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NSE is a global manufacturer of high-resolution, lightweight, and thin LED screens. Our thin LED screens can be customized in various sizes, resolutions, cabinets, thicknesses, and other specifications to ensure we fulfill your exact needs.

NSE Thin LED Screen

NSE manufactures many different types of thin LED screens for various applications. They have excellent performance in outdoor, indoor, and rental applications. Also, they have slim and lightweight design which can lead to reduced shipping and labor costs. They are also easy to install, dust-proof, temperature-resistant, water-proof, energy-saving, etc.

The thin LED screens have color uniformity, visual clarity, high dynamic range, wide viewing angle, and good visibility in a bright environment. They are guaranteed to provide the viewers with a premium viewing experience.

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Thin LED Screen

The outdoor thin LED screens can be used for outdoor advertising, digital signage, and other outdoor applications. They have excellent resistance to weather, water, dust, and other outdoor elements.

Thin Wall-Mounted LED Screen

The thin wall-mounted LED screens can be used for meeting rooms, hotels, schools, retail stores, and more. They have a high refresh rate, front maintenance, and ease of installation.

SMD Rental Screen

The thin rental LED screens have a lightweight design which makes them easy to install and transport. They are commonly used for concerts and other events.

2.5 Wall Mounted LED Banner Display

The LED banner display is an intelligent digital advertising screen that can be installed in many places. It not only increases the appeal to potential customers, but also increases the interaction between the product and the customer. It can broadcast details of product, information about discounts, brand promotions and much more.

Thin ALL-in-one LED Screen

All-in-one LED screen Featuring foldable transportable, easy to install and plug and play. Slim body, lightweight and modular design to save you space. Large 160° viewing angle with adjustable brightness levels. Remote control, interfaces adaptable to USB, HDMI, 4G, etc.

thin double side led display

The great benefit of a double-sided LED display is that it adds a double viewing angle to attract more potential customers to view the LED displays on both sides. As a result, the advertisements on the LED displays are more visible and the space is fully utilised. For ease of maintenance, we use a front opening cabinet and front business module

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NSE Thin LED Screen Advantages

Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Due to its thinness and lightness, the LED screen is very easy to set up and saves storage space. Even one man can install the LED screen.

Multiple Installations
Multiple Installations

The thin LED screens have a lot of installation types such as shelf screen installation, wall-mounting, double-sided lifting, hoisting, and more.

Excellent Visual Performance
Excellent Visual Performance

The thin LED screens have a perfect visual performance due to their HDR, high refresh rate, color accuracy, visual clarity, and wide viewing angle.


NSE thin LED screens are made from high-quality raw materials to ensure they have excellent durability and long service life.

Why Choose NSE Thin LED Screen

  1. The thin LED screens from NSE are manufactured using advanced production equipment and high-quality materials. We can supply the thinnest, lightest, and most high-quality LED screens at competitive prices.
  2. We have over 6000 square meters of facility and a skilled R&D team that enable us to manufacture and customize the LED screens. Our team ensures a worry-free after-sales service and on-time delivery.
  3. Our thin LED screens are provided with a 2-year warranty. They also have certificates from FCC, ISO, RoHS, CE, and other international standards.
  4. We are capable of customizing the LED screens to meet your business or project needs.
Why Choose NSE Thin LED Screen
Features & Advantages

Features & Advantages

  • High dynamic range – for a stunning and vivid visual experience
  • Thin and lightweight – for easy installation and to save shipping and labor costs
  • More vivid display – the thin LED screens can display the real colors of natural scenes
  • Low energy consumption – to reduce your energy bills
  • Excellent thermal dissipation – due to their excellent thermal dissipation, they do not heat easily
  • Customizable – the LED screens can be manufactured in accordance with your required maintenance, size, materials, resolution, and other specifications
  • Good visibility – the display of thin LED screens is still bright and visible in a bright environment

Customize Your Thin LED Screen

As a manufacturer with 12 years of experience, we have the expertise in customizing the thin LED screens based on your specifications such as:

  • Screen size
  • Materials
  • Shapes
  • Thicknesses
  • Installation type
  • Maintenance methods
  • Optimum viewing distance
  • Viewing angle
  • Other features & specifications
Customize Your Thin LED Screen

Choose NSE Thin LED Screen for Your Business

Choose NSE Thin LED Screen for Your Business1
Choose NSE Thin LED Screen for Your Business

As a global supplier, we can supply high-quality thin LED screens in more than 100 countries. Our thin LED screens are available in various shapes, sizes, resolutions, and pixel pitches such as P2 up to P10. They can also be customized based on your specifications. Our LED screens are a great way of displaying images, videos, or text due to their wide viewing angle, visual clarity, high dynamic range, color uniformity, and features that can provide a vivid viewing experience.

To help you promote your business, we offer ODM and OEM services. You can send us your details of the thin LED screens that you require and we will make them for you! We are glad to provide a comprehensive customized solution.

For your inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

NSE Thin LED Screen


NSE thin LED screens are used for various applications such as:

  • Digital signage
  • Advertising
  • Exhibitions & events
  • Sports events
  • Rental applications

They are also used in both outdoor and indoor applications such as:

  • Movie Theater
  • Hotels
  • Stadium
  • Airport
  • Schools
  • Corporate area
  • Shopping malls
  • Meeting room
  • Church

The thin LED screens have many features such as:

  • ultra-thin & lightweight design
  • energy-saving
  • easy to install
  • cable-free connection design
  • front & back maintenance design
  • excellent heat dissipation
  • wide viewing angle
  • high refresh rate
  • anti-noise cabinet
  • IP-rated
  • dust-proof

Custom Thin LED Screen to Skyrocket Your Business

P2 Thin Indoor LED Screen

The P2 thin indoor LED screen has a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, high strength, low noise, and high refresh rate. They can display videos smoothly and without flickering.

P2.5 Thin LED Screen

The P2.5 thin LED screen has a high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, front maintenance, and is non-reflective. They also have fixed and indoor installations.

P3 Thin LED Screen

The P3 thin LED screen has good thermal dissipation, color uniformity, moisture-proof design, wide viewing angle, etc. They can be used in exhibition halls, hotels, and shopping malls.

P4 Thin LED Screen

The P4 thin LED screens have low power consumption, lightweight design, whole screen flatness, and anti-noise cabinet design. They can be hung or stand on the floor for the installation.

P6 Thin LED Screen

The P6 thin LED screen has an IP65 rating. Therefore, they are suitable for outdoor installations. They have a modular design, high refresh rate, high-resolution display, and ease of installation.

NSE Custom LED Display
NSE – Professional Thin LED Screen Supplier

NSE provides various types of thin LED screens that can display exceptional image quality and has a wide viewing angle. We are serving customers worldwide and offer OEM and ODM services to meet your needs in the business.

  • “NSE is an amazing manufacturer to work with. They really have worry-free after-sales and pre-sales services. Aside from that, their thin LED screens have great quality and excellent durability.”

  • “I am really glad I have found NSE! They have a high level of services. We ordered LED screens from them and they are all customized according to my specifications. Also, we tested the screens and they have excellent performance.”

  • “We are really satisfied with the services and high-quality thin LED screens from NSE! They are very responsive to my inquiries. NSE also handled our transaction very well.”

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