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NSE manufacture easy to assemble and disassemble perimeter LED display. Lightweight and easy to transport with our quick power and signal connectors. Design with independent back support that is movable to ensure the object’s stability and the viewing angles.

  • CE, EMC, ETL, FCC certified
  • IP65 Rating
  • 12 months warranty
  • High-end performance

NSE Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED displays are an incredible advertising media tool primarily used to broadcast brand and television commercials. Different stadium sizes use this display. It can be installed in both indoor and outdoor sports events. It can alter color temperature and change colors dynamically. They have a strong compact design and are environmentally friendly communication devices widely used nowadays. Offer strong and visualized impact, easy power, and data connections. It provides easy installation and software setup, long viewing distance, and wide viewing angle.

NSE manufacture stable performance and long lifetime perimeter LED display. We have 10+ years of manufacturing experience, automatic manufacturing lines, and strict quality control. You can ensure a high-quality perimeter LED display made from a die-casting aluminum cabinet. Message us for your orders!

P4 Perimeter LED Display

P4 Perimeter LED display has a front access maintenance mode. Offers a wide viewing angle, and can display video, image & text, market display, etc.

P5 Perimeter LED Display

P5 Perimeter LED display is IP65 grade rating compliance, 104*69*115cm dimensions, full color, and high-brightness.

P6 Perimeter LED Display

Easy to move and install P6 Perimeter LED display ideal for outdoor rental and outdoor fixed installation. Durable and long-lasting performance.

P8 Perimeter LED Display

Excellent 960X960mm die-cast aluminum cabinet design, high waterproof level suitable for outdoor installations.

P10 Perimeter LED Display

P10 Perimeter LED display is designed with a 1920HZ refresh rate. Designed for stadium perimeter ads, rental and fixed installation.

P16 Perimeter LED Display

Offer dual backup, high refresh, quick lock & fast assembly. Custom P16 perimeter LED display based on your request.

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Why Choose NSE Perimeter LED Display

High Performance
High Performance

Long lifespan product that effectively display or advertise your brand.


Strong, easy to transport, and easy to set up due to lightweight features.

Perfect Visual Effect
Perfect Visual Effect

High brightness, high refresh rate, high contrast, and high grey scale.


IP65 waterproof – suitable for outdoor applications. Durable and protected display.

NSE Perimeter LED Display Innovative Features

  • Protection design – Our display utilizes a soft mask design and a soft pillow on top to protect the players. Greatly lowering the possibility of injury.
  • Refresh rate – At least a high refresh rate of up to 3840HZ. High-definition images and videos are perfectly provided by this display.
  • Adjustable back support – The perimeter LED display is fitted with an independent support bracket that is also adjustable. It allows for a wider audience reach and the largest advertising display.
  • Strong Die casting aluminum cabinet – Lighter, thinner, more precise, higher dissipation, sturdy, and weatherproof design.
  • Independent RCD Protection – RCDs make the system completely safe to operate by defending it against overcurrent, short circuits, and leakage currents.
Perimeter LED Display - NSE
Perimeter LED Display - NSE

Perimeter LED Display Wide Applications

The perimeter LED display can use for various outdoor and indoor sports games including:

  • Ice hockey games
  • Skating games
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor football
  • Gymnastics
  • Outdoors football, etc.

Why Use LED Display for Perimeter Advertising?

The perimeter LED screen has numerous online and offline advertising distribution channels. The audience can watch the sports perimeter LED screens on-site, or they can watch them live on television or social media, among other platforms. The perimeter LED screen can be transmitted indefinitely and anywhere thanks to the multiple communication channels. Frequently being seen in the impressive advertising display, which raises consumer satisfaction with advertising and rates of repurchase.

  • An effective technique to promote any product
  • Offers and discounts displayed on perimeter boards
  • Supporting social networks through perimeter marketing
  • Hashtags can act as the foundation of a thorough marketing plan
Perimeter LED Display - NSE

Leading Perimeter LED Display Supplier - NSE

Perimeter LED Display - NSE
Perimeter LED Display - NSE

NSE has been focused on perimeter LED display manufacturing for more than 10 years. We specialized in the unique R&D, production and sales of various LED display widely used for advertising. Each LED cabinet is made from durable and strong die-casting aluminum. Can be installed in a circle around the entire stadium. Built with individual support legs behind for alone standing. It has a soft mask and top impact cushion to prevent players from injury. These products comply to IP65 weatherproof standard, protected from dust, water and grass clippings.

With advanced manufacturing machines and techniques, NSE can developed innovative design perimeter LED display. Cost-effective, fast lead time, and quick delivery. You can purchase any quantity for your project. Contact us today!

