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A lot has been mentioned about the future of the graphic and digital design industry. This sector is again experiencing an inflection point, which will result in major innovation.

Just like in any other field, the ability to identify trends will lead people to find great success. In Sign Expo Canada, those who are part of this industry can connect with each other and share ideas that will shape the future of this space.

An Introduction To Sign Expo Canada?

Sign Expo Canada is globally recognized and respected as one of the top events in the digital signage and design industry. It has been a place for years where industry players, thought leaders, experts, and companies gather to exchange knowledge, display advancements in products and technology as well as create professional connections. As always, the main goal is to offer a platform that encourages idea sharing while allowing experts to contribute towards expanding the digital design sector. Also, if someone wants to stay updated with what’s happening in this area, it is a very important event that they should not overlook.

International Sign Association (ISA); a member trade association that represents more than 2,000 manufacturers, users and suppliers of on-premises digital signage solutions from over 55 countries in the world; organizes this event every year. And with their backing, it has now become one of the most popular events in this industry’s yearly schedule thanks to this partnership between both organizations.

Sign Expo Canada 2025: Bigger Than The Last

Sign Expo Canada is coming again! After the successful event in 2024, it has been announced by ISA that they will hold next year’s edition from the 23rd to the 25th of April. The place for this event will be Las Vegas which is a change because this year we had it in Orlando, Florida.

The showpiece event of 2024, which had nearly 20,000 people registered and a trade show with more than 570 exhibitors, was a great hit. Now that the ISA has achieved this success they are planning to increase their efforts for 2025 – as mentioned earlier by them too – and additionally highlighted by them that next year’s occasion will be considerably bigger.

Donors and sponsors are ready, and the planning for this event next year has started seriously. Make a plan and get ready to come if you want to give your business strength and increase connections.

Fun, Insightful Activities For Everyone

Even though the complete list for 2025’s event has not been put out, exhibitors and participants should prepare to enjoy Sign Expo Canada constantly.

As a participant, you can anticipate to partake in certain of the below:

ISA Install

Another imprint from the ISA, this program is a mix of opportunities and solutions. It lets local sign-installation companies link up with national customers. If you have experience in electrical or non-electrical sign installation, ISA Install has something for you.

Connect with major decision-makers, create relationships with potential customers, and network cost-effectively by engaging in business activities that help your company advance.

The Hub

A special booth that allows participants to discover the benefits of becoming part of ISA and any linked organizations. This is an opportunity for you to grow your network with partners and colleagues, enjoy extra advantages like data related to a specific industry, reduced shipping costs, office solutions and many others.

The Wrap Experience

Working together with The Wrap Institute, ISA presents The Wrap Experience. This is an interactive booth that brings different companies and products at this entire event to a single place.

Each company that has a booth at this event will show products and services, that can assist other organizations to enhance their visibility and find fresh income sources. The booth also contains the Never Stop Learning Content – an enjoyable competition where teams discover about new trends in the sector while they compete for awesome rewards.

All these things and many more are just a small part of what attendees can truly get from Sign Expo Canada. It appears there is something for everyone here, whether it’s about professional growth or making connections, even winning awesome prizes too.

The Time Is Now: Get Ready To Be Here

For people working in the digital signage and communications sector, Sign Expo Canada is a key event that they should mark on their calendars. The event of 2025 is expected to be big, so watch the website of organizers at for updates when they come out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tickets for Sign Expo Canada?

Since the tickets are not yet out, we don’t know the cost of them. However, you can keep an eye on the website of the organizers at to be in the know. The organizers will drop an update as soon as tickets are out, and you can make a payment from there. 

Moreover, you should also consider the costs of travel and accommodation – particularly if you will be coming from a different city.

I want to exhibit here. How do I do it?

In time, the ISA will give a weblink for businesses who wish to exhibit. You can click on this link, become an exhibitor by registering yourself and obtain details about the cost and needs from there.

Can I come to Sign Expo Canada from a different country

Yes, they will. Sign Expo Canada is for everybody, and the organizers definitely welcome international guests and attendees too. They even have arrangements in place to assist people who need letters of invitation for visa purposes. For more details, contact the organizers and find out what they can do to help.

What are the steps for registering at Sign Expo Canada?

The registration for Sign Expo Canada 2025 is not available yet. But, considering the speed of preparations, information regarding registration will be shared in due time. Therefore, please watch the organizer’s website for updates.

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