Improve Sales and Rentals with Real Estate Window Display-Ultimate Guide

Are you longing to generate leads, attract attention and boost sales of your rental properties with real estate window displays? 

When done well, property managers and real estate agents can increase and revamp their real estate business to a top-notch. Therefore, in this final guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about real estate window displays. 

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Define Real Estate Window Display

Real estate window display

A real estate window display is typically a preliminary sketch of the properties owned or advertised by a real estate agent or a property manager for sale or rent.

These window displays might assume different visual representations, including images, graphics, or pictures.

Real estate window displays are usually placed in a real estate agent’s or property manager’s window or anywhere that might attract tons of traffic to the advertised property. 

Some of the main objectives of these window displays include the following;

  • To increase sales 
  • Attract tremendous traffic 
  • Generate leads.

Therefore, if you are looking for affordable and powerful real estate window displays to pop out of your real estate property competitors, Nseled got you covered.

Best Window Displays Ideas and Solutions

With so many property managers and real estate agents on the street, marketing their properties has made it challenging for the upcoming real estate agents to shine in the marketplace. 

Nowadays, you need to be super creative in creating your window displays just to get hundreds of impressions on your displays. 

How do you achieve this, you might ask?

We’ve done in-depth research and interviewed some of the experienced real estate agents and property managers about how they do it; here are some of the boldest and best widow display ideas we achieved to compile;

  • Colored Theme

This is the simplest and most amazing window display idea you can subscribe to for your real estate window displays. Generally, using a colored theme can help you, as a real estate agent or manager, to tie your visual representation together with your brand and make it super appealing to your buyers.

You can simply create a window display with a myriad of different colors to match up with the property color being advertised or color clash the entire presentation with the attractive colored theme.

  • Use props

Generally, using props in your real estate window display can add more depth to your display, thus attracting interested customers to your properties.

Here are some of the best window display ideas on how to use props as a property manager in your real estate window displays;

  • Furniture

When used extremely well, furniture can create a stunning scene and succinctly show off the size and the entire layout of the property on sale. 

For instance, you can use couches, chairs, and coffee tables to create an amazing living room scene. Similarly, you could use nightstands, beds, and closets to showcase the bedroom scene.

  • Plants

Plants make the window display vibrant and appealing by nature and could attract clients to your real estate properties easily. Depending on your project needs, budget, and taste, you can use real or artificial plants.

  • Animals 

If you want to add a touch of personality and whimsy to your real estate window display, then animal props are what you are looking for.

Therefore, depending on your budget and the type of property on sale or rent, you could attempt to use live animals, figurines, or stuffed animals. 

These are just a few props you could implement to increase rental sales and generate traffic. However, other props ideas you can feature in your real estate window display as per your budget include;

  • Toys
  • Balloons
  • Signs
  • Banners

Note; when selecting props for your real estate window displays, it is prudent and advisable to consider your target audience. For instance, if you’re selling a beach home, you’d want to include plants that create a beach home taste for your customers.  

  • Lights 

Realtors can use light to their advantage in many ways to attract more customers to their real estate business properties. Thus, by using light strategically, you can create great moods or atmospheres in your display, ultimately luring people to want to learn more about your business.

Here are some of the best practices to implement when using light in your real estate window display;

  • Use bright light to create excitement mood
  • Make use of soft light in your display to create an intimate setting
  • Use spotlights to highlight the outstanding features in your real estate window display
  • Make use of motion-sensor lights to add excitement to the display when people walk around
  • Colored lights can be used as well to build a particular mood

Even with this, use lights that are not too bright, and minimize energy wastage when using a variety of lights in your displays.

  • Use of Texts

Using text in real estate window displays is another super idea to sell your properties or convey information to your target audience. When used properly, texts can be the most powerful way to pass the finest details of your real estate business.

Additionally, it is so easy to create a sense of excitement and urgency when using texts in your window displays compared to the use of color, props, and lights.

Here are the best ways to use texts to generate leads, attract customers, and increase your rental sales;

  • Use keywords that potential buyers are most likely to search
  • Ensure your text are easy to read and understand 
  • Make use of a strong call to action. What do you want people to do, buy, rent, etc.?
  • You can create humorous text to attract leads
  • Combine texts and visuals in your window display effectively.
  • Keep the text brief and to the point
  • Ensure to use white space in your design
  • You can use a variety of texts and colors altogether

Main Types of Real Estate Window Display

Getting your property listings before the eyes of your clients will help you increase sales and attract huge deals with your leads. 

Here are the main types of real estate window display you can use for your business today for higher ROI;

  • Automated Digital Property Carousels

An automated digital property carousel is a main real estate window display type. Potential buyers are offered brochures and paper folders to acquaint themselves with all the available properties.

Typically, you can use automated digital property carousels to show off your top properties to appeal to buyers.

