Scoreboard Cost: Everything You Need to Know

Scoreboards contribute to the overall beauty of a sporting arena and facility. It keeps the spectators engaged and informed about sports events. However, in assisting to tackle one of the most important questions, “How much do scoreboards cost?” which is often encountered when selecting a scoreboard, this article has carefully prepared a thorough guide that would help make the task easy. Keep reading to find out various scoreboard costs and the factors affecting these costs. Let’s jump right in! 

What Is a Scoreboard?

A scoreboard is a large, often rectangular board displaying match scores and other vital match information. They are found in different sports events, arenas, facilities, and other competition grounds. They keep fans, referees, match officials, and players apprised of the game’s stats. Let’s take a look at the different types of scoreboards.

Types of Scoreboards

Here are the various scoreboards used in different games and sports.

1. Manual or Flip Scoreboards

A flip scoreboard consists of papers, tiles, or panels which are manually operated or controlled. They are changed by hand to reveal new match scores and times in various sports events. The home team scores are shown on the left-hand side of the board, and the away team scores are on the other end, with the match period in the center. 

There are different types of flip scoreboards, such as tabletop, wall-mounted, and multi-sports flip scoreboards. Seeing that they come in different compact sizes and shapes, these scoreboards are quite mobile. Flip scoreboards are the cheapest scoreboards available in the market. These scoreboards cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

2. Traditional Fixed-Digit Scoreboard

This scoreboard is very common. Usually, they are seen in small recreational facilities or high schools. Just like the flip scoreboard, it shows time and scores. Traditional Fixed-digit scoreboards use metal halide or incandescent light bulbs for their illumination. 

Normally, they are operated using a physical control panel made of switches and buttons for each digit shown on the board. These sports scoreboards are more pricey than the manual scoreboards but are way cheaper than other types of scoreboards in this list. It can be within the price range of about $3,000 to $37,000.

3. Traditional LED Video Scoreboard

A traditional LED video scoreboard is a hybrid scoreboard that combines the traditional fixed-digit display and a video display. They have various areas designed for various display types. For instance, it shows letters, scores, or numbers for team names on one scoreboard area and graphics, animations, and basic videos on another area. 

With a laptop or mobile phone, these scoreboards are operated through a digital control panel. It is often mistaken for a full LED video scoreboard. Although they might look and function alike, a traditional LED scoreboard is different from a complete LED video scoreboard in size and resolution as they are usually smaller with a smaller resolution. A traditional LED scoreboard costs between $10,000 to about $70,000.

4. Large Full LED Video Displays for Sports Facilities

Full LED video displays are the types used to enhance spectators’ viewing experience with their high-quality visual platforms. They consist of individual LED modules with high-definition screens that show dynamic and vibrant visuals that attract the spectator’s attention. 

Usually, it is used to show animations, graphics, and, in some instances, advertisements such as sponsor logos. As already pointed out, they differ from traditional LED video scoreboards in size and resolution and have wider application and usage. There are different types of large Full LED video display scoreboards, which are:

  • Video Scoreboards: These are virtually large scoreboards that show game statistics, live scores, and other necessary information about the sports event. Text, graphics, and video feeds are used here to improve the viewing experience.
  • LED Video Walls: They use the same technology as video scoreboards. The dimensions of the sports stadium or field largely influence the design and size. They are preferred to video scoreboards because they are used to show any type of digital content that keeps spectators engaged.

  • Jumbotrons: This is also known as a jumbo vision. They are usually found in big stadiums and sports arenas as a result of their enormous size, distinguishing them from LED video walls. It is a single integrated screen with a seamless construction that lets you enjoy uninterrupted visuals and an awesome viewing experience. 

In terms of cost, a full LED video scoreboard costs about $50,000 to $3,500,000. This cost is dependent on the size of the screen. 

5. Interactive Scoreboards

Interactive scoreboards give immersive interactive displays likened to a large TV. These scoreboards are built to display instant replays, announcements, interviews, and advertisements. This makes them highly attention-grabbing and versatile. 

With these interactive scoreboards, players can submit and track their scores on phones or tablets the organizers set up. The event dashboard will automatically update in real time. This makes the scoreboard highly engaging. Due to its many features, electronic scoreboard costs vary greatly based on the manufacturer’s preference. 

Since we have considered the various types of scoreboards available, we will now dive into the different sports scoreboard and their cost.

Different Sports Scoreboards and Their Cost

Here are some of the different sports scoreboards and their unique prices.

