• Wall Mounted Smart Display (1)
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  • Wall Mounted Smart Display (1)
  • Wall Mounted Smart Display (2)
  • Wall Mounted Smart Display (3)

Wall-Mounted LED Display

  • LED wall-mounted display is a high-tech display device that has been widely used in recent years.
  • With high clarity, stable quality, long life span, and flexible display functions, it is very suitable for the broadcasting of text, graphics, and multimedia programs.

Front or Rear Serviceability

Front maintenance and post-maintenance. Maintenance is fast and convenient. Each cabinet’s electronics and data control is easily accessible from either the front or rear of the display. The wall-mounted led display gives you more freedom for installations.Front or Rear Serviceability


LED displays are mainly used to generate profits when broadcasting advertising. If power consumption is too high, it will lose profitability. as the operating cost would be too expensive.

NSE wall-mounted digital display uses special power-saving technology. Making it a cost-effective investment that will lead to big savings.Energy-efficient

Extra Wide Viewing Angle

The wall-mounted smart display used no seams, extra-wide viewing angle, uniform brightness, and colorlessness. This is simply the maximum horizontal angle (180 degrees would be completely sideways), so you can still see a clear and bright picture

Extra Wide Viewing Angle

Pixel Pitch Range

NSE provides a range of pixel pitches starting from 2.5mm to 6mm wall mounted smart display. The wall-mounted digital display will be suitable for your different applications.

Pixel Pitch Range

Low maintenance

The long lifetime of LEDs reduces the need to replace failed lamps. and this can lead to significant savings, particularly in the cost of sending out maintenance crews.

And compared to the traditional LED display. NSE wall-mounted led display energy saving is reflected very well, low power, and more significant effect. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is the first element to have.Low maintenance

Wall Mounted LED Display

A wall-mounted LED display is an LED display that features a wall mounting system. Wall mounting is a frame or bracket that you can install on the wall and then mount your LED display.

The mounting plays a great role in holding the LED display per desired angle, position, and form.

Various Wall Mountings for LED Display

A variety of wall mountings for wall-mounted LED displays exist. Find information on the key ones in the following section:

Fixed Bracket Wall Mount

A fixed bracket wall mount is a wall mount that resists movement. It does not allow you to move your LED display. The fixed bracket wall mount comprises a single bracket. The bracket features two holdings for safety lock purposes. The metal blocks or rods hold the LED display over it.


The main application areas of the Wall mounted LED Display is

  • Boardrooms, meeting spaces, and classrooms
  • Hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces
  • Living room and home theater


You can find the following sizes in the Fixed bracket wall mount LED display. Besides, this option exists to order custom sizes.

Sr. No. Length Height Load Bearing Capacity LED Display Size
1 280 190 50 kg 14 into 42 inch
2 350 150 75 to 100 kg 42 into 75 in
3 400 180 100 to 150 kg 75 into 100 in
4 500 200 100 to 200 kg 100in and above



Multiple benefits you can enjoy with the fixed wall mounts.

  • High gauge metal sheets ensure better rigid and toughness
  • Resist corrosion and rust in the long run, and appearance remains intact
  • Safety locks prevent movement or falling off your wall-mounted LED Display
  • Super convenient to install
  • High load bearability makes this fixed wall mount LED display desirable

Push Rail Wall Mount

The push rail wall mount is a type of mount that enables the movement of your LED display. There are different types of push rail mount exists. Some allow the pushing towards left or right horizontally while some vertically up and down. This mounting will enable you to adjust the position of your LED display. The base bracket remains fixed, and the other moving brackets or rails move over the base bracket.

Push Rail Wall MountApplication

The areas in which you can utilize this mounting are here for your consideration:

  • Big hallways allow it to cater to a large audience
  • News or multimedia vicinities to keep the audience informed of current happenings
  • In strengthening the brand awareness relevant to competitors
  • Retail shops to keep the visitors informed of the latest and in-demand products


Uncover the key sizes you can get in the push rail type wall mounting right in the table below:

Sr. No. Length Height Load Bearing Capacity LED Display Size
1 200 150 25 kg 24 into 40 inch
2 275 200 25 to 50 kg 40 into 50 in
3 350 225 50 to 100 kg 50 into 75 in
4 500 300 100 to 150 kg 75 in and above



  • Resist weathering impact, and thus contribute to longevity and better efficiency
  • Steel construction makes it rigorous and strong
  • Overall lightweight, you can easily handle this type of mount
  • The cable hiding system prevents a cluttery appearance and adds up seamless installation

Wall Mount Push-In/Out

As the name suggests, the push railwall mount is a wall mount that you can push in or push out. The multibrackets and back support provide a cushioning effect. Apart from this, you can also adjust sideways or bottom, or top ways. It offers you complete flexibility with your LED Display.

Push in push out wall mountApplication

A Plethora of uses exists for the push wall mount LED Display.

