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Creative LED Advertising

The LED creative screen is unique and novel. Dynamic advertisements can be presented on the 360-degree ring screen, as well as scrolling text messages and static text, time, etc. The display can be updated instantly. In addition, other static billboards or light boxes can be added around the base of the display, making it a combination of dynamic and static display media that attracts visitors to stop and admire and watch, thus enhancing the advertising effect.
Rental of LED Poster at Australia Exhibition
Product:Digital LED posterSize: 576*1920mmLocation: Australia Hot-selling product Digital LED Poster which are widely use in various exhibition for the enterprises to display the product better in the exhibition, and attract more and more customer’s eyes. The reasons of why LED... Read More
Changsha Bank of China Flexible LED Display
Product: Flexible led displayLocation: Changsha China The 360 degree LED display screen, also known as the circular full color LED display screen, is different from the current ordinary flat LED display. It is a brand new visual experience with no... Read More
Guangxi Flexible LED Display Case
Product: Flexible led displayLocation: Guangxi China The high resolution of the LED cylindrical screen allows for excellent picture quality. The energy-saving and front maintenance design not only saves production costs, but also reduces maintenance costs when in use. The LED display... Read More
Flexible LED Display in Dubai Mall
Product: Flexible led displayLocation: Dubai The 360 degree cylindrical full color LED display is thin, lightweight, with extremely high pixel density, which is mounted on a curved surface and saves installation costs, allowing for a wide range of screen shapes.... Read More
Guangdong Dongguan Restaurant Flexible LED Display
Product: Flexible led displayLocation: Guangdong Dongguan The 360 degree multi-screen cylindrical LED display is incomparable to the traditional flat panel LED display. It adopts the rotating scanning mechanism and precise space-time combination control technology. It is a new favourite for... Read More
Canada Flexible LED Display
Product: Flexible LED DisplayLocation: Canada LED cylindrical screens are widely used in various science halls, exhibition rooms, hotels, and other places. It can play video, graphic, and image programs at will. It also broadcasts various information in a real-time, synchronized... Read More
Kazakhstan Circle LED Display
Product: P8 Circle LED DisplaySize: 600*600mmLocation: Kazakhstan The circular screen is a circle-shaped LED display customized to the site and customer requirements for text, picture, video, and another information playback.It is used in stage, studio, hotel, airport, street light advertising,... Read More