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Easy to use and install.

Effective advertising on your shelf to catch more attention.

Able to display text, videos, and images.

NSE Shelf LED Display

The shelf LED display is an electronic device installed on the shelf. Commonly, it has a PH1.25mm pixel pitch that can show the important details of the item. Despite its small size, the shelf LED display can provide high-definition pixels. Moreover, the shelf LED display can be controlled by a remote and provide a strong advertising impact.

NSE is a leading shelf LED display manufacturer in China with more than 15 years of experience. We use GOB technology to improve its IP protection, dust-proof, waterproof, and anti-collision functions. NSE shelf LED display can be available in strips, great for digital shelf-edge displays. These strips are accessible in 303 x 60 mm (h) and can be synced in rows and customized according to your specifications.

If you have an idea in mind, please let us know! Let’s work together.

LED Strip Shelf LED Display

Our LED strip shelf LED display can guarantee long service life due to its four heat dissipation positions.

Advertising Shelf LED Display

NSE manufactures advertising shelf LED display that is applicable for store shelves and counter shop.

Retail Digital Shelf Led Display

The retail digital shelf LED display provides full HD resolution, full viewing angle, and 7*24 hours of operation.

Shelf LED Display for Supermarket

NSE shelf LED display for supermarkets is a cost-effective solution to stimulate buying desire.

LED Shelf Talker Shelf Display

Our LED shelf talker shelf display is easy to install. No tools and electricians are required.

LED Shelf Edge Display

Our LED shelf edge display is available in numerous pixel pitches, great for all kinds of far & near viewing scenes.

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Why Choose NSE Shelf LED Display

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Each screen of the shelf LED display has manually adjustable clips. It can be easily installed on a ceiling or wall.

Simple Assembly
Simple Assembly

Simple assembly of shelf LED display is detailed, easy to install, and required, without any tools.

Plug & Play
Plug & Play

Provides convenient and simple, with plug & play functions that take up even in a little space.

Good Heat Dissipation
Good Heat Dissipation

The outstanding ventilated design of the display provides excellent heat dissipation and improved lifespan.

Shelf LED Display Advantage

NSE provides a high-quality shelf LED display with the following advantages:

  • Clear, high-quality vision
  • Super wide gamut
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Excellent visual brightness
  • Ultra-slim
  • Modular design to fit the standard supermarket shelf
  • Support hot-plug
Shelf LED Display Advantage
Shockproof, Waterproof, and Dustproof

Shockproof, Waterproof, and Dustproof

NSE can provide shelf LED displays with dustproof, anti-collision, and waterproof functions. These functions protect the shelf LED display from possible collision & water damage and expand the service life. Thus, it can provide excellent advertising results and improves the shopping experience for different fields.

Why Install NSE Shelf LED Display for Your Business

Following are the advantages when installing an NSE shelf LED display:

  • Broadcast strong advertising information
  • Advertise related products on the shelves
  • Excellent understanding, intuitive viewing effect of product information to maximize customer shopping desire
  • Achieve dynamic cross-selling and pricing
  • Increased product sales
Why Install NSE Shelf LED Display for Your Business

NSE – Your Leading Shelf LED Display Manufacturer in China

Your Leading Shelf LED Display Manufacturer in China
NSE – Your Leading Shelf LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE can provide your shelf LED display needs to skyrocket your business. We have the following capabilities:

  1. Experienced installation and design team
  2. The selection of pixel pitches for our shelf LED display can be available from 1.25mm
  3. We can supply CMS with a Media player according to your control requirements
  4. NSE has the ability to create any shape, size, or configuration

NSE Shelf LED Display

247 Operation High Efficiency
  • Dustproof, waterproof, collision, anti-static performance excellence
  • 4G control/App/Wi-Fi, Ultra I-low-power consumption
  • MBTF> 60,000Hrs No failure of weak soldering,
Creative Installation
  • PTP, spinning installation, multi-windows, and play
  • Simple control without a PC
  • Portrait and landscape screen intelligent switching

NSE Shelf LED Display for Different Field

Retail Shops

Standard supermarket shelves display product pictures and processes. Our shelf LED display can promote popular products and promotions through dynamic pictures and videos.

Advertising Agency

The shelf LED display can be directly installed next to the product. It can help the customers to view dynamic promotion when selecting a product while achieving the advertising effect and increasing the consumption desire. NSE shelf LED display can provide the customers and advertising agencies benefits, and will gain a win-win situation.


Our shelf LED display is widely used in many industries and business. It is commonly installed on showroom shelves to show product benefits and details. Clients can show the product advantages using physical and dynamic effects, maximizing the customer’s interest.

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