Super high definition Indoor P2.5 Customized LED Display Screen for Sports Shop

Project Information: Today we introduce you to a customized indoor P2.5 LED display for a sports shop, this display comes with a motorized device, it can be automatically rotated, due to the wall and will not affect the space inside the store, coupled with its innovative and unique screen design, making the store more stylish design. As we can see from the video, this indoor P2.5 LED display not only attracts passers-by and shows the brand’s message, but also adds vitality to the store.

In fact, not only in sports stores but also in our daily lives, we will find LED displays in many large shopping malls and stores. From clothing to food, from cell phones to watches and accessories, every store has a few very personalized LED displays installed in their stores.

Why is LED Display so popular in superstores?
  • To expand the publicity effect

As we all know, commercial centers are undoubtedly the most crowded places. There are various types of stores in commercial centers, as well as play areas, equipped with toilets, air-conditioning, comfortable environment, do not have to worry about the wind, sun, and rain outside, to meet the many needs of people outside of the house. So whether it’s day or night, weekday or weekend, it’s perfect for families, loved ones and friends. The commercial center of the big city is a lot of fashionista’s cards, even in small counties, the flow of people is still very high. The use of LED displays in this environment will bring a good publicity effect.

  • Video is more eye-catching

Video is more appealing than the traditional medium of words and pictures, mainly because it is an extremely effective way of communicating information and is easier to digest and share. As a result, videos have become an important tool for marketing, which is why more and more businesses are investing in video content to reach a wider audience. Videos are highly engaging and they can convey a great deal of information in a short period. LED Display, as a multi-functional information carrier, can not only display pictures and text but also videos, video + display can be said to be the king-bomb combination in the way of store promotion.

  • Higher cost performance of LED Display

For businessmen, the price of LED Display is acceptable, and NSELED provides customized service, which allows every businessman to have his own uniquely designed LED Display; secondly, the content of LED Display can be modified, even during holidays and promotions, as long as the corresponding video content can be replaced, without the need to spend money on banners or posters. There is no need to incur other costs like banners or posters. In addition, LED Display is a modularized assembly, both installation and maintenance are very convenient and do not need to replace the whole piece, greatly saving the cost of manpower, material resources, and time.

  • Can show the brand’s personality and build trust with the brand audience

Through the LED Display to play video, passers-by can understand and recognize the brand’s image through the video content, to enter the store to consume. Many big brands will invite celebrity endorsement, chain stores can also upload endorsement videos to the display, through the star effect to expand the influence of the brand and better use of publicity resources.

What LED displays are typically used in shopping malls?
  1. Outdoor LED Video Wallor 3D LED Billboard

This type of screen has a large viewing angle, a large area, and covers a wide audience, and its high-definition, vivid images can attract pedestrians on the road. Shopping mall operators can either publicize their brands or charge store owners a certain advertising fee to broadcast the brand’s advertisements and store directions at a certain time. And the screen brightness but low energy consumption, do not have to worry about it will bring huge power loss.

  1. Indoor wall-mounted Panels

Our wall-mounted display is very flexible and can be customized in various sizes, in the corridor, next to the elevator, columns can be installed, through a combination of different shapes and sizes can achieve a unique display effect and very space-saving, almost in the eyes of the place can have the figure of LED wall-mounted display, installation is also very fast and convenient.

  1. Transparent LED display

In many shopping malls on the first floor, the glass wall of the jewelry store is often led transparent screen. led display through the rate of 70% ~ 80%, can be floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall and window lighting structure seamless splicing, translucent, restore the light and vision of the glass curtain wall, does not take up space, but also beautifies the decoration. Led transparent screen can also be seen outside the commercial center building in many cities. The size of the transparent LED Display can also support customization, and the installation method supports hanging and standing, very suitable for window display applications.

  1. Digital LED Poster

Poster application is very wide, many stores will use a poster in front of the store to display products and promotional information, coupled with the poster can be multiple splicing, the base with wheels, plug and play, easy to move and use, but also can be wall-mounted, the use of a very flexible, in a variety of activities can come in handy.

  1. FlexibleLED Screen

Flexible screens can be assembled with various shapes due to the bendable function of their module, the most typical is to make a cylindrical screen, installed on the column, which not only utilizes the space but also decorates the shopping mall. Coupled with its module having the characteristics of magnetic suction before maintenance, maintenance is very convenient, undoubtedly a beautiful scenery in the shopping mall.

If you have a project about shopping malls or stores, please leave your contact information on our website, or contact us by email, and we will promptly provide a perfect solution according to your application and needs. Need to know more about LED displays, you can browse and pay attention to our official website and social media, or contact us, we will provide you with more detailed information. We look forward to communicating and cooperating with you!

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