These displays use a digital screen to display moving images and videos of the properties. Therefore, they can greatly help if you want to show large amounts of photos or videos in a small space.

One big advantage of this type of window display is that it is in sync with property management software, which keeps information in your listing up-to-date.

  • Backlit LED Window Display

Backlit LED Window Display

A backlit LED window display is a modern and eye-catching advertising solution widely used in the real estate industry. It consists of a transparent panel with built-in LED lights behind it, creating a vibrant and illuminated display visible from outside the window. 

These displays are designed to showcase property listings, promotional messages, and other relevant information to capture the attention of potential buyers or tenants.

One of the key advantages of backlit LED window displays is their ability to attract attention even in low-light conditions or at night. The bright and vibrant illumination enhances the visibility of the displayed content, making it stand out from the surroundings and drawing the eyes of passersby. 

  • Cable Window Display

Cable Window Display

A cable window display is a sleek and contemporary solution that uses tensioned cables or rods to suspend promotional materials or property listings in a window. 

These displays are characterized by their minimalist design, which allows the displayed content to take center stage. The cables or rods are fixed to the ceiling and floor or attached to wall-mounted fixtures, creating a visually appealing floating effect for the displayed materials.

The cable window display offers a clean and professional look that is particularly suitable for modern real estate agencies aiming to convey a sense of sophistication and style.

Additionally, it allows for easy updates and changes to the displayed content, as materials can be quickly swapped or replaced without the need for complex installation or dismantling processes.

Therefore, real estate agencies can choose from various configurations, such as single-sided or double-sided displays, and adjust the cables’ or rods’ height and spacing to accommodate different promotional materials’ sizes.

  • Video Walls

Video Walls

Video walls are large-scale displays with multiple high-resolution screens seamlessly tiled together to create a unified and immersive viewing experience. 

In real estate window displays, video walls showcase engaging content related to property listings, virtual tours, neighborhood highlights, or testimonials.

The main advantage of video walls is their ability to captivate the attention of passersby with dynamic and visually stunning visuals. The seamless integration of multiple screens enables the display of high-definition videos and images on a grand scale, significantly impacting viewers and effectively conveying the unique selling points of the listed properties.

And so, real estate agencies can leverage the versatility of video walls to tell compelling stories about the properties they represent.

  • Touchscreen Digital Displays

Touchscreen digital displays provide potential buyers or tenants with an interactive and engaging experience. These displays feature a high-resolution screen with touch-sensitive technology, allowing viewers to interact directly with the displayed content. 

Users can navigate through property listings, view detailed information, access virtual tours, and even contact the real estate agency for inquiries or appointments.

One of the key benefits of touchscreen digital displays is their ability to provide on-the-spot information and customization options. Users can easily filter property listings based on specific criteria, such as location, price range, or number of bedrooms, and explore the details of each property of interest. 

This interactive approach empowers potential buyers or tenants to personalize their search and make informed decisions.

Why Your Real Estate Window Displays Need Digital Screens

When it comes to captivating potential customers and effectively showcasing properties, incorporating digital screens into your real estate window, displays can be a game-changer. 

These innovative displays combine the power of technology with the timeless appeal of real estate, offering numerous benefits that traditional static displays simply cannot match. Read on to discover why your real estate window displays need digital screens.

  • Digital screens bring a new level of interactivity to your window displays

By incorporating touchscreens or motion sensors, you can create an engaging and immersive experience for passersby. This interactivity allows potential buyers to explore different properties, view detailed information, and even take virtual tours from the window. 

Therefore, by providing such an interactive experience, you can stimulate the curiosity of prospective clients and draw them into your real estate office.

  • They offer unparalleled flexibility and versatility. 

Generally, with a few clicks, you can update the content on the screens, ensuring that your window displays always showcase the latest and most attractive properties. 

This dynamic nature allows you to adapt quickly to market trends and changes, ensuring your window displays remain fresh and captivating.

  • Digital screens also open up exciting possibilities for multimedia content. 

You can showcase high-resolution images, videos, and even 360-degree virtual tours to give potential buyers a realistic and immersive preview of your properties. 

This multimedia approach allows you to showcase the unique selling points of each property, such as stunning views or luxurious amenities, in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

  • Digital screens provide an excellent platform for highlighting your real estate agency’s additional services. 

Similarly, you can feature testimonials from satisfied clients, display market trends and statistics, or showcase the expertise and experience of your team. By leveraging digital screens, you can communicate your agency’s value proposition and establish credibility with potential clients from your window displays.

In today’s digital age, where screens constantly surround people and crave interactive experiences, incorporating digital screens into your real estate window displays is a natural and effective progression. 

That said, by embracing this technology, you can capture the attention of passersby, provide engaging and immersive experiences, and effectively communicate your agency’s unique selling points. 

