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Truck LED Display

Truck LED Display

You must have come across a truck that has a big screen attached on its back or embedded on its side showing adverts or random images. If you have, then that was probably a truck LED display.

A truck LED display is simply a truck with a big LED screen installed on its back or the sides of its body structure. These big screens are used for advertising purposes, communication, film, or even for concerts.

They are the most flexible form of advertisement available, and good utilization of them will see your business margins increase.

Where to Use Truck Mobile LED Display

There are numerous ways you can utilize your truck’s mobile LED display. The uses can include but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor information display: Truck mobile LED displays are very ideal for outdoor information displays such as a rallying point and also to give information about an ongoing event.
  • Event and product advertisement: If you want a flexible way of advertising, you cannot go wrong with truck LED displays. They are advantageous because you can custom-make different advertisements to show at different locations.
  • Mobile stage background: Truck mobile LED displays are also used as stage backgrounds in outdoor concerts or musicals. They are a perfect component in keeping the audience engaged.
  • Live events: Truck mobile LED displays are also used to display live events such as football tournaments, political gatherings, religious gatherings, and such events.Truck P5 LED DisplayThe main advantages in the LED displays include:
    • You can use truck mobile LED displays for all form of adverts including communication and concerts.
    • Truck LED screens have very extensive coverage compared to other traditional advertisement methods such as billboards.
    • Truck LED screens are very adaptable. It has a bright LED module that is adjustable depending on the time of day.
    • The trailer LED display is simple to install, operate, and maintain. Most come equipped with control systems that are simple to use and configure.
    • They are easy to diversify and configure depending on specific audiences and customer needs.

Types of Truck LED Display

When it comes to truck LED display:

Embedded Truck LED Display

An embedded truck LED display is a type of LED display that is attached to the body of the truck. The LED screen is connected to the body of the truck either on one side or on both open sides of the truck.

Trailer LED display

They are usually huge compared to normal-size truck LED displays.Safety Guaranteed Truck LED Display

Mounted truck LED display

Mounted truck LED displays are display screens mounted on trucks and are supported by hydraulics, pillars, or columns. They are flexible and easily adjustable in terms of height and screen size.

Safety Guaranteed Truck LED Display1

Concert Truck LED Screen

Concert truck LED screens are trucks equipped with huge LED displays and are used for concerts or live music events.Truck P3 LED Display

Double-Sided Truck LED Display

These are truck LED displays that are mounted on the chassis of a truck and can be viewed on both sides. They can be configured to show the same image or video or different videos on both sides.

Rotating Truck Mobile LED Display

Rotating truck LED displays are LED displays that can rotate 360 degrees while showing high-definition images and videos. Although they are not popular, they are slowly becoming mainstream in mobile truck LED display advertising.

Factors to Consider in Truck LED Display

Some of the factors that you should consider when buying a truck LED display include:

LED Display Truck Nits Brightness

Nits are a unit of measurement used to measure brightness intensity. LED display trucks usually have a high Nit count to keep the image resolution stable given the fact that the video or image is on a mobile unit.

The higher the Nit for a truck LED screen the better the image resolution. An effective truck LED display should have at least a Nit of between 5000nit and 6000nit.

Source of Power for LED Truck Display

The source of power is a very essential component to consider before buying a LED display for your truck. Some of the considerations you should put in mind when choosing a power source include the:

  • Screen resolution
  • Brightness level
  • Pixel pitch
  • Screen size
  • Refresh rate
  • Color

Some of the sources of power for truck LED displays that you should consider include:

  • Gasoline or diesel generator
  • Lithium battery
  • Solar powered batteries
  • Power supply cables when immobile

LED Truck Display Mounting Option

You should ensure that the truck LED display is mounted firmly on your truck. This is essential because the display will be moving from one location to another on top of a truck and thus should be steady enough.

The mounting option for the LED truck display should be easy, first, and meet the set standards. Some of the mounting options include embedding, hanging, and installing on adjustable hydraulic stands, pillars, or cables.

IP Rating for LED Display Outdoor Truck

IP rating for LED display outdoor trucks is an important aspect to consider because of the nature of its use. Given the fact that it is used outdoors and also exposed to harsh weather conditions such as dust and rain, truck LED displays should strictly adhere to IP standards.

The best IP rating for an LED display outdoor truck is an IP rating of IP65 on the front and IP68 on the back which will make the LED display both dustproof and waterproof.

Size of Truck Mobile LED Display

The size of the truck’s mobile LED screen will determine its price and also the available configurations. Size is also essential when it comes to choosing the size of the truck to attach the LED display outdoor truck on.

Pixel Pitch for Truck-Mounted LED Display

To get high-definition images for your truck-mounted LED display, you should consider display screens with a pixel pitch of between 3.91mm to 8mm depending on the screen size.

Truck LED Display Viewing Angle

Both the vertical and horizontal viewing angles should be at least 140 degrees for audience viewing comfort.

Lifting System in LED Advertising Display Truck

When buying LED advertising displays, it is important to consider the height you want the screen to be lifted. Although hydraulic lifts are widely used, there are other lifting techniques and systems you can employ.

Some of the alternative lifting systems include adjustable pillars and columns adjustable steel cables, portable columns, scissor lifts, and manual winch.

New Trends in Mobile Truck LED Display

The mobile truck LED display is a fast-involving industry with innovations coming out constantly. This makes it important that you keep up to date with new and emerging technologies and trends.

There are some common trends mobile truck LED display screens include:

  • Virtual reality
  • Full front accessible truck display
  • 4K and 8K display
  • Higher screen display
  • Flexible LED panels
  • 3D outdoor LED screen
  • Augmented reality (AR)


Truck LED display is an emerging alternative to billboards when it comes to advertising. If you are in the advertising industry, this is the best time to opt-in and boost your business.

The good news is that there is a wide range of product portfolios to choose from and also room for you to customize your truck LED display according to your needs.

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