need to change anything, you must take down the whole banner, print another, and hang it up again. However, with a 3D billboard, you do not have to worry about adjusting your ads. You can make all the changes on your system and transfer it to the billboard immediately.
  • Enhanced Creativity: You can only do so little when you have limited resources. Everything you do will be with the mind to stay within your means and capabilities. The same goes for running ads; you only put a proportionate amount of effort into your advertising resources. With advanced technology like a 3D billboard in Times Square, you will put your best foot forward and explore your creative side. The possibilities are endless with a 3D billboard, and your brand can greatly stand out with unique visual content.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The only thing stopping you from closing your next major deal may be your lack of intentional advertising. Putting yourself out there is not enough; you need to show yourself to the right audience. It’s easier to reach your target audience when you have a wider audience, and one thing the New York Times Square can do for you is to increase your reach. With a bright 3D billboard, Times Square will increase your brand visibility and open you up to better opportunities and growth.

How Does the 3D Billboard in Times Square Work?

The typical 3D billboards combine several features to produce a realistic 3-dimensional output. There’s no standard method of operation for every billboard; each has its specific operations that keep them running. However, some of the typical functions of 3D billboards include:

  • LED Display Technology: Many 3D billboards in Times Square use high-end LED display technology to produce high-resolution content. There are several LED display technologies, like COB, SMD, OLED, Micro-LEDs, Mini LEDs, Transparent LEDs, etc to choose from. Before you opt for any of these types of display technologies, you need to consider your intended display content and the funds at your disposal. With a perfect blend of brightness, color, and motion, these LED display technologies can create 3-dimensional displays for your viewing pleasure.
  • Real-Time Rendering: Have you ever wondered why a Times Square 3D billboard can switch the display to suit any season? Wonder no more because the secret is not far-fetched; it’s real-time rendering. Real-time rendering is the process of creating a two or 3-dimensional display and transmitting it on a screen within seconds. With this feature, you can quickly adjust the ad on your billboard to sync with current trends and audience interaction while maintaining exceptional display quality.
  • Projection-Mapping: 3D billboard displays now go beyond the regular physical iron stands and poles we know them to be. Now, you can simply cast an image onto an irregularly shaped object and watch it evolve into a 3-dimensional display; that’s the beauty of projection mapping. You can cast images on buildings and other objects with specialized software and a properly positioned projector. In turn, it will give your images and videos more depth and a 3-dimensional appearance.
  • Specialized Software: To create the perfect display for a 3D billboard, Times Square uses specially curated LED software. With the right software, you can design graphics, create videos, and formulate dynamic optical illusions. After creating your content with the perfect LED software, the next step is to transfer that display to a suitable medium. It could be a regular billboard or even a blank wall or building. Either way, the display wall will bring your creation to life.
  • Multiple Layers of Imagery: Although you see a single display layer, some 3D display billboards in Times Square have multiple layers of images on a single screen. To the human eye, the display looks like one single image with more depth. The hack is to trick the brain into interpreting what you see as one image through a process called stereopsis. Many 3D billboards take advantage of this technique to create a more immersive and enjoyable display.

What Is the Average 3D Billboard Times Square Cost?

Everyone deserves a shot at fame, and advertising your brand on a New York Times Square 3D billboard can give it the visibility it needs. Unfortunately, many people do not take the chance to run ads at Times Square for fear of how costly it may be.

First of all, it is essential to note that you can only get quality service when you invest good money in it. Also, running an ad in a spot like Times Square could yield returns of hundreds and even thousands of folds.

That being said, know that Times Square has a 3D billboard ad slot to fit your budget. Yes, you read right, any and everyone can afford an ad run at the New York Times Square; the catch is that the ad’s time frame and positioning will vary.

For a sum of $40, you can run a 15-second ad on a 3D billboard at Times Square. It may seem like a short time, but you just need to make the most of it for it to count. Longer periods, like a few hours or days, will cost around $500 – $25,000.

