How to Rent LED Screen for a Wedding – The Ultimate Guide

Among the many once-in-a-lifetime events is your wedding day. Probably you want to make the day memorable and share the good moments with every member of your family and friends.

Remember, how you capture this special moment is very critical – a reason we highly recommend you consider rental wedding LED displays.

In today’s guide, we will take you through the process of renting LED screens for weddings. Of course, if you want to start an LED screen rental business for weddings, you will also learn a lot from here.

Let’s dive right in:

What are Wedding LED Screens?

An LED screen are special display that uses light-emitting diodes to produce pixels. But that is not all:

These LED panels have been designed and optimized for large ceremonies such as weddings. Therefore, whether you are hosting your wedding indoors or outdoors, you will find the best event LED screen for hire.

Not any LED panel can act as a marriage LED screen. There are many variables you must consider such as viewing angle, nits brightness, refresh rate, energy consumption, and size, among other factors.

Of course, all these will affect the ultimate price for renting LED screens for weddings.

Why Rent LED Screen for Marriage Ceremony

There are many reasons why you should consider wedding LED screens for rent.

Whether you are hosting your marriage ceremony indoors, outdoors, or where there are thousands of friends in attendance you will appreciate the importance of LED screens for marriage ceremony.

LED Screens for Wedding
LED Screens for Wedding

Source of Entertainment

Rented LED displays for weddings are the best source of entertainment for your guests both before and after the marriage ceremony.

Remember, before the wedding ceremony starts, you can display memorable moments between couples. These may include early dating life, childhood pictures, or marriage proposal moments alongside other memorable events.

After the wedding ceremony, you can display captivating moments during the wedding ceremony. This is critical for guests who will be staying after the marriage ceremony.

Creates Emotional Connection

Images and videos play an important role when creating emotional connections within members. With most couples hosting weddings away from home, rented LED displays for weddings offer a perfect way to connect with your family. You can stream the live events.

Even when the wedding hall or venue is extremely large, the rented LED panels for weddings will bring the entire ceremony closer to you. You don’t have to strain trying to see the bride and bridegroom exchange vows several meters away.

Wedding ceremony captured in LED Display
Wedding ceremony captured in LED Display

High-Quality Images

With the technological advancements in LED displays, today we have screens that offer high-qualityimages. You don’t need the old LCDs or projects.

You will view the wedding ceremony images, videos, or events as if you are sitting close to the bride and bridegroom. Depending on your budget, you can choose:

With high refresh rates and contrast ratio, the LED screen guarantees high-quality images for your wedding ceremony.

Best for both Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

LED wedding screens come in varying nits brightness and IP rating. Therefore, you can use these LED displays for wedding ceremonies in both indoor and outdoor setups.

You don’t have to worry about high temperatures, dust, or bad weather. Your guests will stream all wedding ceremonies from any location.

Examples of LED Nits Brightness Range
Examples of LED Nits Brightness Range

Brings Luxurious Feeling

We all want to have a luxurious feeling during our special days. Just the feeling of having a memorable wedding, whether from creativity or sophistication is the ultimate desire for everyone.

That is exactly what an LED wall panel offers. When you rent an LED screen for a wedding, you will spice up the marriage ceremony by integrating a wide range of graphics, videos, and pictures.

From reception, through the aisle to the dais, you can communicate everything message or information to your guest.

Easy to Use

Nothing is complicated about setting up and using rental LED screens for weddings. You can configure and control the LED displays for marriage ceremonies within a few minutes.

Besides, you can control numerous LED panels remotely via the internet.

Help to Customize Wedding Ceremony

If you are looking for ways to give your wedding ceremony a personalized touch, then choosing even LED screens for hire is a perfect option. They are portable hence, you can install them anywhere.

Most of these LED screens can display a range of content formats. So, whether you have videos, images, or graphics that suit your wedding ceremony, LED screens offerthe perfect platform for communication.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike LCDs, using energy-efficient LED screens for wedding ceremonies will reduce the overall cost. Remember, you shall have paid to rent the LED screens for your marriage ceremony so it is even important to reduce this cost further.

