How to Rent LED Screen for Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

About 2 million weddings are held in the United States yearly; event planners work tirelessly and utilize various equipment, including static billboards and rental wedding LED screens, to ensure that couples have the wedding of their dreams. 

A wedding LED screen improves the aesthetics of your event and guest experiences. However, the relevance and what it costs to rent LED screens for weddings is a concern for many. If you are on this train, this article explores the benefits of these displays and analyzes their cost to help in your decision-making. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Wedding LED Screen?

LED screens are used in different industries for various purposes, including advertising, entertainment, displaying medical examination results, and events like weddings. Wedding LED screens are large indoor or outdoor displays with high refresh rates and wide viewing angles, utilizing light-emitting diodes to produce vivid and vibrant representations of your content. 

These screens are often energy efficient with an average power consumption rate of 200W/m, and last up to 100,000 hours even with consistent use. Depending on the resolution, pixel pitch, and other additional features, they usually come with a high upfront cost; however, you don’t have to worry about spending so much on a giant screen rental for your wedding since you are only renting them for your event.

Now, weddings are fun events that bring families and loved ones together to celebrate a new beginning for the couple. So, aside from the longevity of these displays and other remarkable features, wedding LED screens are one of the most innovative means to improve the guest and the couple’s overall wedding experience. 

They are usually used to display pictures, wedding vows, slideshows down memory lanes of the couple, and other lovely content to lighten up the venue. While others argue that utilizing a wedding LED screen for rent is unnecessary, the reverse is the case for most couples who have utilized them and those who are still planning to. 

If you’re still unsure why it is relevant, the next section discusses ten reasons that will convince and help you make the most out of this beautiful experience.

10 Reasons Why You Need Wedding LED Screen For Rent

When you rent LED screen for weddings, you get more than occupy space at the venue. These screens create a more immersive experience for the couple and their guests due to their design and configuration. Besides their build, they offer other benefits that make them worth every dime couples pay for them, and here are some of the ways rental wedding LED screens can elevate your event:

1. Entertainment and Emotional Connection

You can use an LED screen wedding stage to entertain your audience before the ceremony begins, during, and even after the main event. For instance, some guests may come earlier than others, and while they are waiting for other guests and the couple to arrive, you’ll need to provide them with fun activities to keep them engaged. 

This will make their wait seem shorter and even shape their expectation of the main ceremony. Additionally, wedding LED screens can be used to display beautiful and memorable childhood pictures of the couple, their relationship journey, pre-wedding images and videos, and even project the entire ceremonial activities for large weddings with guests sitting farther from the stage. 

This intentional act can create a long-lasting emotional connection between the couples and the guests. Besides that, 57% of weddings in the United States as of 2022 were held within 30 miles of the couple’s home. 

Due to the venue’s proximity to couple’s and relatives’ homes, such weddings are likely to run into the night, and often, you’ll find guests and family members sticking around to relieve the events of the day. Wedding LED screens for rent can be used to replay lovely and fun moments from the occasion. This will bring the new family closer and give them a wholesome wedding memory.

2. High-Quality Visuals

Gone are the days when couples used static billboards and traditional display technologies like liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and conventional projectors to display event details and images. Modern wedding rental screens revolutionize the display standard and create a better experience using high-quality visuals.

These screens come with high resolutions, such as full high-definition (FHD), ultra-high-definition (UHD), 4K, and 8K, determining the level of sharpness of the display content. Generally, they are configured with high contrast ratios—which provide deeper blacks and high brightness levels, highlighting brighter whites—and offer the best representations of your content.

It doesn’t matter where your wedding is held; manufacturers like NSE LED produce indoor and outdoor LED screen rental for events like weddings. These displays have strong, durable, and waterproof modules with an IP rating above 65, meaning that they can withstand severe outdoor conditions without losing their display integrity. 

3. Luxurious Feel

If you’re on a budget but still want to showcase class, luxury, glamour, and sophistication, then colorful and creative content displayed on an LED wall wedding stage should be on your wedding item list. These displays’ high visual quality and immersive display will add spice to your already memorable day and leave the audience mesmerized and gushing over your day for a long time.

