Excellent performance, meeting can be more visual enjoyment

Advanced color restoration technology and precise color restoration system to achieve the ultimate visual enjoyment
Ultra-high refresh rate and extreme dynamic display, low brightness, and high gray make pictures and videos more restored.

The standard display ratio is adopted to meet the needs of mainstream meeting content display. And the meeting can be more comfortable and more secureExcellent Performance, Meeting Can Be More Visual Enjoyment

Smart control, meetings can be more efficient

Multi-screen synchronous playback, easy to achieve synchronization of meetings in different locations
Direct reading of files in the U disk, scanning codes to save files to make data sharing more efficient, and dedicated to saving every inspiration.

Mobile phone, computer, tablet wireless screen transmission, playback will not freeze, the meeting will be smoother and more efficient
Sensor integration, I LED TV can easily become a whiteboard, fast and convenient display.Smart Control, Meetings Can Be More Efficient

Multiple installation method, better meet site requirements

Wall mount and seat mount are optional. Whether it is installed in a conference room or used for temporary meetings, I TED TV can always meet the needs of the meeting well.Multiple installation methods, better meet site requirements

Easy maintenance, more comfortable to use

I LED TV adopts a complete front maintenance design, and any troubleshooting can be easily completed from the front of the screen. While ensuring easy maintenance, it also saves installation space and realizes better utilization of meeting space.Easy maintenance, more comfortable to use

Customized service, better adapt to actual needs

Meetings vary in scale, and the needs of organizers and participants are diverse. We provide more user-friendly customized services to achieve your vision of the perfect meeting.Customized service, better adapt to actual needs

Model Type P1.875
Pixel pitch 1.875mm
Screen Resolution 1920*1080pixel
Sreen Size (H*W) 3600*2025mm*35mm
Feet Size 11.81*6.64 feet
Frame Size 3620*2143*35mm
Screen Weight 192kg/unit
White balance brightness 100-600nits ( 8 levels adjustable)
Contrast ratio 1900-09-06 00:01:00
Viewing Angle 140° (H)/140°(V)
Refresh rate 3840Hz
Grey Level 14 bit
Input voltage AC100-240V
Input Frenquency 50-60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 2700W
Average Power Consumption 810W
Control method: WIFI/USB/HDMI/LAN Cable
Temperature Operating (℃) -10℃ to 40℃
Life Span (Hrs) ≥100000
Video Format File MP4, AVI, WMV
Application Indoor
Certificate CE/CCC/FCC
Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, we provide 2 years warranty.

What is your lead time?

The lead time is around 25-30 working days

Is the device easy to use?

Yes, I LED TV is designed to make the meeting simpler and more efficient, the device is user-friendly.

What is the price?

We will recommend product models according to your specific project, please feel free to reach out and have a further talk with us.

What if the screen doesn't work properly, how can I get support from you?

Our products will undergo strict testing before shipment, so you can rest assured of the quality. If there is a problem with the screen in use. You can contact our sales team, the sales team will communicate with the engineering department as soon as possible to assist you in troubleshooting. And we will provide you with solutions for any problems.

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