LED displays save energy so even if you install more than ten screens, your energy consumption will be relatively lower.

So, this is another cost-effective measure.

Different Sizes Available

LED screens for marriage ceremonies come in many sizes. You can choose a single screen or combine several screens to form a huge panel.

Furthermore, there are modular LED screens that offer a wide range of flexibility. Apart from the standard sizes of rental LED display for wedding ceremonies, you can get custom options as well.

There are many reasons why you should rent LED screens for your wedding ceremonies.

Now that we have looked at the benefits – let’s explore various elements that will help you get the best LED panel for your marriage ceremony.

Factors to Consider Before Renting LED Panel for Marriage Ceremony

With thousands of rental LED screens available, you should expect variations in their performance. Some people may argue that hiring these screens from a trusted company will solve the problem.

That’s not 100% true.

You must consider certain specifications that will ensure you get high-quality pictures, and save on energy. Besides, the LED screen for the marriage ceremony must be compatible with where you intend to install the screen.

Let’s look at the main variables to look for in rental LED screens for wedding ceremonies:

1. Screen Resolution

If you are looking for a screen that can guarantee cinematic display or high-quality images, then choose an LED screen with high resolution. A key factor to consider here is the LED display pixel.

Take, for example, most high-resolution LED displays are 1920 x 1080p. Others such as the 4k LED screens offer 3840 x 2160P.

In short, if you want high-quality images or videos for your wedding, then you must choose an LED screen with high resolution.

LED Screens for Wedding
LED Screens for Wedding

2. Layout and Size

Screen size and layout are critical elements whenever you are renting an LED display for a wedding. Usually, your wedding venue will determine the size and layout of the screen.

Take for instance, a curved LED display is a perfect option for curved walls. It will ensure your guests view images or events perfectly from any position.

Additionally, larger wedding venues will require larger screens. Therefore, you should know the pixel pitch for each display screen.

3. Consider Environmental Factors in Wedding Venues

Apart from the size of your wedding venue, you should consider other elements such as light from the sun, dirt, humidity, or rain. All these elements will determine the type of rental LED screen for the marriage ceremony.

Let’s look at these two scenarios:

· Wedding Indoors

Indoor is a protected area where most environmental conditions are extremely controlled. On average, a screen with Nits brightness of about 500 nits can work well indoors.

On the other hand, the IP rating for wedding LED screens can be IP54.

· Wedding Outdoor

When it comes to the outdoors, the situation is a little complicated. It is because your wedding LED screen will be subjected to excess light, rain, and other harsh weather conditions.

In most cases, outdoor LED screens have nits brightness of about 4,500 Nits. At the same time, the IP rating for LED screens for marriage ceremonies to be used outdoors will be IP65.

Additionally, you must ensure the LED screen has the recommended brightness to contrast levels. This is alongside other variables such as glare and reflections that may interfere with the LED screen visibility.

Tip: At times, titling the wedding LED screen away from the source of light may reduce the effects of glare, excess light, or reflections. As a result, you will have clear image visibility.

Remember, a good display for the wedding must have better color accuracy. It should accommodate even the most vibrant colors in your wedding theme.

4. Match LED Screen Aspect Ratio to Content during Wedding

Most LED screens’ aspect ratio is 16:9. The aspect ratio will affect the visual presentation of events in your wedding.

This will ensure that the content you display on your LED panel does not appear as if stretched or shrunk on the screen. With a good aspect ratio, you will not have any black bars or lose the qualityof your wedding images and videos.

Here is a quick tip:

  • Widespread or landscape formats are best for videos
  • Square formats work well with specific visual effects or slideshows

5. Power Supply

Although LED screens have low power requirements, ensure you have a reliable source for your wedding LED screen. Depending on the size and technology, the power consumption for each wedding LED display may vary.

Always check the rated power to get an estimate of the total power you may need.

