Stadium perimeter led display

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of society and sport, the installation and use of stadium perimeter led display in an indoor or outdoor stadium has become one of the standard parts of any stadium.

People love sports events and more and more countries host sports events. Such as basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis and so on. Watch the number of people more and more, so there are a lot of the audience can’t see clearly in the distance the game state, along with the increase of viewing field, division position is fixed, this can make the audience on the far side of the difficulty of the game, especially for the audiences have myopia and buy the right position, so sports events LED screen will play an important and useful So a lot of stadiums have stadium perimeter led displays for live broadcasts.

The score is publicized, which can well solve the defects of the back row audience to the viewing distance, not only feel the atmosphere of the game, but also do not affect the experience of the game. Many stadiums have a circle of LED fence screen around the sponsors advertising broadcast, round broadcast, compared to the traditional billboard form, LED fence screen can change the advertising picture at any time or round broadcast rhythm, stadium perimeter led display clarity, brightness, contrast has greatly improved. This is of great benefit to the host.

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1. Use of stadium perimeter led display

  • Slow motion replay can be used to make a fair and correct score for the referee
  • Excellent scenes, slow motion replay and close-ups bring perfect visual effects to the audience.
  • Introduce the information of the players, and the competition is live. Large, clear live footage of the game breaks seating restrictions, making it easier to watch the game from a distance.
  • Connect the referee system and the timing and scoring system, and the LED screen can play the game time and score in real time.
  • The commercial advertisement is the icing on the cake for the game. The perfect picture quality and sound effect make the scene have a competitive atmosphere and shock.

2. Classification of stadium perimeter led display

  • Type by installation environment
    Football field LED display: mainly installed around the football field. It is used to post advertisements around football stadiums. Through the control of the system software, the advertisement can be played in a loop, rich content, good performance. LED display: Mainly used in indoor sports venues above, using suspension installation, in order to introduce the athletes, results, progress and other events. It is commonly seen in basketball courts and multi-purpose gymnasiums. Stadium wall LED display: mainly installed at one end of the stadium wall, used for synchronous broadcast and synchronous display of real-time information. Generally large display screen. Open column LED display: This kind of display requires high quality, and should have wind and dust proof, good temperature adaptability, adapt to various types of weather.
  • Classification by use
    Timing and scoring LED display, connected with the competition timing and scoring system, to play the results and related information. In a game sense, the timing and scoring screen is more important. Some games can be played without a video screen. But it can’t be used for the timing and scoring screen. Timing score picture, the key is the accuracy and clarity of the moment, and on this basis as vivid as possible stronger performance. Stadium LED fence screen, LED fence screen is mainly used to play commercial advertisements, connected by a number of single LED boxes. The enclosure is connected with a clasp connector, allowing for quick and simple disassembly and maintenance. Each box has its own supporting feet, through which the Angle of the screen to the ground can be adjusted to ensure a view.

3. Features of stadium perimeter led display

  • Thin and light weight design, the surrounding wall display uses an aluminum frame, the body uses aluminum profile sewing, light weight, non-corrosive,LED cabinet weight is only 25kg. It is 40% lighter than traditional LED cabinets. Ultra-thin, thickness is only 120mm.
  • Our products use LED special IC, high refresh, high brightness and contrast, and no flicker in live switching: High renewal rate of up to 3840HZ, IP65 protection grade, high fabric strength, anti-aging, fast heat dissipation, can withstand any environmental test, stadium perimeter led display uses selected light beads, accurate density, long service life.
  • To protect the safety of players: we use CNC processing technology to produce standard modules and cabinets, which can be easily assembled seamlessly. There are unique design of soft mask and soft protective pad, good impact force buffer, even if the collision by personnel, still can protect personnel from injury.
  • Independent support structure, adjustable Angle: adjustable Angle rear support frame, users can arbitrarily adjust the viewing Angle of the display screen, in order to achieve the best display effect. Easy to set up: The back module is easier to connect
  • stadium perimeter led display can pass computer, wireless network, 4G, USB, remote control, Internet, mobile phone, pad, etc.
  • NSE LED display has professional 3C certification, EU CE, ROHS certification, FCC certification in the United States.
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