Wall Mounted Smart Display

Wall-mounted LED Display180 degrees would be completely sideways

Stable Performance Taxi LED Display with Low Power Consumption

Front or Rear Serviceability

Front maintenance and post-maintenance. Maintenance is fast and convenient. Each cabinet’s electronics and data control is easily accessible from either the front or rear of the display. The wall-mounted led display gives you more freedom for installations.Front or Rear Serviceability



LED displays are mainly used to generate profits when broadcasting advertising. If power consumption is too high, it will lose profitability. as the operating cost would be too expensive.

NSE wall-mounted digital display uses special power-saving technology. Making it a cost-effective investment that will lead to big savings.Energy-efficient

Extra Wide Viewing Angle

The wall-mounted smart display used no seams, extra-wide viewing angle, uniform brightness, and colorlessness. This is simply the maximum horizontal angle (180 degrees would be completely sideways), so you can still see a clear and bright pictureExtra Wide Viewing Angle

Pixel Pitch Range

NSE provides a range of pixel pitches starting from 2.5mm to 6mmWall mounted smart display. The wall-mounted digital display will be suitable for your different applications.Pixel Pitch Range

Low maintenance

The long lifetime of LEDs reduces the need to replace failed lamps. and this can lead to significant savings, particularly in the cost of sending out maintenance crews.

And compared to the traditional LED display. NSE wall-mounted led display energy saving is reflected very well, low power, and more significant effect. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is the first element to have.Low maintenance

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