• Outdoor Rental LED Display (1)
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  • Outdoor Rental LED Display (1)
  • Outdoor Rental LED Display (2)
  • Outdoor Rental LED Display (3)

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor rental led displays not only have a good enough brightness but it can also be used in all kinds of weather since it adopts an IP65 system, 500*500mm, and 500*1000mm cabinet size can meet your different size requirements for different events.

Excellent Design

Our rental LED display is adopts a super slim and lightweight panel frame design, LED cabinet connection by a fast and reliable lock system enables quick installation and dismantling. Its ergonomic handle was easier for one-man installation. The special design makes rental LED displays could be widely used for stage rentalconcertsexhibitions, weddings, etc.

Excellent Design

Seamless Connection

Truly modular panel design, the rental screen is made by standard LED panel 250*250mm and can easy to get 500*500mm and 500*1000mm panel for options to meet different applications.

High-standard CNC ensures seamless screen connection, Improves the accuracy of the LED cabinet to achieve the perfect display effect. Even for big LED wall splicing can achieve high flatness and less gap. Superb visual performance can be ensured.

Excellent Design

Dual Service

Front & rear maintenance are available, remove the modules without any tools and maintain the screen on the front side as well as rear side easily. Saving time and cost for future maintenance. Easy for one person to handle it. Installation or disassembly of the screen provides system guidance to ensure safer operation.

Excellent Design

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof

Hard Connection Design with detachable Powerbox and HUB Board,
High IP65 Waterproof with Double Sealing Rubber Ring, suitable for any weather condition.
Quick Mounting of Buckles for assembling and disassembling of back cover.

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof

Smart Controller

The built-in software supports LAN, Wifi, and 4G control remote control and cluster control available.
the multiple control methods of synchronous and asynchronous, easy to control and operate.

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof

Multiple Installation

Multiple creative shape splicing can be applied in varied situations.
Various installations include hanging, wall-mounted, ground stacking, or curved.
Meet the needs of different projects and add value to the product.

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof

Outdoor Rental LED display

What is the Rental LED display?
A rental LED screen is an LED screen dedicated to stage performances and literary events. It is usually in the form of a lease, the screen is movable and portable, so it is named LED rental screen.
What is the key features of rental LED display?
Slim and light design, easy to assemble and disassemble.
What is the rental LED Screen Application?
It can be widely used for Music Concerts, Wedding party, Conference and Meeting rooms, and High-end entertainment establishments. Auto shows, product launches, expos, etc.
How to install the rental LED display?
There are three ways for installation hanging Installation, Wall Mount Installation, and Standing On Floor Installation. We will provide full guide video on our Youtube channel.
What are the benefits of using an outdoor rental LED display?

Outdoor rental LED displays offer several benefits, including high brightness and contrast, wide viewing angles, and the ability to display high-quality video content. They are also durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for use in all kinds of outdoor environments.

What are the key features to look for in an outdoor rental LED display?

When choosing an outdoor rental LED display, it is important to consider factors such as resolution, brightness, viewing angle, and portability. You should also look for a display that is easy to set up and take down, with a sturdy frame and weather-resistant construction.

How are outdoor rental LED displays powered?

Outdoor rental LED displays can be powered using a variety of methods, including standard electrical outlets, generators, and battery packs. The power source will depend on the specific display and the needs of the event.

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