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The concert signage and display provide innovative display options beside or inside the stage.

Perfect visual Performance

The concert signage and display provide innovative display options beside or inside the stage. Two mobile screens on both sides of the stage can provide a cost-effective solution. With the ability to take advantage of the large concert venues. The small digital display board shows the best character image for the audience on the stage.
The concert digital video display boards have built-in software. It is easily controlled by Ethernet/USB/HDMI/LAN Cable/WIFI. You can load any kind of video or sound effects to a small digital display board through a cell phone or remote control. Including jpg, png, gif, mp4, etc. Support to show all common file formats.
The concert led signage is a kind of high brightness and high-resolution signage and display. The brightness can be up to 5500CD. The graphics displayed on the screen be visible, even under direct sunshine. And the led module of the concert rolling display board consists of a bunch of diodes. Which allows for better color contrast and sharper pictures.
Aimed to accommodate a wide range of rental and stage layout applications. Our rental and staging LED display solutions are unique with their seamless design, patented technology, and comprehensive range. Which provide unique, engaging, eye-catching stage layouts.
With the characteristic of ultra-slim rental LED display design. Makes stage rolling display board have a nice appearance. Provides sharp and smooth image, vivid and brilliant colors bring amazing visual performance. The screen itself is a beautiful and attractive scene.
Digital video display boards are a kind of smart signage and display, which consists of many small cabinets. With the flexible screen size, it can meet all led solution requirements. Perfect for concerts, events, theatres, showrooms, from large to small to medium Concerts, etc.
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How to provide an amazing visual performance by using a video wall?

Concerts and theaters as the most important occasions for crowds. As well as the places where digital video display boards are most in demand. The requirements for the Digital LED Display are also strict. Not only has high brightness and high definition, but also the requirements of the screen size will be large than conventional led screens. Besides, the visual performance of the small digital display board is also higher than traditional screens. As well as very strict to the viewing distance requirements. For those audience seats in the back row, clarity and visual experience are very important.

At present, Direct-viewing signage and display technology is becoming increasingly popular, because of its ability to provide seamless images and excellent visual effects. That makes the content of the led video wall looks great from any angle. Provide an amazing visual experience, even if used in concert or theatre. Small pixel pitch is optional, it can assure the colors of graphics. The flexible size of digital video display boards can almost meet the requirements of any concert or theatre, range. from large size to small screen size. Meanwhile, it has built-in software, can be easily controlled by Ethernet/WIFI/USB. Supports showing any kinds of programs, such as movies, dynamic images, or texts.

Digital LED Poster

Digital LED Poster

Digital LED Poster as a new intelligent small digital display board. Which not only releases shopping guide information or promotion brand through Wifi or 4G control system. As well as different quantities of digital video display boards. connects together to be a background small digital display board. With the linkable design. It can use one unit or daisy chain up to 10 units to play any text, pictures, or videos.

Multi-installation methods, such as wall-mounted, hanging, as well as floor-standing design. Perfect for concerts, theatre, events, etc. Besides, the smart linkable led poster base with wheels. it’s easy to move around, whatever is used for a small banquet or big events. The smart digital led poster is your best choice.

Rental LED Display

Rental led display is not only applied in concert but also can be used for a trade show, ceremony, as well as a conference room or wedding. It has two different types, one is the indoor rolling display board, another is the outdoor rolling display board. Whatever it’s used for indoor or outdoor events, the rental rolling display board will meet all of your needs.

The rental rolling display board is consist of various small cabinet, which can be easily assembled on the wall. Supports customize the size. It can meet almost any size requirements of the big screen digital video display boards to a concert or theatre. The seamless design, providing an amazing visual effect for the audience.

Rental LED Display
LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

Nowadays, signage and display is commonly used all over the world with the ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size. With the Characteristic of high brightness & high definition. The content looks great from every angle, even in high ambient light environments.

Uses heavy-duty aluminum wall brackets to make installation becomes a breeze. Perfect for any occasion. Whatever is for indoor or outdoor use, will suitable for your any requirements. Full HD or 4K small digital display board, to allow for boundless opportunities to create a truly immersive space.

How to provide an amazing visual performance by using a video wall?

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