P8 LED Display – The Ultimate Guide

P8 LED Display

LED displays have become integral in our daily lives finding use almost everywhere from signage to advertising boards.

In this article, we discuss the P8 LED Display as a flat panel display with light-emitting diodes. You will learn about the benefits, applications, content formats and other exciting technologies.

Let’s dive right in.

What is P8 LED Display



The P8 LED display describes any flat panel screen comprising light-emitting diodes with a pixel pitch of 8mm. In the P8 LED screen display, adjacent pixel centers have an 8 mm separating them.

Circle LED Display 7LED Technology in P8 LED Screen Display

The light-emitting diode is the basic unit of any LED display. The P8 LED screen display encompasses varying technology in the configuration of its light-emitting diodes as follows:

Dual Inline Package

As one of the oldest LED displays technologies, DIP is low cost, straight forward and with decent output quality. Capable of producing the primary colours of blue, green and red; these LED technology applies when strength and robustness are pivotal.

Surface Mounted Diodes

Made a great alternative to DIP technology achieving higher resolutions from increased precision. SMD allows close packing of diodes in small packages increasing density.

Chip-On-Board Technology

COB utilizes singular circuit with twin connections for its diodes giving them a lower index for pixel pitch. Achievement of higher packing density is possible by square paneling. Use of COB reduces energy use without hampering the quality of the lighting output.

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

OLED P8 LED panel displays discard backlighting achieving rich color hues with fast response times. Thus, the visual experience is enhanced with extended angles of viewing and flexibility stemming from their portability.

Benefits of P8 LED Panel Display


The P8 LED panel display board finds use in both indoor and outdoor applications in informational displays spotting different colors and sizes. There are several benefits derived from P8 displays as follows:

i. Customization: P8 displays are capable of customization into different display forms including curved screens. Furthermore you can use P8 LED displays for lighting and/or graphical.

ii. Efficiency: The power consumption of P8 LED screen displays is considerably lower than its peers such ad plasma and liquid crystal displays.

iii. Commercial: P8 LED panels allow businesses to extend their corporate reach through advertising. Such displays can project visually stimulating information on products and services.

iv. Durability: P8 LED screen displays can withstand outdoor eccentricities such as extreme temperatures and rainfall. You can therefore utilize this media form for a rather long period.

v. Versatility: Wide color ranges and hues are available with P8 LED panel displays allowing presentation as intended. These colors involve limited UV radiation production safeguarding viewers.

Content Formats in P8 LED Screen Display


The P8 LED displays have ports that allow input of different media content into your screen for display purposes. These ports can be for audio, video or both including XLR, HDMI, DVI, D port, VGA and SDI.

Adaptable content formats include:

  • Audio Video Interleave (AVI): Is a multimedia file format containing synchronous playback of audio and video.
  • Moving Picture Experts Group(MPEG): Entails all formats utilizing media and compression coding especially audio and video.
  • MPEG-4 (MP4): Also a multimedia digital container capable of processing video and audio alongside images and words.
  • Blu-Ray: Optically stores data in disc format at high quality by leveraging a rotating laser to decode stored data.

p8 outdoor led displayApplication of P8 Light Emitting Diode Displays

The P8 LED screen display finds dual purpose use as an indoor screen and outdoor panel making it highly flexible. It features as follows:

i. Advertising Board: Ever present in sporting venues such as football stadia. Are fashioned from P8 displays to run active worded ads.

Digital Billboardsii. Digital Billboard: Outdoor P8 screens serve as billboards portraying programmable digital graphics usually for advertising along high traffic areas.

Circle LED Display 3iii. LED Signage: LED signs fabricated using P8 LED screen displays can serve informational role for businesses and brands.

Common Specifications of P8 LED Panel Display

Many different P8 LED screens are available in the market depending on the manufacturer and use. However, you find certain standardized specifications as follows:

  • Brightness and Depth: Can achieve brightness levels between 5,000 – 7,500 nits and depths of 16384 nits.
  • Lifetime: Sustain functionality for over 100,000 hours.
  • Min Viewing Distance: Distance between the viewer and screen can be lower than 8 meters.
  • Module Resolution: Most such displays possess 40 x 20 dots
  • Module Size: Can vary though with the most common at 320 mm x 160 mm.
  • Operating Temperature: Ranges between -20 oC and 60 oC while under storage can range between -40 oC and -60 o
  • Panel Material: Common materials in constructing panels for P8 LED screens are Aluminium, Steel and Iron.
  • Pixel Density/m2: 15,625 dots
  • Pixel Pitch: All P8 LED panels have an 8 mm pixel pitch.
  • Power Rating: At least 250 W/m2 and can reach max rating of 900 W/m2.
  • Refresh Rate: Capable of attaining 1,920 Hz – 3,840Hz refresh rates.
  • Voltage: Supports voltage ratings of 110/240V.

Factors Affecting Longevity of P8 Light Emitting Diode Display


P8 LED panels are built to perform over an extended period well exceeding thousands of hours in perfect conditions. However, certain factors can negate this longevity and include:

i. Area of Usage: P8 LED screen displays find use both indoors and outdoors. Using these displays indoors shelters them form the elements and thus extending their service life.

ii. Operating Temperature: Optimal operating temperatures range between 20 oC and 40 oC for P8 LED panels. Operating beyond this temperature range can hamper functionality and induce early failure of components.

iii. Heat Dissipation: Regulating the temperature of your P8 LED screen display especially in hot environments is vital to utilize it longer. Excessive heat can damage components and mitigating through use of fans and conditioners can help manage the situation.


Clearly, a P8 LED display plays an integral role in modern advertising industry. The displays have good resolution, with exciting features and technologies.

They have wide viewing angle, and better screen resolution you can use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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