The Major Highlights of Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) 2024

Datateam Business Media Ltd organized its debut Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) trade show in February 2024. This was after the successful acquisition of the annual trade show in 2023. SDUK celebrated its 35th year since it was first organized. 

For Datateam Business Media Ltd, this was a special opportunity to have P&P LIVE! and SDUK happen concurrently. Co-located events are also beneficial for visitors and exhibitors due to the variety of what to see and experience. Here is a breakdown of SDUK 2024, including major highlights from the trade show.

Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) Trade Show

Key stakeholders in print, signage, and other forms of digital display from within Europe get to experience an annual event dubbed SDUK. This event was established 35 years ago. The  brand was previously under the ownership of Faversham House Ltd.

Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) has a reputation for being the most persistent and oldest event that brings together experts, enthusiasts, decision-makers, and other representatives from companies in the visual communication space. The event is also known for its potential to create a sales pipeline for these companies. 

The goals and objectives of Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) 2024 were the same as they have always been. Exhibitors showcased products while experts gave keynotes on various topics. While the objectives were the same, the themes of the exhibitions varied from those of last year.


At SDUK 2024, several companies had the opportunity to showcase their existing products and launch new ones to a pool of potential buyers. Most of the exhibitors displayed products such as signage technology, print substrates, and techniques to improve these aspects.

Some of the notable exhibitors included Epson UK, a leading digital and print company in the region. This company also had the advantage of showcasing both digital technology at SDUK and print at the co-located event — P&P LIVE! Other exhibitors included Techsil and Sign Trade Supplies, with their debut exhibition at SDUK.

The SDUK Explains Lounge

SDUK explains lounge is a session that happens at the Sign & Digital UK trade show event. This is mostly an expert panel where different thought-leaders give talks, lectures, and training on various matters related to the digital signage and print industry. SDUK explains lounge was organized by the International Sign Association UK.

According to the SDUK explains timetable, there were over 20 sessions under the explains lounge in Sign & Digital UK 2024. Topics revolved around technical and non-technical issues that affect both customers and dealers in the industry. 

Several themes were explored in the explains lounge. For instance, recycling was a common talking point alongside sustainable practices. Also, inclusivity for women as leaders in the sign and digital industry was also a topic of discussion in the lounge. These topics formed the basis of most of the talks.

Co-location with Printwear & Promotion Live!

Datateam Business Media Ltd also owns Printwear & Promotion Live!, an annual event that takes place at the NEC in Birmingham. Planning SDUK alongside Printwear & Promotion Live! was a strategic move to market both events at the same time.

Printwear & Promotion Live! is an event that targets stakeholders in the print and promotional products industry. This industry is huge provided that it controls advertising for major brands across various industries. P&P LIVE! primarily focuses on exhibitions.

The two events, SDUK and P&P LIVE!, have several similarities. For one, print and digital signage are correlated. This means bringing the two events under one roof gives visitors a chance to experience more. It is also an opportunity for the visitors to share ideas with counterparts from opposite ends of the spectrum.

SDUK event director, Tony Gardner, noted that setting up SDUK alongside the more successful P&P LIVE! would help SDUK recover from the downhill trend it had been experiencing since the COVID-19 pandemic. SDUK happened in hall 1 at NEC while P&P LIVE! was held at hall 2.

What to Expect at SDUK 2025

The success of SDUK 2024 was attributed to many factors, including the co-location with P&P LIVE!. Still, this does not mean that the success of SDUK 2025 will be determined by the co-located event. 

There was an increase in attendance from SDUK 2023 to SDUK 2024 by 2,000 people. If this trend is anything to go by, it is projected that SDUK 2025 will also have over 2,000 more attendees than this year’s.

The event is scheduled to take place around the same time as this year’s event. This will be towards the end of February 2025. Most likely, it will also happen at the National Exhibition Center (NEC) in Birmingham. Also, chances are that it will be co-located with P&P LIVE!.

SDUK 2025 will be the second year of recovery for this event post pandemic. As such, the organizers are gearing up to ensure that the event is as successful as possible. This means more exhibitors will be encouraged to attend and the line up of activities will be massive. The legacy of SDUK has to be upheld like it has been for the last 35 years.


Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) trade exhibition is the ultimate buyer and seller meetup for digital and print companies within the UK and its neighbors. The 2024 edition was a major success given the overwhelming attendance. Undoubtedly, the SDUK 2025 event will build on the successes of SDUK 2024 and make it better.

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