Also, the display size is perfect for large audiences and massive reception venues, enabling the audience to see from far distances and wide angles. This advantage gives them an opportunity to record beautiful moments of your event and share them with their social media network. 

4. Convenience and User-friendliness

Traditional display technologies are less reliable than wedding LED screens, and they require manual connection, brightness adjustment, and switching of display content, which can shift focus from the couple and cause a distraction for the audience. Conventional screens are not convenient and may require a more complicated use process.

However, the LED wedding screen for rent is easier to use and can be controlled remotely. All you need to do is have your display content read and find an operator. Manufacturers like NSE LED have installation guides and videos available for clients, handle the process, and ensure a professional is on standby to guide the operator and quickly troubleshoot any issues.

Aside from the installation and operation process, even finding and renting the LED video wall is convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your home thanks to the internet. Simply search for ‘LED screen rental near me’ or ask family, colleagues, and friends to recommend a manufacturer. 

5. Customization Options

An LED screen rental for wedding, you can opt for a screen with customization options that suit your needs. Whether you want a screen with higher pixel pitch and resolution or prefer flexible LED screens to fuel your creativity and improve the aesthetic appeal of your venue, you’ll find the perfect LED wedding display technology for your big day. 

Besides the shape and configuration of the LED wedding screen, these displays allow your planners to explore various heights of creativity. They can use it as an after-party backdrop for the DJ or as a social media wall. Event planners hiring creative or flexible LED screens can bend or shape the display to suit the design or turn it into a 360 display for round table arrangements.

6. Energy Efficient

Energy consumption and emissions have become a major fuel for air pollution. Hence, certain laws have been instigated in the United States to reduce the amount individuals spend on electricity and minimize greenhouse gas emissions and other health risks. However, as the government fights energy consumption issues, individuals foster change by using light-emitting diode display technologies. 

Wedding LED screens are not only fancy but have lower energy consumption than LCDs, plasma screens, and incandescent bulbs. By using a wedding rental rent screen, you can save more on electricity costs while running your LED screen wedding wall for as long as your rent duration. 

7. Easy Installation and Setup

While manufacturers mostly handle mounting these displays, the wedding LED screen for rent comes with an easy installation and setup manual. For that reason, wedding planners will not waste much time finding someone to mount the screens or unmount them at the end of the event. 

If the manual doesn’t contain as much information as you’d want, then manufacturers like NSE LED provide easy-to-follow video guides on installing and unmounting the rental video walls without damaging them. Still, most leasers ensure that professionals are within the venue to ensure you get all the help you need.

8. Flexible Sizing

Generally, LED screens are popular for their flexible customization options, including size, and the wedding LED screen is no exception. Depending on your needs, the LED video wall size can be adjusted to give you the best experience. If a company has an 8ft wedding LED display available, you can ask them for customized sizes to be smaller or even much bigger.

This flexibility is a plus for all couples, especially those still trying to agree on the wedding venue. Aside from that, it allows your audience, no matter the distance, to see and read the display content without straining their eyes or necks. This increases comfort and the overall guest experience.

9. Outdoor and Indoor Use

The best LED screen for weddings is built with strength and durability in mind, making them fit for any environment. They can withstand prolonged exposure to weather conditions, including rain, sunlight, and snow. Aside from the screen itself, additional materials are added to provide a two-layer protection from rough handling and cracks.

If you suddenly change event venues and are worried about getting a display that can excel in such environments, then the LED video wall is all you need. Whether your wedding is indoor and you need a bright and contrasty video wall that gives a cinematic feel and the best quality to light up an entire room. Meanwhile, the rental wedding screen can shine brightly even under bright sunlight if your wedding is outside.

10. Cost-Effective

Even though LED screens cost more than projectors, LCDs, and displays utilizing incandescent bulbs, they can save you repair and replacement costs. Assuming you are using projectors to showcase your wedding pictures and the incandescent bulbs in the displays develop a fault and go off completely.