  • You can use it for teaching students in classrooms
  • Within homes for entertainment purposes
  • In malls, for advertising
  • People who have eyesight issues can use this mounting to make an LED display closer in various vicinities


The sizes in push wall mount are many. Key sizes highlights include:

Sr. No. Length Height Load Bearing Capacity LED Display Size
1 393 393 25 kg 32 into 55 inch
2 439 439 50 kg 55 into 75 in
3 500 500 50 to 75 kg 75 into 85 in
4 565 565 75 to 100 kg 100 in and above

You can custom order your personalized size if you have any size not in the above table.


Benefits such as these contribute to the worth of push wall mounts for LED displays.

  • You can either mount your LED display in portrait or landscape formation
  • Knobs allow you to deal with adjustments without employing any tool
  • Epoxy paint over a heavy-duty structure made of iron makes it last longer
  • Supports multiple configurations for wall mount
  • The cable management system makes it a viable solution for LED displays

Hover Grid Wall Mount

The hover grid wall mount consists of multiple frames that you can interlock to form a grid. Doing so will allow you to mount numerous LED displays on a single wall. The hover grid will enable you to mount eight panels vertically, and no limit on the number of meetings in horizontal directions. It is suitable when you want to cover a large audience. This panel features fly video technology.

Hover Grid wall MountApplications

  • You can use them in training and educational facilities
  • Options exist to put them in art galleries and museums to boost the immersive experience
  • Command centers and control rooms can utilize this grid to smooth out surveillance and security
  • You can also use the hover grid for home theaters, theaters, and entertainment purposes


Various sizes exist when it comes to the hover grid wall mount, such as:

Sr. No. Formation Orientation No. of Panels
1 1 × 2 Portrait 2
2 1 × 4 Landscape 4
3 2 × 2 Landscape 4
4 2 × 2 Portrait 4
5 3 × 3 Landscape 9
6 3 × 3 Portrait 9
7 4 × 4 Landscape 16
8 4 × 3 Portrait 12
9 5 × 5 Landscape 25

Please note the length and width of the LED display panel decides the size of the individual frame. You can find the same frame size regardless of the size of your LED display.


  • The powder coat finishing add up to the overall life of the mounting display
  • You can save a lot of space by mounting it on the wall directly
  • Crowded areas can experience a better viewing experience
  • The hover grid LED mounting display features precise installation and positioning

Grid Link Wall Mount

The grid link wall mount is one in which grids feature a solid linkage. The weight of this grid is slightly higher than that of the Hover grid. You can easily fix any number of LED display panels you want. It features seamless installation to cater to a remarkable experience for the audience.

Grid Link Wall MountApplication

  • Grid link wall mount serves best for various sports arenas, including hockey, football, cricket, volleyball, etc.
  • You can utilize them at various transportation hubs, including bus stands, airports, and railways, to offer the latest information
  • Gird link wall mount allows you to offer news updates in certain vicinities
  • For branding, you can utilize them for event updates, menus, promotions, etc.


The sizes of this mounting are as follows, which are pretty similar to that you use in the hover grid. You can enjoy complete freedom in choosing any size of an LED or any size of the grid link frame.

Sr. No. Formation

(panel × panel)

Orientation No. of Panels
1 1 × 2 Portrait 2
2 1 × 4 Landscape 4
3 2 × 2 Landscape 4
4 2 × 2 Portrait 4
5 3 × 3 Landscape 9
6 3 × 3 Portrait 9
7 4 × 4 Landscape 16
8 4 × 3 Portrait 12
9 5 × 5 Landscape 25



  • You can quickly install or uninstall at a faster pace when you have a grid link wall mount
  • The alignment and fit that the grid link wall mount offer is incredible
  • Grid link wall mounting resists any movement because of rigid support
  • The reliability of this mounting over the long run is unquestionable

Full Motion LED Display Mount

As the term describes, this mounting facilitates the complete motion of the LED Display. You can move it horizontally left or right and vertically up and down. You can adjust the angle of the LED display as per your requirement. Different configurations in wall mountings feature full motion. When you have this mounting, it does not limit your sitting.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display (3)Application

  • You can use full motion LED display in the dining room
  • Full-motion LED displays can serve better in meeting rooms
  • Doctors can use it to guide the patients and display their turn
  • In the bedroom, you can mount your LED display to entertain yourself better


A bundle of sizes (similar in the table below) regarding full-motion wall mounting for LED display. Get familiar with the key ones:

Sr. No. Length Height Load Bearing Capacity LED Display Size
1 200 mm 100 mm 25 kg 37 in
2 200 mm 200 mm 40 kg 43 in
3 200 mm 300 mm 50 kg 50 in
4 200 mm 400 mm 55 kg 55 in
5 300 mm 200 mm 60 kg 60 in
6 300 mm 300 mm 75 kg 65 in
7 400 mm 200 mm 80 kg 70 in
8 400 mm 300 mm 85 kg 75 in
9 400 mm 400 mm 90 kg 80 in
10 500 mm 300 mm 100 kg 85 in
11 600 mm 200 mm 125 kg 90 in
12 600 mm 400 mm 150 kg 100 in



