Taxi screen advertisement in Ethiopia

Product: P3.33 Taxi LED Screen

Location: Ethiopia

With the continuous progress and development of the advertising industry, advertising methods have diversified. The Taxi screen advertisement on the top of the taxi is one of the more and more popular advertising methods in recent years. It is not fixedly installed in one place to wait for the audience but to follow Taxi shuttles in different streets of the city so that more audiences can see the advertising content anytime and anywhere. It can display high-definition pictures and videos, and can also display text content. It can be controlled by connecting WIFI with a mobile phone or using 4G in the office.

Taxi screen advertisement in Ethiopia

The billboard on the top of the taxi is installed on the top of the car, so its waterproof level is IP65, it is not affected by the weather, and it can work usually even on rainy days. At the same time, its brightness can reach 7000nits, and the advertising content can be seen clearly under direct sunlight. It can add a style to the city during the day and light up the street at night.

Another important reason for the popularity of billboards on the top of taxis is that billboards can bring a lot of income to taxi companies. Taxi companies can rent out advertising spaces to some brands and charge advertising fees on a monthly basis. It can also be rented to advertising companies and charged according to the advertising time, so more and more taxi companies are willing to buy billboards and install them on the top of taxis for promotion, which has low cost and high income.

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