You must replace them to continue your wedding; as you do, you’re bound to spend a few bucks as often as the bulbs are changed. But by using LED wedding screens, you can enjoy a 24-hour uninterrupted display. In addition, LED walls consume less electricity than traditional display technologies, so you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Factors to Consider Before You Rent LED Screen for Weddings

Not all LED wedding screens are manufactured equally; some come with different resolutions, while some have higher or lower pixel pitches, so when considering renting a video wall, some factors will help you make better decisions, and they include;

1. Resolution

The resolution of your rental wedding screen is the number of pixels arranged horizontally and vertically, and it determines how visible your display content will be. For instance, a full high-definition 1920 x 1080p screen resolution has 1920 pixels arranged horizontally and 1080 vertical pixels. A screen with this resolution offers adequate cinematic display quality and is mostly used for small indoor weddings. 

On the other hand, if you rent LED screens with 4K resolution, you have 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels, which is four times the number of pixels in an FHD rental wedding wall. Screens with this resolution are premium quality, and the content displayed on them usually has a lifelike feel. 

Though you can display any image or video quality with any of the wedding rental screens, higher image qualities to lower resolutions may require the screen to downplay the content quality to match the screens.  So, when considering to rent LED screens for weddings, confirm the resolution with the supplier and find out if you can display your content on them without motion blur.

2.  Screen Size/Design and Venue Space/Layout

The screen size and venue space are some of the most important factors to consider when renting a wedding LED screen. This is because you want to give your audience the best and long-lasting experience they’ve probably never had at a wedding. But you can’t achieve that if they have to stand or strain their eyes and neck to watch the content you’re displaying.

Also, if you have a round hall, guests sitting behind the LED screen wedding stage will be excluded from the immersive experience. So, for settings like this, you’ll need a curved LED screen. This type of wedding LED screen has a 360° view and ensures that the viewers on every angle of the hall can have similar experiences.

Besides, larger wedding venues need bigger screens with wider viewing angles—allowing viewers to see the screen comfortably from their seats, even for viewing distances above 10mm. On the flip side, smaller screens are ideal for small venues with viewing distances between 5mm to 10mm.

3. Lighting Conditions in the Wedding Venue

While bright sunlight and darkness do not always affect the display of rental wedding LED screens, you must ensure the brightness and contrast levels, which determine the difference between the bright and darker aspects of the display, are adjustable to accommodate varying lighting conditions, including those encountered during outdoor and indoor weddings.

Additionally, considering lighting conditions when renting an LED wedding screen is crucial because it enables you to address issues like reflections and glare caused by sunlight or artificial lighting, which can hinder content visibility. One of the best ways to avoid such issues is tilting the wedding LED screen away from the main light source.

Besides glare and light reflections, color accuracy is another lighting condition that can ruin the guest viewing experience, especially if your wedding incorporates specific color themes or vibrant decorations. In these cases, selecting a wedding LED screen that adapts well to different lighting is essential for a seamless visual experience.

4. The Content and Wedding LED Screen Display Requirements

As discussed earlier, when using higher-resolution content on a wedding LED screen with lower resolution, the screen will adjust the image or video quality to match the resolution. So, the content to be displayed and the specific wedding event requirements must be carefully considered to ensure you are getting near-original or even an enhanced representation of your pictures. 

For instance, high-resolution screens like FHD, ultra HD, or 8K displays are indispensable for effectively showcasing vivid details of your images and videos. But that’s not all; matching the screen’s aspect ratio to the content is equally necessary. For example, landscape or widescreen formats are ideal for videos, while square or custom ratios might suit slideshows or specific visual effects. 

5. Cost

Your budget is an important determinant of the kind of rental wedding LED screen you can get. So, when planning your wedding, it is important to consider how much you’re willing to spend on a rental LED screen and compare prices from various vendors to determine the average market price for the kind of screen you want.

