• Outdoor Slim LED Poster
  • P3 LED Poster (4)
  • Excellent Features
  • P2.5 LED Poster (4)
  • Outdoor Slim LED Poster
  • P3 LED Poster (4)
  • Excellent Features
  • P2.5 LED Poster (4)

Outdoor Slim LED Poster

  • Outdoor slim LED poster lightweight with high brightness, IP65 waterproof grade
  • Slim-led poster designed for outdoor events, concerts, activities, etc. with IP65 waterproof grade, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to move with wheels, easy to transport with flight case, Creative design enables multiple installations.

Lightweight & Easy Transfer


The outdoor slim LED poster adopts aluminum cabinet and ultra-thin frame to achieve a lightweight. Compared to the traditional-designed outdoor LED screen, the NSE outdoor slim LED poster is 11kg/sqm less heavy.

The lightweight makes the outdoor slim LED poster more delicate in appearance and easier to transfer regarding the use, therefore, saving labor and energy.

Lightweight & Easy Transfer

Excellent display effect with high brightness


One of the great advantages of LED screen is high grayscale, which makes the color on the display vivid and more impressive. The brightness of outdoor slim LED poster can reach 5000nits, this makes sure your message on the screen effectively delivered no matter if it’s a sunny day or cloudy day.


Excellent Display Effect With High Brightness

Intelligent control plus user friendly


Not all customers know about software settings, we know this, therefore, take it into consideration while designing the product. The outdoor slim LED poster is basically a plug-and-play device. It supports WIFI, USB, Lan cable, and HDMI connection, you can use either smartphone or computer to send videos, images, and text, etc.

Intelligent Control Plus User Friendly

Creative design enables multiple installations


To meet different requirements in installation locations, the LED poster integrates multiple installation methods into one cabinet. The outdoor slim LED poster supports free-standing, wall-mounted, hanging, and creative splicing installation. There must be one suits your project.

Creative Design Enables Multiple Installations

Reliable ingress protection


To achieve waterproof, outdoor slim LED poster uses high brightness outdoor LED module. There are conformal coating paint and rubber loop to prevent the water from leaking in. Not only the LED module. We have eaves designed to cover vents, and use aviation plugs to better protect the ports.


Reliable Ingress Protection

Stable performance


We have been making LED poster since 2015, the outdoor slim LED poster is a product issued in 2019. After years of improvement and development, we care about every detail to make a perfect product.

For now, our LED poster series has CE, ROHS, and FCC certificates, there is no problem to use it in the European and North American markets.

Stable performance

Customized service


We understand that standard models cannot meet anyone’s requirements. So we provide customized service to meet wider requirements from the customer side. If the LED screen size and cabinet color aren’t suitable for your project.

We can always give a solution based on your requirement. To expand your brand influence, we can also print your logo on our product. If you have an idea that hasn’t been mentioned above. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Customized Service

Is the Outdoor P3 LED Poster display waterproof?


How to connect the Outdoor led poster with Camera?

If you need to connect a camera, we can prepare a video processor for you in advance, the video processor has many ports to connect with other equipment.

Can those outdoor led poster use for inside?

Yes, please adjust the brightness if you want to use the outdoor led poster for the inside.

How far away from the poster will the app work?

Normally is about 50 meters, the distance will less if need through the wall.

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