Note that 3D billboard Times Square costs vary depending on many factors. The most obvious is the duration of the ad; ads that will run for longer cost way more than shorter-timed ads.

Also, some billboards enjoy more viewership than others because of their positioning. Running ads on these billboards will certainly cost a few more bucks than the other billboards. The billboard size also matters; some billboards are moderate in size, while others appear larger than life.

Finally, the specific technology that will be used can also affect the cost. Some billboards need sophisticated display technology because of the kind of content they display, while others do not require all of that. 

11 Most Fascinating Time Square 3D Billboards

Over the years, the New York Times Square 3D billboard has been home to many fascinating ads and displays. The bright colors and creative display are always an incredible sight to behold. 

No doubt, every ad on the 3D billboard is colorful and beautiful, but some of them are worthy of mention because of the traction and attention they get. Let’s have a look at some of the fascinating 3D billboards to grace the New York Times Square:

1. 3D Billboard Times Square Resident Evil

Against it premiere in July 2022. Netflix booked a slot at the prestigious New York Times Square to promote the upcoming series. The ad featured a horrific creature, ‘Licker,’ jumping at onlookers as it jumped out of a glass casing.

The series ‘Resident Evil’ is an adaptation of an old horror-based video game.  The game was a general favorite, and several people have adapted it into a series, movies, and many media forms to keep it relevant.

As you can already imagine, the screen garnered so much attraction because of how realistic it looked. There were so many squeals from passersby who saw the screen. The display also gained massive attention on social media and helped promote the series. It was so popular that over 900,000 households watched it during the first four days of its release.

2. Coca-Cola 3D Billboard Times Square

Coca-Cola may be a global brand, but they are not slowing down on their advertising efforts any time soon. They have run many ads and campaigns in the past and even pop up at the New York Times Square regularly. 

In 2017, however, they took things a notch higher by switching on the first 3D robotic billboard in Times Square. That marked a turning point in the world of digital signage. Since 2017 till now, they have switched on the billboard several times.

The Coca-Cola billboard is not just robotic but gigantic as well. It stands at a height of 68 feet with about 273 static and over a thousand moving LED cubes. When switched on, it is such a beauty to behold and always attracts so much attention. Because of its size, it is nicknamed the largest mechanical 3D billboard.

3. 3D Robotic Billboard Times Square

Coca-Cola launched the first 3D robotic billboard in Times Square, and it gained so much attention and attraction. The robotic professional 3D LED billboard is not just beautiful to look at; it is also very realistic. 

A glance at the robotic billboard will leave you feeling like you are standing in front of a real-life, gigantic robot. Since the 3D Coke Billboard Times Square, several other brands have tried to run ads with this same technology.

Although other brands have successfully used the 3D robotic billboard, Times Square has never had a 3D robotic ad as iconic as the Coca-Cola robotic billboard. They take the crown, not only because they gathered so much attention but also because they set the pace for others to follow.

4. Dragon Ball Super 3D Billboard Times Square

What happens when you put Dragon Ball Super + 3D billboard + Times Square in one space? Cinematic prowess and realistic ads on steroids! Besides using fliers, trailers, posters, and other marketing techniques to promote the Drago Ball movie, the producers also set up a 3D billboard.

The 3D billboard sat pretty at an intersection and constantly displayed promotional content for the Dragon Ball movie. With such a wider reach, the movie grew very popular and was a sensational hit in the end.

5. Star Wars 3D Billboard Times Square

Like many other high-grossing movies, Star Wars decided to take over the advertising space and book a slot at the New York Times Square. This ad displayed iconic highlights of the movie in a trailer, leaving the audience hungry and eager to watch the whole movie.

6. BMW XM 3D Ads Screen, New York

When BMW launched its high-power XM series, it created an immersive billboard ad to notify the public of its release. The ad showed the BMW Xm driving out of a garage and moving slowly, almost as if it was driving over the heads of the people around the billboard.

