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Match LED Display

Outdoor digital LED billboards provide match with the opportunity to participate. and notify visitors the moment they enter.

Make the atmosphere hot at the match

Video technology and digital signage systems can play a key role in creating a dynamic environment. For the audience to access real-time match information.
In order to stimulate the passion of the audience. A huge video wall is used to broadcast the events on the scene to make the atmosphere even hotter.
The display improves the audience experience while increasing the profits of the venue by increasing advertising revenue.
By adding architectural elements that can change the whole space. Such as hanging or wall-mounted solution, which looks more spacious.
NSE offers a variety of pixels and performance stable display solutions to ensure video reliability and good image display.
NSELED’s experienced solution team works with customers to create the final customized LED display solution.
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Using digital signage to spread match field information

NSE – Leading Stadium LED Screen Supplier in China
Excellent Stadium Advertising

The display of panels can transform venues. from motivating fans to provide additional revenue opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. Bright, vibrant LED ribbon displays offer wide viewing Angle and slim shape. NSE can provide a variety of LED display solutions according to customer requirements to ensure reliability and good service.

Outdoor screens can greet fans on the road by placing digital LED poster at match entrances and parking lots. From fan engagement to wayfinding to ticketing information and advertising opportunities. Outdoor digital LED billboards provide match with the opportunity to participate. and notify visitors the moment they enter.


match2-1 Center-expand display

The use of multiple large LED screens, with the widest perspective to provides the clearest image. So that the audience can enjoy the clear and vivid imagination effect even without facing the stage screen.

match2-2 Infiltrate advertising

Outdoor stadium LED screens provide sharp, vivid images and high contrast images. That can be clearly displayed even in direct sunlight, ensuring the stability of the information displayed inside the stadium.

match2-3 Outdoor promotion

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match2 -4 Hanging installation

Mount the suspension display from the center to the terminal board. To meet the needs of any scorecard application. And provide important scoring information with superior image quality.

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