Perimeter LED Display - NSE

NSE Perimeter LED displays are installed in stadiums by businesses and organizations that own sporting venues. Based on the activity and your needs, the modular design of the LED perimeter screens can lighten the area. In order to advertise the advertisers and their marketing strategies, you can place displays on either end of the space. The following factors should be taken into account when selecting the proper perimeter display:

  • Consider the environment
  • Choose the Correct Size
  • Pay attention to LED Screen’s Brightness
Perimeter LED Display - NSE

NSE is a professional perimeter LED display provider in China for more than 10 years. We support full customization and installation for your orders.

  • Set up a rigorous quality control system.
  • Provides a wide range of complete LED display products.
  • Technical support for hardware and software 24/7
  • Passed certification tests for quality assurance standards such as ROHS, ETL, UL, FCC, and CE.
  • Offers clients long-term after-sale support and free installation training courses.

Perimeter LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

Advertising Agency

Perimeter LED display has good advertising effect. It become a project favored by advertising agencies. Broadcast methods include:

  • online live broadcast
  • offline viewing
  • recording
  • social media
International Brand
  • Perimeter LED display attracts well-known brands worldwide.
  • It helps to improve brand awareness, brand charm, and attractiveness.
  • Effectively promote the development of the brand.
Stadium Owner
  • In order to increase additional revenue, stadium organizers can install a perimeter LED screen in the stadium.
  • This will draw more brands to broadcast their advertisements through the perimeter LED screen.
  • Virtually attract a lot of live audiences
Model Type P10
Pixel pitch 10mm
Destiny 10000  Dots/M2
LED Type SMD3535
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Module size 320x160mm
Module Resolution 32*16 pixel
Cabinet Dimension 960x960mm
Cabinet Resolution 96×96 pixel
Case Material Aluminum
Weight 25kg
Drive mode 1/4 scan
Viewing Distance ≥10m
Brightness 7000  cd/m²
Viewing Angle 140°(H) 140°(V)
Refresh rate ≥1920 HZ
Input voltage 110V / 240V
Maximum Power Consumption 650W
Average Power Consumption 110W
Control method: Synchronous
Temperature Operating (℃) -40°~+75°
Working Humidity 10%–95%RH
IP Rating IP65
Application Outdoor
Certificate CE/ROHS/FCC
What digital signage signals are the perimeter LED panels compatible with?

The perimeter LED display is compatible with standard digital signage signals, common understanding of the interface. Eg: COM DVI VGA PCI RJ45.

What is the lifetime of our LED screens?

The lifetime for our LED screens is over 100,000 hours, but it depends on how the client is taking care of his LED screen and how it is used.

Can I program outdoor stadium LED screen remotely?

Remote programming of your displays can be achieved by installing third party digital signage software. You may want to check out digital signage as a free option.

Is content management software available for NSE stadium LED screen?

Yes, we can provide content management software for your stadium LED screen.

What is the warranty on the LED panels?

The warranty is 2 years parts and labor on all of our products. Additional warranty terms can be negotiated during the sales process.

Perimeter LED Display Advantages


Slim and Lightweight Design

The perimeter LED display is designed with aluminum frame. LED cabinet weight is only 25kg, 40% lighter than the traditional LED cabinets. Ultra-slim with thickness of only 120mm. Perimeter LED display can be used for rental, perimeter, and fixed installation. Its multi-function design makes the screen suitable for a variety of occasions.

Slim and Ligh Weight Design


Independent Support Structure, Multiple-angle Adjustment

Outdoor stadium LED display can be adjusted angle back brackets of the screen. Users can adjust the best display viewing again for the audience through the bracket, so as to achieve a wider viewing Angle, reach more audience, and bring more sports enjoyment and advertising revenue.

LED perimeter LED screen can be transformed into square solid screens after removing adjustable ground supports and protective foam bumpers. It can be used for truss hanging, stacking on the ground, and wall installation. And perimeter wall display, which is convenient to set up and can save time and installation costs.

Independent Support Structure, Multiple-angle Adjustment

Anticollision Design with Soft Mask

Perimeter wall display adopts soft material on the LED module surface and rubber protector for top of perimeter LED cabinet. Which can eliminate external impact. The soft mold mask protects athletes from injuries caused by accidental collisions with outdoor display screens.
Anticollision Design with Soft Mask

Outdoor High Brightness and Waterproof

Stadium LED screen has a lot more brightness than its indoor counterpart enabling. It made using SMT technology making them are sturdy, and durable. and they have excellent picture quality to deliver vibrant images even in direct sunlight. Besides outdoor LED screen are rugged with IP65. which makes them withstand adverse weather conditions and deliver vibrant quality output.

Outdoor High Brightness and Waterproof

Fast and Easy to Assembling

Outdoor stadium LED display can be quickly assembled by quick lock, easy to install, peripheral LED display can be quickly connected to 2 cabinets within 10 seconds. CNC high-precision processing, seamless stitching. Not having a tool request saves installation time and can even be done quickly without professionals.

Fast and Easy to Assembling

Perimeter LED display


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