The amount you’ll spend on an LED wedding screen depends on various factors. Some suppliers offer free shipping for nearby locations, free installation, and other discounts, but others don’t. Other manufacturers have more affordable prices but will expect you to pay for shipping and mounting; it all depends on the agreement and conclusions you come to. 

Generally, you should expect to spend a minimum of $350 for a 6ft x 13ft wedding LED screen for stage rental. Your budget for a 9ft x 20ft, 18 sqm wedding LED screen should start at $600. Depending on your location, prices for renting these displays differ, but you can be sure to find one around your budget.

6. Rental Duration

The resolution, venue size, and display configuration are not the only factors to consider when renting a wedding LED screen. Another important factor is the duration of your event or your agreed rent period. This is relevant because it determines how much you’ll pay for a wedding LED screen for a stage rental. 

For instance, most couples rent for only a day, while others rent these displays for their engagement parties, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding reception. For couples renting a wedding LED screen for the rehearsal dinner and reception, they will be required to pay for two days; however, some suppliers count on an hourly basis.

Depending on what you want, you can get vendors willing to work with your rental duration. The daily rental plan may be ideal if you are sure your event will last the whole day and only using the LED screen for the wedding. However, if your reception is scheduled for only a few hours, it is better to find vendors that will let you pay for the hours you use the screen.

7. Power Supply and Connectivity

Ensuring a stable and sufficient power source for the wedding LED screen is essential to avoid disruptions during the wedding. LED screens can consume varying amounts of electricity depending on their size and features, so you must determine the power requirements and compatibility with the venue’s electrical infrastructure. 

Backup power solutions, such as generators or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), should also be in place to handle unforeseen power outages. On the flip side, connectivity deals with how the rental wedding LED screen will be linked to the content source, including monitors, laptops, or media players. 

Connectivity options like HDMI or wireless connections must align with the devices you plan to use. Also, consider the distance between the content source and the wedding LED screen; longer distances require signal boosters or extenders to maintain a stable connection.

8. Technical Support and Setup

While the installation process of wedding LED screens is not complex, it is important to find out if your supplier will mount the screen and also offer technical support to troubleshoot issues if they occur. This is because some LED wedding rental screens are more complex than others, meaning the person displaying your content cannot handle complex downtime.

This is one of the reasons you should compare various offers from different vendors. Some offer support while some do not, but ensure you settle for one that does. Their presence will ensure that your wedding experience isn’t ruined due to technical glitches and also allow you and the wedding planners to focus on the guests and other aspects of the event. 

9. Rental Terms and Agreements

Before signing with any LED screen rental supplier, carefully review the rental terms and agreement conditions to ensure that they align with what you are looking for. During this process, you should establish how long you’ll need the LED screen, whether for the entire wedding day, multiple days, or specific time slots. 

This will help you clarify any penalties or additional fees associated with extending the rental period in case your event runs longer than anticipated. Also, ensure you understand the total cost, including additional charges like taxes, delivery fees, or security deposits. Discuss the payment schedule and method, such as a down payment, installment payments, or full payment upfront.

Additionally, unforeseen circumstances can arise, so knowing the terms for canceling or rescheduling your wedding LED screen rental is essential. So, cancellation and refund policies should be clearly outlined in the agreement. This ensures fairness and helps you make informed decisions in case plans change.

6 Factors Affecting LED Screen Wedding Stage Price

Various factors, including screen size, resolution, location, the purpose of the display, contrast ratio, etc., determine a wedding LED banner display price. Keep reading for more insight into how these factors affect the price of your wedding LED video wall.

1. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a wedding LED display determines how fast or slow your screen can switch between images without slurring or having other visual defects. It is measured in hertz, and it determines the level of smoothness your display will have. 

For instance, if you rent a LED screen with 120Hz for your wedding, it means that the screen can refresh or switch between images 120 times in a second. Screens with high Hz values are suitable for displaying high-quality graphics and fast-paced video scenes. 

But how does this affect the price of your wedding LED screen though? Since the refresh tells how smooth your display can be, it means that a screen with a higher refresh rate of 144Hz will switch between pictures faster than one with a refresh rate of 60Hz. This, in turn, increases the price of the wedding rental LED screen with higher Hz.