1. Football Scoreboard

As its name suggests, a football scoreboard is commonly located on a football field. It shows important football information, such as home/guest score, period digits, ball possessions, ball-on, time, etc. These scoreboards are designed to be customizable. They normally display numbers and letters. The LED display scoreboard is the most commonly used in a football field. This is because it offers bright and lucid visibility even from afar. They are also durable and are quite easy to maintain. 

How Much Does a Football Scoreboard Cost

Size, type, and, in most cases, brands can affect the price of football scoreboards. However, an average football scoreboard cost between $25,000 and $550,000.

2. Volleyball Scoreboard

Volley scoreboards are used for officiating in a volleyball game. These scoreboards can be tabletop flip scoreboards or wall-mounted LED display scoreboards. The sizes of these volleyball scoreboards can be between 9’ and 18’. It shows information such as the current game score, with the home team score on the left and the away team score on the right. It also shows the set numbers and the serving team.

How Much Is the Scoreboard Used in a Volleyball Court

This is one of the most affordable scoreboards after the swimming pool scoreboards. An average volleyball court can be in the price range of $8,000 to $115,000.

3. Basketball Scoreboard

Basketball is an exciting and fast-paced game that demands rapid attention, making it necessary to stay apprised of every detail of the game, such as the time, number of free throws made, point difference, and the number of fouls. This is the exact role a volleyball scoreboard plays.

Center-hung, basketball shot clocks, LED video basketball scoreboards, and fixed-digit LED basketball scoreboards are different basketball scoreboards. They are used for clock display, quarter indication, timeouts, foul indication, scorekeeping, and, in some cases, advertisements. Let’s learn the various costs of a basketball scoreboard.

How Much Does a Basket Scoreboard Cost

Fixing an outdoor basketball scoreboard can cost as much as $35,000, depending on your choice of half or full-court. On the other hand, an indoor basketball scoreboard costs about $22,000 on average. 

4. Soccer Scoreboard

A soccer scoreboard is one of the most popular scoreboards in the world. This is because soccer is considered one of the world’s most famous games. Fouls, scores, ball possessions, time, match quarter, etc., are key data often seen in a soccer scoreboard. There are different types of soccer scoreboards. However, the two most popular ones are LED scoreboards and incandescent scoreboards due to their ease of operation and high display quality.  

What Is the Cost of a Soccer Scoreboard?

Soccer scoreboards cost as little as $10,000 and as high as $500,000.

5. Baseball and Softball Scoreboards

Softball and baseball scoreboards perform almost the same function. They are designed to display match innings, game scores, strikes, number of outs, etc. They are controlled electronically and manually.

The cost of electronic scoreboards is often higher than manual scoreboards. However, due to their functionality and accuracy, they are still the most widely used.  Different baseball and softball scoreboards exist, such as inning-by-inning, video, and team score models. While baseball and softball often serve the same purpose, their prices differ.

Cost of Baseball and Softball Scoreboards

Baseball fields’ scoreboard costs are higher than softball scoreboards. Manual baseball scoreboards cost a few hundred bucks; the same is true with softball. However, in terms of electronic scoreboard costs, baseballs can cost as low as $9,000, while softball costs, on average, about $6,000.

6. Ice Hockey Scoreboards

These scoreboards are often found in an ice hockey rink. It shows useful data and game stats during matches, such as penalty time, goals, period of play, etc. Ice hockey scoreboards are operated either manually or by the use of automated systems. Hockey video displays, single-sided ice hockey, and center-hung ice hockey are the different types of ice hockey scoreboards. 

How Much Does a Hockey Scoreboard Cost

There are different sizes of ice hockey scoreboards, and these sizes influence their prices, too. However, on average, an ice hockey scoreboard costs about $4,000 to $150,000

7. Swimming Pool Scoreboards

Also known as an aquatic sports scoreboard, a swimming pool scoreboard is a digital display showing the timing and other necessary information about a live swimming event. The main objective of a scoreboard in a swimming setting is to track the performance of athletes. There are different swimming scoreboards, namely, numeric scoreboards, alphanumeric scoreboards, and video scoreboards. 

How Much Does a Swimming Scoreboard Cost

A swimming scoreboard is one of the most affordable sports scoreboards. Depending on the size and type, a swimming scoreboard costs between $4,000 to $90,000.

8. Athletics Scoreboards

Athletics scoreboards are found in track and field and other athletic events. Distances, running times, and scores of athletes competing in sporting events like long jumps, sprints, high jumps, shot puts, etc., are some basic information displayed on the athletics scoreboard. They come in different sizes and are tailored to meet the needs of different sporting events. 

