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NSE specializes in LED motion display production and sales. Our range of LED display products has a dynamic function, ultra-modern and high stability. Contact us immediately for your next LED motion display project.

  • Slim and light design
  • Smart and intelligent LED device
  • Stable performance and quality
  • Low power consumption

NSE LED Motion Display

NSE LED Full Motion Display is a dynamic backlit display LED animation screen with custom fabric graphics. Ideal for any trade show, advertisement, or retail environment. It used programmable pixel lighting in a portable ladder light-style array. To draw in customers, this display used high-quality animated motion created behind static dye-sublimation SEG graphics. Waterproof rating of IP68; simple to assemble and disassemble.

NSE has the complete LED solution for your needs. We offer numerous LED options to fit various project budgets. Specialized in the designing, engineering, and fabrication of high-performance LED Motion Displays. Our team guarantees well-manufactured LED displays with high brightness, high definition, excellent performance, and more. Send us your inquiries now!

LED Motion Display Series

  • Slim type design
  • Super high brightness
  • Waterproof
  • Effective terminal carrier
  • High-brightness outdoor power supplies
  • High transparency for great aesthetics
  • Weatherproof features
  • Improved advertising media
  • Brighter and clear enough under direct sunlight
  • High-intensity outdoor LEDs
  • Full matrix format small form factor display
  • High definition and high brightness
Truck LED Display
  • High-definition full-video display
  • Unique publicity advantages and effects.
  • Used for product promotions, political campaigns, weddings.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
3×3 Motion LED Wall Display
  • Programmable pixel backlighting
  • Custom printed SEG fabric graphic
  • Custom light animation
  • Versatile metal frame
3×7 Motion LED Backwall
  • Custom light animation
  • Integrated controller
  • Portable array of pixel ladder lights
  • Long-lasting metal frame with feet
7×7 Motion LED Backwall
  • High brightness and refresh rate
  • Dynamic animated display with programmable pixel backlighting.
  • Easy change of LED animations
10×7 Motion LED Lightbox
  • Energy efficient display
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, install
  • Stand out with creativity and surprising elements
  • Sensation & stopping power

Dynamic LED Motion Animation Lightbox
  • Amazing and eye-catching display
  • Easy-to-build dynamic lightbox
  • Effectively highlight your brand and message
  • Entertain your audience through fun and unique display
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NSE LED Motion Display Features

Full Certifications
Certified LED Solution

UL, CE, EMC, ETL, FCC certified LED motion display solutions.

Custom Solutions

We support customized screen color, size, side logo, and frame.

Simple Assembly
Easy Installation

Lightweight, complete accessories for easy installation and assembly.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Low maintenance LED solution that can save you cost for long-lasting use.

How LED Motion Display Works?

A static fabric graphic is draped over a transportable array of pixel ladder lights that are mounted inside a sturdy aluminum SEG frame. An integrated controller that is programmed by inserting an SD card with the desired animation program in the controller controls the pixel lights. After assembly, everything is plug-and-play, making changing LED animations simple. The SEG graphics are also easily interchangeable, which reduces the cost of changing the branding or product promotions.

LED Motion Display

High-Quality LED Motion Display Application

LED Motion Display can be used for various applications such as:

  • Informing the public
  • Stream live events
  • Promote companies and brand products
  • Make interior and exterior decorations

LED Motion Display Innovative Advantages

NSE can deliver the high-end LED motion display that provides clearer motion with backlight blinking. High performance, commercial grade LED display.

  • High resolution
  • Provide powerful interactivity
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Custom light animation
  • Dynamic animated display
  • Bring your visual to life
  • Custom light animation


LED Motion Display Advantages

LED Motion Display Reliable Manufacturer

LED motion display supplier - NSE

NSE provides LED motion displays using durable aluminum materials and accessories. We guarantee consistent quality and performance over time. Custom LED modules are used to assemble our LED displays. The excellent screen ratio of these displays ensures vibrant colors, clear videos, and high-quality images.

As a leading manufacturer in China, NSE offers a range of LED motion display screen patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. Weatherproof and protective design is guaranteed by our design team. You can be sure that all LED displays are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It follows strict quality control and passed various certifications such as CE, UL, FCC, and more.

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Boost Your Advertising and Branding

Your branding and advertising must stand out in the dynamic world of today with originality and unexpected elements. It’s crucial to manage your money well without sacrificing creativity and uniqueness. The LED motion screen offers an infinite number of possibilities. You can give the exact same graphic a completely amazing look by simply altering the content and emphasizing certain parts of your advertising. Make it extraordinary, memorable, and instagramable.

Choose NSE LED Standee Display (2)
  • We help you locate the appropriate hardware, printed graphics, and animation.
  • Integrated power administration
  • LED display with multi-layer capability and day and night modes.
  • Make sure delivery is preceded by rigorous quality control and inspection.
  • Custom packaging, shape, white light and RGB LED lighting, etc. Affordable LED solution.

Custom LED Motion Display for Your Project

Animated Wall LED Display
  • Can program them from anywhere
  • Creative and limitless viewing possibilities
  • Greater profitability LED display
Free Standing Animated LED Display
  • User-friendly and environmentally friendly
  • Offer unbeatable definition and color range
  • High level of illumination power
  • Energy efficient, low maintenance
  • Deliver better viewing angles
  • Used for indoor or outdoor applications



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