Ultimately, digital screens in your real estate window displays enable you to stand out in a competitive market, attract potential buyers, and enhance your brand image.

Factors to Consider when Designing a Real Estate Window Display

Designing an effective real estate window display requires careful consideration of several key factors to maximize its impact and attract potential buyers. 

And so by paying attention to the following factors, you can create a visually appealing and compelling display that captures attention and generates interest in the properties you are showcasing.

Let’s dive in;

  • Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of your window display is crucial in grabbing the attention of passersby. Therefore, use high-quality images of properties with eye-catching features, such as vibrant colors or unique architectural elements. 

Additionally, ensure that the images are clear, well-lit, and properly sized to maintain their quality when viewed from a distance.

  • Simplicity and Clarity

Typically, you need to keep the design of your window display simple and concise. 

Avoid overcrowding the display with too many properties or excessive text. Instead, focus on featuring a few standout properties that represent your portfolio well. Use concise and easily readable text to provide essential information such as property details and contact information.

  • Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to highlight the properties and make them visually appealing. Ensure the window display is well-lit, both day and night. Consider using different lighting to draw attention to specific features or create a warm and inviting ambiance.

  • Branding and Messaging

This is one of the most salient factors to consider while designing. 

Therefore, incorporate your real estate agency’s branding elements, such as logos, colors, and fonts, into the window display. This helps create consistency and reinforces brand recognition. 

Consider including a clear message or tagline that conveys your agency’s unique selling points or value proposition.

  • Seasonal and Current Themes

Likewise, it would be best to tailor your window display to reflect seasonal or current themes that resonate with your target audience. 

For example, during the holiday season, you can add festive touches to evoke a sense of warmth and joy. Stay updated with local events or trends that you can integrate into your display to make it more relevant and relatable.

  • Interactivity

Incorporating interactive elements can enhance engagement with your window display. Utilize technologies like touch screens or QR codes to allow viewers to access more information about the properties or to schedule appointments directly. Interactive displays can capture attention and encourage potential buyers to take action.

  • Maintenance and Updates

Another crucial factor to consider while designing your window display is to regularly maintain and update your real estate window display to ensure it remains fresh and relevant. 

Replace outdated property listings with new ones, update prices, and refresh the overall design periodically. An obsolete or neglected display can give the impression of a stagnant business.

  • The budget

How much money do you have to spend on your display? If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to get creative with your materials and use things you already have.

When considering the budget for your real estate window display, it’s important to balance cost-effectiveness and creating an impactful presentation.

Remember, a limited budget means something other than compromising on quality or impact. By utilizing existing materials, embracing DIY approaches, and exploring cost-effective alternatives, you can design a captivating real estate window display that effectively showcases your properties while staying within budget constraints.

Therefore, considering these factors when designing your real estate window display, you can create an engaging and visually appealing showcase that effectively communicates your agency’s expertise and entices potential buyers to explore further. 

Remember to regularly evaluate the impact of your display and make adjustments as needed to attract and captivate your target audience continuously.

Tips on How to Create a Successful Real Estate Window Display

To develop an impeccable real estate window display that drives traffic, generates leads, and leads to a sale, here are the best tips to create a successful window display, especially for beginners. By considering the following information, you can enhance the effectiveness of your display:

  • Strategic Location

Opt for a prime location that ensures high visibility to potential buyers and passersby. Choose areas with significant foot traffic, such as busy streets or popular shopping districts. This maximizes exposure and increases the chances of capturing the attention of your target audience.

  • Eye-Catching Colors and Graphics

You need to select colors and graphics that are visually appealing and attract attention. Therefore, incorporate vibrant colors and bold visuals that stand out. These elements should be aligned with your brand image, creating an impressive display that piques curiosity.

  • Props and Furniture

Create a realistic and inviting atmosphere by incorporating relevant props and furniture into your display. Consider using items that reflect the type of property you are promoting. For instance, including beach chairs, towels, and other beach-related accessories for a beach house to evoke the desired ambiance and help potential buyers envision themselves in the space.

  • Informative Text and Signage

 Utilize text and signage to provide essential information about the property. Include details such as;

  • The address
  • Price
  • Some bedrooms and bathrooms, and any unique selling points. 

Ensure the text is easily readable from a distance and complements the overall aesthetic of the display.

  • Cleanliness and Regular Updates

Maintain a clean and well-maintained window display that leaves a positive impression on viewers. Regularly dust and clean the display to keep it looking fresh and professional. Also, update the display with new props, graphics, or seasonal elements to keep it visually appealing and relevant.

  • Showcase Variety

Rotate and feature a variety of properties in your display to cater to different preferences and capture a wider range of potential buyers. Highlight properties with distinct features, styles, or locations to demonstrate the diversity of your real estate offerings.