2. Pixel Pitch

LED modules are made up of pixels, and each of these pixels light up independently in modern LED wedding video walls, displaying unique colors and improving the overall picture quality of the screen. The distance between individual LED pixels arranged vertically and horizontally is known as the pixel pitch. The pixel pitch is measured in millimeters, which is important because it influences the viewing distance of the wedding guests.

A higher pixel pitch indicates a smaller display resolution and smaller pixel density, and vice versa. Also, a smaller pixel pitch means the screen will have more vivid displays due to higher resolution, making it perfect for small indoor/outdoor weddings with guests sitting at 4 mm or less. However, higher pixel-pitched screens are ideal for big wedding venues covering a large audience.

While wedding rental screens with small pixel pitches provide finer details, they are usually more expensive than wedding LED screens with higher pixel pitches. However, the pixel pitch is only one factor, and other considerations may cause discrepancies in the price of renting a suitable LED screen for your wedding.

3. Resolution

With higher screen resolution comes better quality, sharper images, and retainment of intricate details of the content you’re displaying. But, unlike pixel pitch that causes LED screens to be costlier with smaller sizes, the case differs for the resolution of wedding LED displays. Here, a higher screen resolution suggests a higher price tag for either buying or renting. 

Your choice of screen resolution depends on your wedding venue and the number of invited. Smaller settings with a limited number of guests can utilize resolution screens that strike a balance between quality and affordability, like the FHDs. On the flip side, couples using a large venue or those with a huge wedding budget can choose between FHD, 4K, and 8K displays, as long as your content quality matches the screen resolution.

4. Customization and Additional Features

Another factor affecting an LED screen for wedding price tags is customization. Most manufacturers, especially NSE LED, offer clients robust customization options to ensure a beautiful and memorable day. Some of these additional features include but are not limited to;

  • Contrast Ratio: Wedding LED screens with higher contrast ratios produce color-accurate images that exhibit a more lifelike feel than displays with lower contrast ratios.
  • Brightness: While wedding LED screens for rent come with adjustable brightness, some clients may demand higher brightness levels.
  • Panel TypeBig LED screen rental for weddings usually come in different panels, like IPS panels, DIP LED, and OLED panels, and some event managers may have specific requests for these panel types.

However, these changes and others may require more work hours, materials, or even more hands, leading to higher costs than if the couple were renting the standard wedding LED screen.

5. Cabinet Material 

Cabinet materials for LED screens protect them from pressure and vibrations during a fall or rough handling when shipping. Due to their strength and excellent corrosion resistance, these cabinets are made from metals like aluminum, carbon fiber, iron, or steel. Also, aluminum and carbon fiber are lightweight. Hence, manufacturers mostly use them to reduce the weight impact on the wedding LED screen.

So, if a manufacturer uses a galvanized steel cabinet material to protect the wedding LED screen and you want a different material like aluminum, the price you’ll pay will differ. For starters, aluminum is more expensive than carbon fiber. Secondly, the supplier will have to replace the initial cabinet with a new one, influencing the screen’s price.

6. Shipping and Installation

Shipping costs are determined by the distance of the wedding LED screen for rent and the weight and dimension of the display. For instance, the shipping fee for couples renting a 6ft x 13ft wedding video wall within a 30-mile distance will differ from those renting the same product within a 120-mile distance. 

Therefore, shipping bigger and heavier screens will incur more costs than delivering a smaller screen. Besides shipping costs, installation costs vary and can affect the cost of an LED video wall for events. However, it is mostly determined by the complexity of the wedding LED screen and the location of the mount. 

LED Screen Rental Price List for Weddings

If you are planning your wedding and are searching for ‘LED screen hire near me,’ it is only right that you have an idea of what to expect. So, here’s a rundown of various wedding LED screens for rent and their estimated market value.

1. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 6 x 9

This 6 sqm outdoor/indoor LED display can be used to showcase various content, like videos, photos, slideshows, and even live streaming of your ceremony or reception. While it is on the smaller end of giant wedding screens, it is still large enough to ensure that everyone in the audience can comfortably see the content, even if they’re seated at a distance. Depending on your location, the average daily rental cost of the 6ft x 9ft wedding video wall is $350.

2. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 6 x 13

The 6ft x 13ft giant LED wedding video wall is manufactured with durability and flexibility in mind, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor weddings. It is slightly larger than the 6ft x 9ft display and offers a wider viewing angle, fostering comfort and an immersive experience. 

It is also quite expensive than the 6ft x 9ft wedding video wall, as its average daily LED wall rental cost leans toward $500. However, remember that other factors like the brand, shipping, pixel pitch, and resolution can directly impact the piece of these displays, so compare total renting costs between different suppliers.

3. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 9 x 13

This LED wedding screen features a strong and high refresh rate 85-inch screen occupying an enormous 12 sqm. It is also mostly accompanied by a 4K cinematic display and excellent sound volume, improving the overall feel of the wedding venue. These giant rental wedding screens have middle-class daily rental prices, ranging between $650 to $900, depending on your location and additional features and installation charges.

4. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 9 x 20

The average cost of renting the 9ft x 20ft or 18sqm wedding LED screen is $1,500. While it is on the higher end considering its price, this display offers a wider viewing angle than the previous three, a better contrast ratio, and a perfect resolution for outdoor and large indoor events. 

It also comes with adjustable brightness and accurate color reproduction capabilities. Nevertheless, this estimate is not rock solid, as the demand and supply of a particular wedding rental LED screen can also increase its cost significantly.

5. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 12 x 8

Moving forward, another wedding LED screen with excellent brightness, contrast ratio, color accuracy, and housing 24 LED panels is the 12 x 8 LED wall. It is mostly used for outdoor weddings but can also serve as an indoor LED screen stage. 

However, before hiring this screen or any other wedding LED screen, it is advisable to know the venue size and the space layout. These factors are important to ensure that you are getting the right display. For the daily rental price, depending on the manufacturer, installation cost, and shipping fees, the average cost of this screen is $3,500.

6. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 16 x 10

The 16 x 10 wedding LED screen is usually accompanied by an IP rating ≤ 65, 40 LED panels, and strong cabinet materials from either aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, or iron. This specifically protects them from various weather conditions, including rain, sun, snow, and even dust. 

The different panels are put together, like in every other giant screen rental for weddings, to ensure a wide viewing angle without sacrificing seamless display. A lot of work goes into manufacturing and setting up this screen, so the price is expected to shoot slightly above the roof. Hence, the average daily rental price of the 16 x 10 wedding LED video wall is $6,500.

7. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 18 x 10

The giant 18 x 10 wedding LED screen for rent utilizes 45 LED panels to enhance its visibility and the quality of the content it represents. These screens, like others, can be customized to meet your content and display requirements, ensuring that your audience enjoys a seamless and immersive wedding experience. If you’re considering this wedding LED video wall, you should budget a minimum of $7,500.

8. LED Screen Cost Per Square Foot: 20 x 12

The 60-panel giant wedding LED screen for rent offers an excellent viewing experience, especially for large weddings hosting thousands of guests. It has a live-view display option and wireless systems connecting to the audience and social media. If you want a truly luxurious wedding and can spare over 10,000 dollars to rent an LED screen for your wedding, opt for the 20ft x 12ft screen or a higher screen size.

Conclusion: LED Screen Rental Near Me 

Finding any LED wall for rent is easy, but finding the top manufacturers offering high brightness and waterproof screens alongside excellent professional and customer support teams is difficult. With NSE LED, you can become a part of the hundreds of couples we’ve provided customized rental wedding video walls.

They have a massive and well-equipped laboratory run by the most innovative minds and offer strong, durable products with elevated display quality, certified by OSHA and ISO. Aside from the display content quality, you can always get any screen of your choice at NSE LED. Schedule a call today and find out if the different rental screens in their catalog suit your requirements.

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