SMD LED VS COB LED – Which is better?

SMD and COB technologies are the two main LED packaging technologies, which have their characteristics and advantages respectively. In today’s context of increasing emphasis on energy saving and green environmental protection, LED lighting is becoming more and more popular. However, many people are still unclear about the advantages and disadvantages of SMD and COB technologies, which makes it difficult to choose appropriate LED products. Therefore, this article will start with the differences and characteristics of SMD and COB, compare their advantages in detail, and provide you with the detailed information you need for decision-making.

What is the difference between SMD and COB LED screen
What is the difference between SMD and COB LED screen
  1. COB LED is one kind of chip-level packaging technology, its full name is Chip on Board Light Emitting Diode, i.e. Chip on Board Packaging LED, this kind of LED is a large number of chips densely arranged on a substrate, and then encapsulated with a special encapsulation process, to form a whole light source. COB LED has the characteristics of high brightness, good color saturation, large light-emitting area, and superior heat dissipation, which can provide very high light output efficiency, and therefore suitable for some LED lamps and lighting applications that require high brightness, high power, and compact package. COB LEDs are characterized by high brightness, good light color saturation, large light emitting area, superior heat dissipation, etc. They can provide very high light output efficiency and are therefore suitable for some LED lamps and lighting applications that require high brightness, high power, and compact packaging.
  2. SMD LED is one kind of surface mount assembly technology, its full name is Surface Mounted Device Light Emitting Diode, that is, surface mounted device light emitting diode. This kind of LED adopts advanced packaging technology, the chip is directly welded on the substrate, so it has the advantages of small size, lightweight, high reliability, good luminous efficacy, etc. SMD LED is widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting, display screens, automobile lamps, backlighting, and other fields, and has become one of the mainstreams of modern lighting and display technology.
  • The advantages of COB LED and SMD LED?

Advantages of COB LED?
● COB display can easily achieve the following 1.0mm dot pitch, the smaller the dot pitch, the clearer the display screen, and the softer and more delicate colors;
● Stronger protection: the device is not exposed, the product in the transportation, installation, and dismantling process will not be jittery or have too much force to drop the lamp phenomenon, anti-collision resistance, the load-bearing capacity of SMD packaged led small-pitch 5 times;
● Ultra-thin box, lighter weight, easier to install, dismantle, transportation; Outdoor environment better ability to withstand: water, fog and tide, cold, wet and frozen, thunderstorms, electricity, oxidation, heat, and humidity do not affect the normal display;
● Better heat dissipation ability, the heat is directly dissipated through the PCB board, the thermal resistance value is small, the heat does not accumulate, and the service life of the product is more guaranteed;
● Better light sense, surface light source, effective suppression of moiré, close viewing does not hurt the eyes;

Advantages of SMD LED?
● Small size, easy to install: SMD LEDs are very small in size, usually only a few millimeters, and can be easily installed on electronic devices, such as cell phones, TVs, backlight panels, etc.
● High brightness: Due to the advanced chip packaging technology, SMD LEDs can emit stronger light intensity, and the brightness of LEDs is more than several times of that of general light bulbs.
● Energy saving and environmental protection: SMD LED is not hot, does not contain mercury, has a long service life, low voltage requirement, and the luminous efficacy reaches more than twice that of traditional lighting, which is the best alternative to traditional lighting, and also reduces the power consumption to less than 1/4.
● High reliability: SMD LED’s chip and housing are directly bonded together, making it very good at resisting shock and vibration, so it can be better adapted to use in complex environments.
● Complete colors: SMD LED can emit various colors of light, including red, yellow, green, blue, and other colors.
● Good display effect: SMD LEDs can be used in digital tubes, LCD panel backlighting, and other fields, which have the advantages of high brightness and bright colors, and can improve the display effect.

  • The difference between COB LED and SMD LED?
  1. Difference in packaging method:
    SMD package is encapsulated into a lamp bead and then welded, while the COB package is directly encapsulated in the chip on the PCB board, the process is more simple;
  2. Product difference:
    SMD package more than P1.25 products, such as some outdoor screens and indoor full-color screen used more SMD package, while the COB package more than P1.5 below the tiny pitch LED is the main one, you can do P0.9 or even smaller pitch;
  3. Stability difference:
    COB packaged LED display dead, drop light rate is lower than the SMD package, better stability;
  4. Light-emitting effect:
    SMD tape consists of a single LED lamp bead, the spacing between the lamp beads is large, and the light emitted after the light can be seen one by one photoelectric; COB tape due to the continuity of the fluorescent adhesive coating as well as the spacing between the chips is small, the light emitted is a line of soft light to achieve the characteristics of the light is not seen;
  5. Heat dissipation:
    SMD light with the use of light beads on the chip encapsulated in the LED bracket shell, heat dissipation through the bracket in the conduction to the flexible circuit board, the heat path is relatively complex; COB is a flip chip directly encapsulated in the flexible circuit board, the heat is transmitted directly to the circuit board heat dissipation efficiency is higher, significantly improving the life of the LED.

To summarize, whether SMD LED or COB LED, they are the current mainstream LED packaging technologies, each with unique advantages and applicable scenarios. When choosing LED products, you not only need to consider factors such as brightness, power, color temperature, etc., but also need to combine the actual use of the scene and demand, comprehensively consider the characteristics of SMD LEDs and COB LEDs, and choose the most suitable LED light source for you. Generally speaking, SMD LEDs are more suitable for lamp beads and tubes, while COB LEDs are suitable for integrated and higher-power products. With the continuous innovation and development of LED technology, more kinds of LED packaging technology may appear in the future, and NSELED will also continue to innovate and develop, let’s wait and see.

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