The client company is a cosmetic company – want to buy the cloud screen to participate in the exhibition

With the end of the COVID-19 epidemic this year, more and more customers are coming to China to negotiate business. Our factory has received several batches of foreign customers who have come to the factory this year. Some of them are old customers who come to discuss new orders. some of them come to visit the factory to learn about the product and quality. We all attach great importance to the arrival of each customer and will receive them very warmly.

Considering that foreign customers are not familiar with traveling in our country, we will arrange a car to pick them up at the hotel and will book a special restaurant in advance to take the customer to experience Chinese food, and we will safely send the customer to the hotel after the visit. Regardless of the amount of the order, whether the order is negotiated or not, we welcome customers to visit and guide us.

want to buy the cloud screen to participate in the exhibition

The amiable customer in the photo is our Hong Kong customer, mainly engaged in the cosmetics business. Her company participates in many exhibitions every year, so she hopes to use our products to advertise at the exhibition and attract the customer’s attention. It is a very good way of publicity. Our LED poster products are mainly used in exhibitions, events, and retails, and have received unanimous praise from many customers. We hope that this Hong Kong customer will get a lot of orders after using our products at the exhibition.

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