RemaDays Warsaw 2025: Annual Advertising and Marketing Industry Trade Fair

The advertising and marketing industry will experience another auspicious trade fair next year in Poland. RemaDays Warsaw brings together stakeholders from different parts of the world, with 80% coming from Poland and the rest from other parts. If you plan to attend this trade fair, here is everything you need to know.

RemaDays Warsaw 2025 Event Details

The specific details of RemaDays Warsaw are as follows;

  • Venue – Ptak Warsaw Expo
  • Dates – January 28-31, 2025
  • Organizer – RemaDays Warsaw 

About the RemaDays Warsaw 2025 Trade Fair

RemaDays Warsaw presents an opportunity to learn about trends and the future of the advertising and marketing industry. This industry is necessary for all other industries to promote their products to customers. The trade fair seeks to educate and inform stakeholders from this industry and other industries on how to execute advertising and marketing. 

Several exhibitions revolve around ideas that can be implemented to improve the efforts of advertisers and marketers. This includes modern solutions that work in such a dynamic environment.

Ptak Warsaw Expo organizes this event annually. Although the main focus changes each year, the collective objective remains the same: to bring together exhibitors and visitors affiliated with or interested in advertising and marketing.

RemaDays Warsaw 2025: Trade Congress 

The trade congress that will happen at the trade fair is a conference that will focus more on education rather than an exhibition. There will be speakers at the conference who will give keynote speeches on various topics.

Most of the talks will focus on challenges and trends in the industry. These will be delivered in the form of expert lectures and panel discussions. This will be yet another opportunity to learn more about the industry.

Why Attend RemaDays Warsaw 2025

The RemaDays Warsaw trade fair targets a wide pool of people in this industry. Everyone from this pool is guaranteed to benefit in one way or the other. If you are not convinced to attend the event, here are some reasons why you should.

Learn about the latest industry trends

Trends in the industry are important because they will keep you informed about the direction others are going. You get to understand how decisions are shaping the current and future of the industry. 

The advertising and marketing industry is quite volatile in terms of trends. Given the nature of the space, new strategies emerge every so often. Human behavior, consumption patterns, and product and service diversification control these. Learning the latest trends in this industry will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Network with Key Decision-makers

Networking is a universal goal of most trade fairs. It involves building relationships with like-minded people, especially those in your field. This has several benefits for you and your business.

Trade fairs such as RemaDays Warsaw facilitate networking in many ways. This can be done in either of two ways. On one hand, you can formally organize a meeting with someone you are interested in connecting with. Alternatively, you can casually chat with someone you meet at the event and get to know them gradually. Furthermore, the event organizer noted that there will be an exclusive networking zone.

Make business contacts

Either directly or indirectly, this is the result of networking. Business contacts can be in the form of businesses getting contacts of potential customers or businesses connecting with other businesses. In any case, you can achieve it at a trade fair event. These contacts are a surefire way of generating revenue for your business. 

The Significance of RemaDays Warsaw 2025

RemaDays Warsaw 2025 will benefit two primary groups of people in somewhat different but closely related ways. These two groups are exhibitors and visitors.

For exhibitors 

The exhibitors at the RemaDays Warsaw will predominantly be from the advertising and marketing industries. They will showcase various technologies they develop to help businesses advertise and market themselves. 

This will be a huge opportunity for these businesses to advertise and market themselves to the various businesses in attendance. The added benefit is that the event will air online, meaning there will be an even larger audience for these products and services. Lastly, the organizer will cater to all other logistics, meaning less stress for the exhibitor.

For visitors  

Most of the people attending RemaDays Warsaw 2025 will be visitors. The trade fair primarily aims to attract visitors to the exhibitions and conferences. 

The visitors attending the trade fair are more keen on learning. They will learn market status, new products and services, and the future. What is learned at an event helps them improve their marketing and advertising.

Setting Standards in the Promotional Products Industry

Advertising and marketing are core practices in the promotional products industry. The main activities are branding and material distribution. Initiatives such as RemaDays Warsaw shape this industry.

In most cases, exhibitors showcase products and services following universal themes at the event. Some of the common themes we expect at RemaDays Warsaw include;

  • Emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness 
  • Focus on impact rather than product
  • Personalization
  • Quality over quantity

These themes will eventually set standards in the advertising and marketing industry. This means most companies will adopt advertising and marketing strategies that uphold these themes. The benefits of such trade fair events cannot be understated, provided these themes are all positive.


RemaDays Warsaw 2025 is a few months away, meaning this is the perfect time to plan your visit. If you are an exhibitor, you should start planning as early as now to ensure you do not miss a spot on the floor. Given the success of RemaDays Warsaw 2024, which happened in January this year, there is much to anticipate for next year.

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