Sysolution: Top 14 LED Display Software

Sysolution Top 14 LED Display Software

Sysolution, headquartered in Shanghai and with a branch in Shenzhen, is a leading company in the outdoor digital media and LED control systems industry. They offer LED control system function customization, LED display IoT, Cloud platform service provision, and Android control system function customization to revolutionize how LED display board software is produced and distributed.

This dedication has been in existence since the inception of Xixun. In 2006, the company successfully launched the first generation of asynchronous control cards. Another milestone they hit was in 2008, Xixun’s S100 Embedded Multimedia LED Display Control System won the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project. 

The company’s wins and dedication have experienced only upward growth to date. Sysolution prioritizes research and development and provides various LED display software control systems software and solutions like asynchronous full-color control, synchronous systems, and LCD sign system solutions. Xixun high-end and it features are highlighted below;

LedOK Express V1.4.0

Xixun’s LedOK Express V1.4.0″ is a software application designed for controlling and managing LED displays.It provides enhanced functionality, bug fixes, and user experience improvements for controlling and managing LED wall display software. Users can expect a more streamlined content creation process, improved visual effects, and better software performance. Here’s an overview its features:

Key Features

The key features of the LedOK Express V1.4.0 Xixun software includes the following;

  • The dynamic border LED display software function allows users to add dynamic borders around the LED display content. This update enhances visual aesthetics, ensuring that the display content quality is consistent across various distances.
  • Fixed the bug that the IP address automatically fills 0 to address a bug where the software automatically fills in the IP address incorrectly or unexpectedly, ensuring accurate and reliable communication with the LED displays
  • The LedOK Express V1.4.0 LED display screen software includes a play button in the program list window for users to easily initiate the playback of selected content.
  • This software update also fixed video preview to ensure smoother content creation and editing processes for all LED display projects.
  • Better large image loading to correctly handle the loading of large images, preventing failures and improving overall stability.
  • The LedOK Express V1.4.0 also optimizes the automatic compression of large images and convert them to portable network graphics (PNG) format.
  • Add support for screen dots per inch (DPI) scaling providing a better user experience on high-resolution displays or when using different scaling settings.
  • As one of the best software for LED display board, it allows you to optimize window drag experience for smoother and more intuitive interactions


Sysolution (Xixun) is big on LED control system management which is why they offer other products and solutions, including control system accessories and receiver cards. Their expertise makes supporting LED manufacturers and users with high-quality display technology systems possible.

Xixun is on a mission to drive the LED panel display software industry’s evolution through continuous innovation. The company is set to introduce new software, products, and solutions that elevate the concept of display intelligence.

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