Again, don’t just depend on the main utility supply. Always plan to have a backup power supply. For instance, you may have an uninterruptible power supply, generators, or portable solar systems.

6. How long you Will Rent an LED Screen for a Wedding

Another factor you must consider is how long you will rent the LED screen display for wedding ceremonies. In most cases, the charges may vary:

  • Daily charges
  • Hourly charges
  • Custom payment plan for renting the LED display screens

7. Rental LED Display Screen for Wedding Service Provider

First, you must work with reputable companies when renting LED screens for marriage ceremonies. You should ensure that the company can provide the necessary technical support and help. This may include setting up the wedding LED panels.

They should have a team on standby who can troubleshoot and solve any problem that may arise. With this, your wedding ceremony will go on smoothly without any interruptions.

Again, know the rental terms and agreements. You must review the terms and ensure you are comfortable with every clause. This should include terms for canceling, rescheduling, making payments, etc.

 LED screen for wedding
LED screen for wedding

8. Consider the Cost of Renting an LED Screen for a Wedding

Even before you think of renting an LED display screen, remember cost is everything. As a general rule, you should request for quote from different digital screen rental companies. It helps you to compare and choose a company that offers favorable rates.

Some of the main factors determining the cost of renting LED screens for wedding ceremony include:

Factors Affecting Wedding LED Screen Price How the Affect the Price for Renting LED DisplayScreens for Wedding Ceremonies
Refresh rate for LED screen (Measured in hertz) · A higher refresh rate implies the screen can display high-quality images. That is, it reduces possible defects or image distortion while streaming your wedding images or videos

· Screens with higher refresh rates are more expensive than those with low refresh rates.

Pixel Pitch (measured in millimeters) · A higher pixel pitch is recommended for larger weddings with more audience while a small pixel pitch is suitable for small marriage ceremonies.

· Wedding LED panels with a small pixel pitch are more expensive than those with a higher pixel pitch.

Screen resolution · Screens with higher resolution will produce sharper images with better quality. You can see intricate details of your wedding ceremony.

· An LED screen with a higher screen resolution will be costlier compared to one with a low screen resolution.

· In addition to these, other variables that may affect the prices include adjustable brightness, viewing angle, and contrast ratio.

Panel Type · LED panels for weddings feature different technologies such as OLED, IPS LED panels, and DIP LED Panels. These different LED panel technologies also contribute to significant price variations.
Cabinet and frame material · Among the most common materials for frames and cabinets are aluminum, carbon fiber, or steel

· In most cases, cabinets or frames made from metals such as aluminum are more expensive than carbon fiber

Size of LED screen for marriage ceremony · 6 by 13 ft. – about 500 USD

· 9 by 13 ft. – 650 to 900 USD

· 9 by 20 ft. – about 1,500 USD

· 12 by 8 ft. – approximately 3,500 USD

· 16 by 10 ft. –  about 6,500 USD

· 18 by 10 ft. – about 7,500 USD

·  20 by 12 ft. – about 10,000 USD

· Note: Bigger weeding LED screens implies higher prices.


Apart from these, other aspects such as shipping transportation, and installation will also affect the overall cost of renting LED screens for weddings. Others such as brand and customization options also play an important role in determining the cost.

If you still have any questions regarding the cost of renting an LED screen for a wedding – talk to the NSE team now.

Know What to Display on Wedding Ceremony LED Screens

Marriage is a good thing that brings families, friends, and workmates together. For a normal wedding, you will realize that there numerous visual presentations.

Remember, it is this visual presentation that spice up the wedding. Therefore, for a memorable marriage ceremony, you may rent LED panels for the wedding to display:

  • Pictures
  • Slideshows down memory lane
  • Graphics
  • Stream live video during the marriage ceremony
  • Announcements
  • Wedding order of events

In short, you can display virtually any information. Remember, rented LED screens for marriage ceremonies make communication seamless.

At NSE, we will help you skyrocket your LED screen rental business. We have a wide range of LED display screens depending on your unique requirements and specifications – request for a quote now.

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