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NSE specializes in manufacturing an immense variety of LED screens, mainly SMD screens. We have extended years of experience producing such crucial tools for suitable applications nowadays. As experts, we conduct multiple tests to ensure high-quality and functional screens.

  • Longtime color compatibility
  • Ideal for various applications
  • Provides excellent video quality
  • Easy to assemble and smooth

NSE SMD Screen

The NSE SMD screens stand for Surface Mounted Device screens. It is a technique of installing electronic devices, like LEDs. The SMDs are attached to the printed circuit boards or PCBs to form a screen by utilizing automated machines. They are designed by doing the welding and soldering processes. These screen types indicate light-emitting diodes arrays that can be organized into different patterns to form images.

NSE can be your trusted manufacturer of SMD screen types, depending on application necessities. Customizing the desired and requested specifications, including their sizes, colors, shapes, etc., are our expertise. We always tend to meet your standard and expectations from our offered product qualities and services. 

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Custom SMD Screen

P10 Indoor Full Color Fixed LED Display

The indoor SMD LED screens have customizable sizes of cabinets. They are ideal for indoor advertising applications with full-color features. These screen types are easy to assemble and maintain. NSE provides manuals for easy screen installation and assembly.

P10 Semi-Outdoor Door Head Scrolling LED Sign

The SMD outdoor LED digital screens are suitable for wall-mounted or pillar-mounted installation. Their dimensions and styles are customizable. These screens feature anti-flamming operation, energy-saving, and high brightness properties.

flexible led display

The SMD flexible LED display screens feature a wide viewing angle horizontally and vertically. They are structured by quality aluminum die-casting material cabinets with customizable screen dimensions. These screens have four quick locks to enhance stability.

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NSE SMD Screen Advantages


Using SMD screens consumes less power than other displays. They create brighter images and last for a long time. Also, these screens have low cost and are easy to repair when damaged. Moreover, an SMD display is an affordable alternative to LCD.


The SMD screens are flexible through modularity. As these screens are composed of individual modules, replacing them is accessible if there are defective parts. They are easy to remove and install with a functional one.

High Resolution
High Resolution

NSE SMD display gives off light themselves, unlike LCDs. Because of brighter lights, they formed high-quality images without distressing the brightness levels. These screen types also resist burnout problems. However, they offer high-resolution images.

Optimal Viewing Angles
Optimal Viewing Angles

The SMD screens are designed with wide viewing angles. They have over 110 degrees viewing angle in a horizontal direction and more than 110 vertically. These screens are suitable for outdoor and hanging applications that require broader viewing angles.

SMD Screen Types

NSE customizes various SMD screen types, depending on suitable applications. The following defines some options of surface-mounted devices you may choose for your specific usages.

  • Direct-In-Line: It has its power supply unit. This screen type consists of two components that hold electronics and driver circuitry. They are both connected by wires and have overheat-resistant strength.
  • COB LED Screen: The COB or Chip On Board screens are formed into the board and not separated. As they minimize overall weight, using these screens save money and time.
  • Surface Mounted Diode: This screen type is designed with a single diode chip. It only needs a single component. Thus, external drivers are required for operation. This screen is not flexible compared to other types.
SMD Screen Types
Learn More About SMD Screen Features

SMD Screen Typical Features

As professionals, we manufacture our offered SMD LED screens with high-standard features. Below are some typical features our products possess.

  • Reliability
  • Authentic video quality
  • High brightness
  • Lasting color compatibility
  • Excellent mixing light
  • Slim
  • No potting required
  • Production and repair affordability
  • Lightweight & Thin

Contact NSE for customizing your required specifications. Expect a satisfying and quick response from our team!

Automated Production

The SMT automatic machines are utilized for SMD screen high production efficiency. The light board and dual-function drive boards are well-formed. Using such advanced equipment improves the screen reliability, decreases costs, and maximizes production capacity.

Moreover, using the automated SMT for production improves circuit board vertical accuracy. It achieves a screen with advantageous features and functions. NSE assures excellent optical effects and screens that overcome circuit board accuracy problems.

Choose NSE’s high-quality SMD screens now and trust our services!

Automated Production

NSE - Expert Manufacturer of SMD Screens

Custom SMD Screen

NSE skillfully customizes SMD screens by following requirement applications. We consider your requested sizes, lengths, capacities, or styles during our immense production. As a trusted supplier, we provide OEM and ODM production services for our customers worldwide. Furthermore, we assure you CE, ROHS, and FCC-certified quality products, mainly SMD screens. NSE always tends to provide screen-type solutions to reach your project necessities.

Multiple production techniques are well done with quality control inspections. NSE can be your continuous supplier for your developing business. We assure high resolution, have outstanding resistance, longevity, and cost-effective properties screen display products.

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NSE Custom SMD Screen

Application & Uses

NSE expertly produces different SMD screens that suit particular utilization. The following are some applications and uses where our offered screens are applicable. 


The SMD or surface-mounted devices and the DIP(Dual In-Line Packaging) screens have typical differences, but people usually get conscious of them. Consider the following factors.

  • Raw Materials: The SMD and DIP have a difference between their lamp beads. DIP uses irregular extended round lamp beads with waterproof and total light-emitting surface features, while the SMD has a cube or rectangular shape. It has a single front light surface.
  • PCB Boards: SMD and DIP have a difference in the production processing of PCB circuit boards. The process of the SMD one is more accessible compared to DIP display modules.
  • Applications: Because the DIPs are waterproof, they are mainly suitable for outdoor applications, while the SMD has adjustable brackets for indoor usage.
  • Performance: The DIP has excellent brightness than SMD. The SMD has smoother display effects than DIP and is ideal for applications that require more space.

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Custom SMD Screen to Improve Business

car led advertising

SMD car advertising screens are suitable for indoor, outdoor, or commercial applications. They feature lightweight and quick installation properties. Using these screens saves transportation and labor costs. NSE assures high strength structure screen for your particular usages.

SMD Logo Round Screen

The SMD logo round screens have customizable screen dimensions. They are suitable for animation, videos, graphics texts, and pictures. These screens have about 4000cd/sqm brightness levels with a 100000 hours lifespan.

smd digital led display

SMD digital billboard screens are designed for shopping malls, exhibition halls, dish displays, airports, etc. They have adjustable brightness levels, whether for indoor or outdoor applications. These screens provide better images at perfect angles.

SMD Rental Screen

The SMD rental screens are in-demand for live event display applications. They feature lightweight, excellent appearance, and modem structures. These screens are also easy to install by one person. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain.

Double-Sided SMD Screen

The double-sided SMD screens are available in different sizes and shapes, depending on applications. These screens feature high contrasts, water resistance, wide viewing angles, and increased refresh rates. They are perfect for outdoor installation usage.

p4 led screen

The SMD Video panel screens are practical for outdoor applications. They are more convenient and relaxed to handle and lift. These screen types are constructed with a humanized design that makes them advantageous to install or use. NSE customizes the cabinets with high accuracy.

SMD Screen Supplier
NSE - Your Trusted SMD Screen Provider in China

We expertly produce SMD screens by following your requested specification details. Successfully negotiate with clients globally. And guarantees reliable and cost-effective custom screen displays.

  • “I really appreciate how NSE customize our requested SMD screen design and sizes. They indeed provide what we are expecting and precisely designed according to our necessities”.

  • “Thank you, NSE, for limitless screen component supplies. It really helps improve our business sales and customers. We will trust you until our business boost to the next level.”

  • “Finally received my requested SMD screen for our ongoing projects. The packaging really secures screen components. And we received them on time without damages, thanks to NSE!”

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