This ad was the first automotive animation at the New York Times Square, and it stood pretty at an intersection between Seventh Avenue and 47th Street of Times Square. The 14,000 square feet of 3D goodness was hard to miss as it stood just above the Edition Hotel on Times Square.

7. House of the Dragon 3D Billboard Times Square

After creating the magical prequel to Game of Thrones, HBO thought of no better place to promote the House of the Dragon than on the streets of New York Times Square. The series went back in time, revealing the history of the House of Targaryen.

When a 3D billboard brings Westeros to Times Square, you know that the House of Dragons is already coming to your screens. The ad features a dragon moving around a scene and breathing fire toward the crowd.

8. Times Square 3D Billboard Tiger

You can’t talk about realistic 3-dimensional ads at the New York Times Square without mentioning the Times Square 3D billboard Tiger. Whenever the ad is up, it never ceases to frighten passersby and leave them running for their lives.

It features a realistic tiger in a glass cage. The tiger leaps forward towards the audience, almost like it’s breaking through the glass cage while chanting the words ‘break the rules!’. No doubt, you’ll probably run away while screaming at the top of your lungs if you ever come across this 3D billboard.

9. Times Square 3D Billboard Lion

Why run a boring ad when you can create a whole new world with a 3D billboard? Indeed, this was what was running through the minds of the design gurus and software engineers when they created the iconic 3D billboard of a lion.

Like that of the tiger, the 3D Billboard Times Square lion was in what appeared to be an enclosed glass cage. It often pranced around the cage and hit the ‘glass’ in an attempt to get out. If you easily get scared, it’s best to avoid this ad as you could pass out fear, thinking the lion was coming for you.

10. Balenciaga x Fortnite 3D Billboard Times Square

Balenciaga and Fortnite took a slot at the New York Times Square to promote their collaboration and new collection. The immersive 3D billboard created a display that depicted the fusion between comfortable, lounge fashion pieces and gaming.

The ad featured ‘Doggo,’ a gaming sensation donning comfortable hoodies, pants, and sunshades courtesy of Balenciaga. The site was so stunning that it held commuters and pedestrians spellbound and focused on the high fashion and gaming fusion.

11. RayBan 3D Billboard in Times Square

To launch their new set of sunshades, RayBan took up a spot on a 3D billboard at the New York Times Square. The billboard was stationed at the street corner, with the black shades popping out in the middle of the screen.

The position and shape of the 3D billboard made it have the semblance of a pair of shades popping out of a box. Because of its location, it drove a lot of traffic and attention, becoming one of the most successful 3D ads in the New York Times Square.


Now that you have seen the advantages and endless opportunities that come with advertising at Times Square, it wouldn’t hurt to put your brand out there as well. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business or you’re just starting; you can also appear on Times Square.

By collaborating with a reputable creative LED display manufacturer, you can set up your immersive 3D billboard and attract the right audience to your brand. Why wait? Get started on your journey to greatness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 3D Billboard in Times Square?

New York Times Square features several 3D billboards in close-range locations. Some of the billboards stand on their own, while others are on building walls. The most popular one is at the intersection between Seventh Avenue and 47th Street. Either way, the Times Square 3D Billboard location is in the heart of Manhattan, New York. 

How Much Does it Cost to Appear on a Times Square Billboard?

To appear on a 3D Times Square billboard, you may have to part with a few hundred or even thousand dollars. Factors like your ad’s duration, the time of the year, and the billboard size can affect the cost.

How Many People See Times Square Billboards?

To get the accurate number of people who see Times Square billboards, you must consider pedestrians and motorists. On average, about 300,000 people view the Times Square 3D billboard daily and 100 million yearly. 

Can You Buy a Times Square Billboard?

Yes, you can buy time to keep your ad running on a Times Square Billboard. The longer you keep the ad running, the higher your advertising cost and vice versa.

What Is the Biggest Billboard in Times Square?

The New York Times Square features several massive billboards. One worthy of mention is the ‘TSQ MKT’ on the One Times Square building; it is a massive digital display that covers several stories and has high visibility.

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