  • Heavy-duty steel ensures better articulation and supports the overall weight of the particular display effectively
  • Higher flexibility in moving angles when you are using this LED display.
  • Super fast and easy installation, which requires less than 30 minutes from your side
  • No tripping hazard or risk, the full motion LED display offers you with clutter-free experience

Tilted Wall Mount

The tilted wall mount supports you to watch the LED display in a diagonal direction. It provides a better view by inclining the TV at a certain angle. This mounting is especially useful for lower seating areas. You can enjoy a better viewing experience and zero glare at such an angle. It does not make your TV fall. Rather it holds your TV intact.


  • You can utilize this tilt mounting to double up your gaming experience.
  • Tilted wall mounts serve for digital signage in malls and hotels
  • You can use them in café or food centers to display menus effectively
  • Tilted wall mounts help best for receptions on various vicinities to provide users with essential information


A variety of sizes, as below, caters to your needs when it comes to the tilted wall mount:

Sr. No. Length Height Load Bearing Capacity LED Display Size
1 100 mm 100 mm 33 lb 25 in
2 200 mm 200 mm 44 lb 39 in
3 400 mm 400 mm 88 lb 55 in
4 600 mm 400 mm 132 lb 80 in



  • Except for the stand mountings, you can save a lot of space when you have tilted wall mounting
  • The tilted design adds up to the overall ergonomics. It plays a great role in reducing strain and fatigue. Rather it boosts comfort.
  • Provides you with a sufficient place on the back to hide the unnecessary wires that add up to a cluttery interface
  • The modern and minimalist design adds up to the overall aesthetics of the tilted wall mounting

Single Stud Wall Mount

As the name reflects, the single stud wall mount comprises only one stud. This allows you super convenience to install it anywhere in the room. An option exists even to install it within the corners. This mount comes in two forms, one with limited and one with full motion.

Single Stud Wall MountApplication

  • You can use it within shops to maximize awareness of your product and offers
  • Single-stud wall mounts can exhibit valuable information in museums
  • In command rooms, you can use it to monitor the activities of employees and different operations


The following table contains a list of different sizes that you can get for your single stud wall mount:

Sr. No. Length Height Load Bearing Capacity LED Display Size
1 17.07 in 16.14 in 80 lb 26 – 55 in
2 9.61 in 6.22 in 44 lb 13 – 42 in
3 25.75 in 17.12 in 132 lb 37 – 80 in
4 21.27 in 21.77 in 150 lb 32 – 86 in
  16.03 in 8.78 in 100 lb 12 – 40 in



  • In credibly rigorous and tough construction featuring steel
  • Features a piano finish in black that resist different weathering impacts
  • A plate that accentuates the beauty of the particular vicinity
  • Superior cabling management when you get a single stud wall mount
  • Offers you with above 15 degrees of tilt

Studless Wall Mount

As the term studless in studless wall mount reflects, it has no stud. It is simply a horizontal hanger that needs no drilling or screwing. You can just by utilizing nails mount it to your wall. Don’t worry, as this can support high loads. It is compact and unnoticeable once installed.


  • You can mount LED panels on it to help people find the right way or direction in particular places
  • In various business vicinities, you can use it for collaboration and conduct conferences
  • You can deploy your LED display panel with a studless wall mount anywhere inside your home

The rest of the studless wall mount application is similar to the applications mentioned above for various wall mountings.


Many sizes exist for studless wall mounts, and you can choose anyone.

Sr. No. Length




Load Bearing Capacity
1 200 mm 100 mm 25 kg
2 200 mm 200 mm 40 kg
3 200 mm 300 mm 50 kg
4 200 mm 400 mm 55 kg
5 300 mm 200 mm 60 kg
6 300 mm 300 mm 75 kg
7 400 mm 200 mm 80 kg
8 400 mm 300 mm 85 kg
9 400 mm 400 mm 90 kg
10 500 mm 300 mm 100 kg
11 600 mm 200 mm 125 kg
12 600 mm 400 mm 150 kg


  • Prevent the LED display having a size of 25 to 55 inches from falling
  • Features installation in walls of almost any type, concrete, bricks, wood, etc.
  • This mounting stand does not damage the walls on which you are mounting it
  • There is no additional experience or skills you need to carry out the studless wall mount installation


This article aimed to highlight every type of wall mount for your LED display in the market. Each mounting type has its features and benefits. You can choose anyone depending on your needs and suitability. Suppose you find the information in this article useful and helpful. Then spread the word about it with your colleagues and on social media.

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Do you offer free spare parts when place an order?

Yes, we always support free spare parts for all of our LED products. For the wall-mounted LED display, we offer 3-4% spare parts for fast and easy maintenance. Especially LED modules, power supply, and receiving cards.

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