Saudi Signage Expo

Calling all digital signage and ad experts! The time has come again to grow your knowledge and exposure in the digital space

Digital signage is predicted to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the upcoming years. But, for this industry to truly reach its potential, professionals are needed to drive conversations and innovation. 

Although it occurs within the Middle East, the Saudi Signage Expo currently has overreaching impacts across the world. It gathers professionals from print, digital, graphic and imaging industries for displays, networking opportunities and business deals.

What Is The Saudi Signage Expo?

With a track record that shows excellence, the Saudi Signage Expo has grown to become a haven for both individuals and companies within the digital industry looking to expand their knowledge of the industry and make valuable inroads.  This event has been taking place for several years. The organizing committee is dmg events which is a worldwide publishing and exhibitions company located in the United Arab Emirates.

With their support, this event has grown into one of the foremost digital signage expositions globally. Decision makers and senior officials are able to come together, regardless of their industry, to rub minds and strike deals in an enabling environment. 

2025 Saudi Signage Expo – Event Information 

2024’s edition of the Saudi Signage Expo was a smashing success. The event held in March, and attendees were treated to exhibitions from companies such as HP, Display House, ADS Advertising Materials, and much more. 

 And, plans are already being made for the 2025 edition. The event will be held at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center between the 20th and the 22nd of May 2025, and per usual, hundreds of attendees are expected to be here.  

2025’s edition of the Expo will be free for everyone, so you don’t have to pay to attend. That said, additional perks such as sponsorship and booth reservations will be paid for, so you can contact the organizers to learn more about those.

Who Can Attend This Event? 

Over 5,000 attendees from Saudi Arabia grace this event with their presence every year, with an additional 100 local and international exhibitors. These professionals cover four major sectors, which are: 

  • Large format printing: Massive printing projects that make use of very large sheets of paper. Notable examples include trade show displays, banners, etc.
  • Digital signage: Digital installations that show information and multimedia content for different purposes, including advertising and information dissemination.
  • Graphics, imaging, and gifts: Developers of signage targeting gifts and imaging are also free to attend, enjoying insights from the event and its organizers. 
  • Promotional materials: Finally, there are also opportunities for makers of promotional digital materials to network and showcase their products. 

Many of these business owners have pointed out the fact that Saudi Arabia is one of the most important markets for their industry. At the same time, professionals interested in any of these fields will easily be able to get insights into its intricacies via this event. 

Activity Breakdown 

The Saudi Signage Expo is a maze of activities and interesting events. So, if you’re wondering about the things you stand to benefit from being a part of this showpiece event, here is a quick rundown to help clear things up:


From a business perspective, this is probably the biggest attraction of the event. Every year, hundreds of exhibitors come in here, choosing stands and interacting with potential customers.


Business owners and individuals also come to the Saudi Signage Expo to take advantage of the event’s many networking opportunities.

Product Showcases 

If you’re a company in any of the related fields and would like to get exposure for a product you’ve built, then the expo is also home to you. Enjoy the chance to interface with customers, and improve your chances of striking deals and making sales. 

Education Sessions

With the digital signage industry currently at a crossroads, the Saudi Signage Expo provides an opportunity for interested parties to come and learn about the industry. 

Panel Discussions

The event is also broken down into individual panel discussions, providing everyone with a rare opportunity to learn more directly from professionals and thought leaders in this space. 

Why Attend The Saudi Signage Expo? 

The digital signage industry is fledgling once again. And like every other industry, events are always a critical part of its growth. So, it should come as no surprise that the Saudi Signage Expo is top of many industry players’ priority lists. 

But, if you need more of a reason to attend, consider the following.  

  • An opportunity to network and meet with industry professionals 
  • A chance to showcase your products and meet with potential clients 
  • A look into current industry trends and an opportunity to align with them
  • Plus, the event is free for everyone! So, you get all of these benefits without paying anything. 


For anyone in the digital signage industry, the Saudi Signage Expo is a must-attend. The event has continued to be a mainstay, connecting industry players for networking and growth opportunities. And if you’re looking to thrive in this space, this is definitely somewhere you want to be. 

For more information, you can check out the event’s website at and even book an exhibition booth.

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