A jumbotron LED screen is often used in this athletics setting to show different events and replays in the stadium so you won’t feel left out, no matter where you are seated. Different athletics scoreboards are available today, from portable to wireless scoreboards and traditional, video, and LED scoreboards.

How Much Does Athletics Scoreboard Cost

A traditional athletics scoreboard costs a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In comparison, an LED scoreboard costs a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, and a video scoreboard with a larger LED screen is way more expensive than traditional scoreboards and LED scoreboards.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Scoreboards

There are different factors affecting the cost of a scoreboard for different sporting facilities. In this part of the article, we shall discuss just a few of those factors. Let’s proceed.

1. Outdoor and Indoor Usage

The cost of a digital scoreboard for outdoor usage can’t be compared with the price of an indoor scoreboard. Outdoor scoreboards are generally costlier than their indoor counterparts. This is because they have more applications than indoor boards.

2. Size of the Scoreboard

The size of a scoreboard plays a crucial role in determining the cost of a sports or event scoreboard. Smaller scoreboards have limited uses and are therefore cheaper than bigger scoreboards, which are suitable for several uses and are, therefore, more expensive.

3. Installation

The cost to install a scoreboard also affects its overall cost. Mounting an indoor scoreboard is less demanding and cheaper than mounting an outdoor display. The same goes for mounting a scoreboard in a school, which is expected to be cheaper than mounting a scoreboard in a stadium, which is larger and more tasking. So, the time and effort spent installing a scoreboard is also accounted for when placing a price tag on a scoreboard.

4. Quality and Durability

Video display quality of a scoreboard is another determinant as far as scoreboard cost is concerned. Judging that they have a longer lifespan and are more durable, high-quality video displays are considered more expensive than low-quality video displays, which are often cheap but have a shorter lifespan.

5. Type

As noted earlier in different sections of the article, the type of scoreboard has a lot to do with its overall cost. A manual or flip scoreboard is the cheapest of all scoreboard types, while a large Full LED video display scoreboard is the most expensive and can cost as much as a few tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is because of their high-quality features.

6. Features

Fewer features in a scoreboard make it more affordable. This is so for small scoreboards. Suppose you want to make the most of your scoreboard and give spectators an incredible experience. In that case, there are some basic features to look out for, such as advertisement, instant replay, quality video content, period indications, etc. They are all core features every modern scoreboard should have.

7. Video display

Video displays are slowly becoming an integral part of the world of sports. Now in use, generally accepted, and substitutes for traditional event scoreboards, they are used to show important information. The cost of a video scoreboard display differs depending on the type and size.

8. Customization

Customized scoreboards have special features designed for a team’s unique preferences and branding and are typically more expensive than standard or regular scoreboards. Adding extra features and branding traits, as well as the complex design of the customized scoreboard, contribute to the price of the scoreboard. In the same way, uncustomized scoreboards are cheaper and more affordable than customized scoreboards.

9. Pixel Pitch and Resolution

The cost of a scoreboard is also affected by pixel pitch, as it affects its image and video quality. Thus, you must choose the best pixel pitch, as it guarantees the best viewing experience. There are relevant things to consider while choosing, like the viewing distance. 

A larger pixel pitch for your scoreboards guarantees a higher density of pixels and results in a clearer and sharper image and video quality. It is the best fit for you. While a smaller pixel pitch is ideal for a normal scoreboard, they are usually pricey. This is due to the large number of LEDs and intricate configurations. 

10. Location

The location of your sports center or facility usually affects your scoreboards’ installation costs. There are places considered quite expensive, affecting the cost of materials, labor, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to hire an expert to help determine the best scoreboard for your location. It also helps you plan your budget.

11. Control System and Software

For your scoreboard to function properly, you need the right control system. The most cost-effective control system option is manual control or using a computer with the right software. However, remember to plan and budget for the software license while using a personal computer. 

In the same way, a wireless or fiber optic connection is affordable and can be used to connect the board. However, a wireless connection is cheaper and more reliable than a fiber optics connection.


As a referee is important in a match, so is a scoreboard. Knowing the different types of scoreboards and the factors affecting their cost, as listed above, will assist you in making a good decision for the right scoreboard for your facility. While the cost of new scoreboards can be quite discouraging, engaging the services of a good LED display manufacturer like NSELED that can give you quality products even on a tight budget is advised. Check our product lists now and find what you like. 

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