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NSE is a manufacturer of Pole LED Displays for advertising and promotional purposes.

  • 3G/4G Remote mass control
  • Auto-brightness adjustment
  • High performance
  • Completely waterproof

NSE Pole LED Display

A pole LED display is an electronic digital screen mounted on the pole of street lights. This type of display screen is usually used in some urban streets, schools, scenic areas, parks, and other areas. Mostly pole LED display support cluster control, batch control, and remote control 4G/5G network. Street pole LED display is an effective way of information distribution and promotion.

NSE pole LED screens are completely water-resistant and perfect for street or outdoor installation. Our pole LED display also supports automatic brightness adjustment according to the environment.

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3G Advertising Pole LED Display

NSE’s pole LED display that the screen size and pixel pitches can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. It’s able to access the internet through a 3G router.

Pole LED Display with GIC System

A pole LED display of NSE with an advanced control system such as Group Intelligent Control (GIC System). It is available on pixel pitch of 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and so on.

6500nits Street Pole LED Display

A high definition and high brightness of 6500nits. It also supports an automatic brightness adjustment, intelligent temperature control, remote control management, and IP65 waterproof.

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Why Choose NSE Pole LED Display

Multi-Screen Synchronization
Multi-Screen Synchronization

Enhancing the advertising effect by the same moment playing functions of images.

Tough Design
Tough Design

Quality cabinet strength and design, allowing cabinet no damage during transportation.

Weather Proof
Weather Proof

Our Pole LED display can withstand all kinds of bad weather. Suitable for long-term use.

Excellent Stability
Excellent Stability

NSE pole LED display has a high heat dissipation, high energy efficiency, and good stability.

Advantages of Pole LED Display

NSE’s pole LED screens can offer the following advantages:

  • Supports remote cluster control which disables the on-spot operation.
  • With multi-display synchronization that allows multiple LED screens to play content together at the same time and enhance the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Automatic brightness functions, minimizes the brightness at night, and provides energy saving.
  • With real-time environment monitoring
  • High-resolution design for further distance viewing
  • High waterproof level and stable
Advantages of Pole LED Display
Technical Features of Pole LED Display

Technical Features of Pole LED Display

Specs Unit  
Pixel Pitch mm 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, custom size
Refresh Rate Hz >1920
Brightness Nits Up to 6500
Sizes m 0.5-2.5, or any custom size
Auto brightness adjust, with remote control

Pole LED Display Setups

Installation of pole LED display is very simple. Just follow the step below.

  • First, mount the LED display to the street light pole.
  • Second, connect it to the power supply.
  • Third, connect the LED display to the remote control.
  • Turn on the LED screen
  • And lastly, distribute the information you want to promote.
Pole LED Display Setups

Pole LED Display Environmental Monitoring Functions

NSE’s pole LED screen support with environmental monitoring function. It can monitor some environmental indicators such as:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Wind
  • Speed
  • Air quality
The Purpose of Pole LED Display

Pole LED display provides some purposes including:

  • Promoting and advertising your brands
  • Temperature indicators
  • Weather information
  • Reminding road conditions
  • Reminding pollution levels
  • Other

Pole LED Display Application

Smart City

The pole LED displays are types of screens that install on the street light poles along urban highways, business streets, park streets, and walking streets. The pole LED screen is a device that provides a connection between smart cities and their citizens. It serves as a content distribution way for some smart city buildings. It is also an information carrier with a dynamic presentation, real-time powerful performance, and reach content.

Tourist Area

The pole LED display can provide effective information in some scenic locations or areas. Installing pole LED displays in specific destinations may provide powerful information functions and a way of introducing some tourists to scenic and attractive destinations. As the pole LED screen has the capability of broadcasting, it helps tourists to receive quick assistance when an unexpected accident happens.


Due to the introduction of digital campus and smart campus concepts, the pole LED display has reached the university’s greenway. These reliable, high brightness, and long-life pole screens provide some important information. It is used for safety teaching propaganda, cultural communication on campus, and some broadcast notifications which become an important part of modern campuses.

Your Reliable Provider of Pole LED Display in China
Your Reliable Provider of Pole LED Display in China

Your high-brightness, stable, and quality Pole LED Display provider – NSE

What is the average life span of a pole LED display?

The luminous attenuation of pole LED screens is relatively low and usually, the common service life of an LED pole display can reach up to 10 years.

What is the temperature toleration of the pole LED display?

The pole LED screen can withstand up to 80 degrees allowing it to operate in high-temperature areas such as roadsides and highways.

What additional equipment and functions should Pole LED Display equip?
  • WIFI
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Acoustics
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Other
What is the standard height of the pole LED display?

The installation height of a pole LED display is usually 3 to 4 meters.

What is the average consumption of pole LED displays?

Pole LED screen has an average consumption of 240W per screen.

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