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Have no idea about the full color led display?

How can LED screen benefit your event?

Nobody would totally enjoy an event if sitting in the nosebleed section. The led screen advertising is diverse in type. That is why event planners always has an led screen advertising as a part of all of their events, to make every seat a good seat
In many cases, led screen walls used for events can be used as temporary billboards. You can use big screen videos led to show sponsor company information and videos between banquets. which may help you attract more sponsors
It is difficult for a static billboard to attract the attention of the audience for a long time. The led screen wall can play videos to bring more dynamic elements to the gathering. thereby enhancing the atmosphere of the event
When event planners design the venue. they need to take into account the visual issues of the audience. and sometimes they may be restricted due to viewing distance and angle. If there is an big screen video led on-site, things can be easier
Creating a dynamic event is not an easy thing. Though you have a great vision most importantly, you need to find the right tool to achieve it. The excellent nature ensures they can adapt to different venue designs. And make your fantasy a reality.
Creating a dynamic event is not an easy thing. Though you have a great vision most importantly, you need to find the right tool to achieve it. The excellent nature ensures they can adapt to different venue design. And make your fantasy a reality.
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Have no idea about the full color led display? See how NSE provides you help.

Have you found that more and more led screen wall has been used in banquets in recent years, and the types have also tended to diversify? If you are still hesitant to learn more about full wall led screen, now is the best time!

In NSE, whether you are a large-scale banquet planning company or an end-user. you can always find the led screen advertising solution for your banquet. From small gatherings to medium-sized banquets to large-scale events. Full color led displays can meet various large and small events due to their flexible size.

We provide reasonable prices, reliable quality products, and timely and professional services. because of these, NSE has achieved rapid development in the past 6 years. We never ignore clients because their projects are small. Standing from their perspective, we will try our best to find a suitable big screen video-led and make clients satisfied in the end.

Digital LED Poster

Digital LED Poster

If you don’t know much about software operations and don’t want to spend too much time building full color led display. then the LED poster is a very suitable full-color led display product for you.

To put it simply, the LED poster is an electronic version of the roll-up. Its wheelbase makes it unnecessary to build a truss when in use, much labor and time-saving. The LED poster supports multiple splicing, the flexible size can meet the requirements of different events. LED poster hardly requires software debugging, it’s basically a plug-and-play device. you can upload programs via WIFI, USB, Lan cable, or HDMI, it is very user-friendly.

Rental LED Display

Rental LED display is an advertising display screen that is widely used in sports events, musical festivals, graduation ceremonies, and political rallies, etc. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and is usually favored by large and medium events.

The rental advertising display screen is consists of multiple modular screens that are assembled on-site. It can meet almost any size requirements of the big screen video led to an event. The seamless display effect will bring perfect visual effects to the audience. And enhance your event atmosphere.

Regardless of whether your event is indoors or outdoors. The brightness of our rental full wall led screen can always meet the needs of the venue to make the event more successful.

Rental LED Display
Sphere LED Display

Sphere LED Display

If you already have experience in using advertising display screen at all kinds of events. And are looking for more creative LED display solutions for banquet venues. Then sphere LED display will be your best choice.

The creative spherical shape will bring more topics and discussions to your event. And at the same time easily grab the audience’s attention. Not only in beautifying banquet venues, but the sphere LED display is also a preferable billboard. After all, who could resist having one more look at those they never experienced.

Truck LED Display

You may still be surprised, why the truck LED display can be used for parties or events.

In fact, truck LED display is widely used in outdoor small and medium-sized parties and events. Such as outdoor movie clubs and outdoor small concerts. The truck LED display has the advantages of high brightness and a larger viewing angle. And it is easy to move. It can be easily moved according to the gathering situation on the spot.

To achieve better adaptation to the characteristics of the event site. Truck LED displays can generally play different videos or pictures in three directions. which ensures that after playing programs that meet the needs of the event. A part of the full wall led screen can be set aside to play advertisements to increase additional income.

Truck LED Display
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