  • Engaging Layout

 Arrange your display in an organized and visually pleasing manner. Consider the flow and balance of the elements within the space. Create focal points and use visual hierarchy to guide viewers’ attention to key information and standout properties.

  • Brand Consistency

Maintain consistency with your branding throughout the window display. Incorporate your agency’s logo, colors, and fonts to reinforce brand recognition and build trust. Consistency in branding helps establish a cohesive and professional image.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Real Estate Window Display

While designing a real estate window display, it’s crucial to be aware of common mistakes that hinder its effectiveness. By avoiding the following common mistakes, you can ensure that your display maximizes its impact and attracts potential buyers.

  • Cluttered and Overcrowded Displays

One common mistake is cramming too many properties or excessive information into a small space. This makes it difficult for viewers to focus, resulting in a messy and overwhelming display. 

Instead, opt for a clean and well-organized layout highlighting key properties, allowing viewers to digest the information easily.

  • Poor Lighting

Inadequate or improper lighting can diminish the visual appeal of your window display. More lighting must be needed to make it easier for viewers to see and appreciate the properties showcased. 

On the other hand, overly bright or harsh lighting can create discomfort. Strive for balanced lighting that highlights the properties effectively and creates an inviting ambiance.

  • Lack of Visual Hierarchy

Failing to establish a clear visual hierarchy can confuse viewers and make it challenging for them to focus on the most important elements of your display. 

Avoid placing all items at the same eye level or neglecting to create focal points. Instead, use design principles like size, color, and placement to guide viewers’ attention to key information and standout properties.

  • Inconsistent Branding

Remembering to maintain consistency with your branding can strengthen your overall brand image. Ensure that your window display aligns with your agency’s visual identity, including colors, logos, and fonts. 

Consistency in branding helps reinforce brand recognition and establishes a sense of professionalism and trust.

  • Lack of Maintenance and Updates

A neglected or outdated display can reflect poorly on your agency and give the impression of a lack of attention to detail. 

Regularly clean and maintain your window display to remain visually appealing and free of dust or damage. Additionally, update the display periodically to showcase new properties and stay current with market trends.

  • Poor Quality Graphics and Images

Utilizing low-quality graphics and images can diminish the overall impact of your display. Blurry or pixelated visuals can deter potential buyers and convey unprofessionalism. Invest in high-resolution images and pictures that accurately represent the properties and capture viewers’ attention.

  • Missing Contact Information

Refraining from including clear and visible contact information is a missed opportunity to connect with interested viewers. Ensure your agency’s phone number, website, and email address are displayed prominently. Potential buyers should be able to easily reach out to you for inquiries or to schedule viewings.

Why Choose Nseled for Your Window Display

When considering a window display for your business, Nseled stands out as a top choice for several compelling reasons:

Nseled is committed to providing excellent value for your investment. We offer competitive pricing on our window displays, ensuring affordability without compromising quality or customization options. 

We recognize the importance of working within your budget, and our transparent pricing structure enables you to achieve an impressive window display that aligns with your financial considerations.

Therefore, by choosing Nseled for your window display, you can trust that you’ll receive a superior product crafted with care, a wide range of design choices, personalized customization, expert guidance, and affordability. 

Similarly, our commitment to quality, versatility, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a reliable partner in enhancing your brand visibility and attracting customers through stunning window displays.

Why Choose Nseled for Your Window Display


  • How much does creating a real estate window display cost?

Generally, the cost of a real estate window display can range from $100 to $1000 for a professionally designed and executed window display.

Nonetheless, the cost of creating a real estate window display can vary based on size, complexity, materials, and labor costs in your area.

  • Where can I find real estate window display ideas?

To find real estate window display ideas, you can explore various sources such as online platforms, including websites, social media, and real estate blogs. 

Additionally, magazines, books, and industry publications may feature examples of effective window displays. Also, engaging with other real estate professionals or window display designers can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

  • How many window displays do you need for our real estate agency?

At a minimum, having one prominently displayed window display in your office can significantly impact.

However, the number of window displays needed for your real estate agent depends on factors such as the size of your agency, the number of properties available, and the foot traffic in your office.

  • How do real estate window displays attract customers?

Real estate window displays attract customers by increasing your office’s visibility and stimulating curiosity about the properties you have for sale. 

Therefore, a well-designed and captivating display can create a positive brand impression, instilling confidence in potential buyers and motivating them to contact your agency for further information or assistance with their real estate needs.

In a nutshell, by investing in an attractive, informative, and strategically placed window display, you can effectively draw the attention of potential customers, differentiate your agency from competitors, and increase the likelihood of generating leads and closing real estate transactions.

If you want to increase your rental sales and attract leads to your real estate business, Nseled got your problems sorted out. We offer personalized and high-quality real estate window displays tailored to your customer’s need for high ROI.

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