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For over 12 years, NSE has specialized in the P8 LED Display production. We specialize in high-end LED screen solutions for advertisement purposes.

NSE P8 LED Display

P8 LED display has 8mm pixel pitch. These LED displays provide an accurate color presentation, high brightness, and high screen definition. It also supports six installation methods; mosaic type, suspension type, column, roof installation, wall mount, and leasing hoisting type. Therefore, you can build your display in many potential ways.

NSE manufactures P8 LED displays using premium LED lamps and elements. Using them for wide advertisement purposes can ensure reliable solutions. All series work well day and night. With modular structure, it guarantees high color uniformity and high brightness.

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P8 LED Display

P8 Stadium LED Display

The P8 Stadium LED Display are adjustable when installed in large stadiums or sports centers. It has a high waterproof level, making them suitable for outdoor sites.

Indoor P8 Full Color LED display

Indoor P8 Full Color LED display is advertising screens supply higher resolution and brightness compared to traditional screens. It will be seen day and night.

SMD Logo Round Screen

P8 Circle LED Displays are LED displays that are specially installed on the wall. The screen are made of a special structure and material that allows waterproof and can play jpg, MP4, and other formats.

Outdoor P8 Full Color LED Display

Outdoor P8 Full Color LED Display is better than LCD monitors because they are thinner and lighter in weight. These screens consume less energy resulting in saving more power.

P5 Rental LED Display Panel

Our P8 Rental LED Display is supported with high-quality, waterproof LED lamps. It is an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor installation sites. It comes in custom sizes.

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P8 LED Display Benefits

Quality Check
Quality Check

All of its components have passed various quality tests, such as illumination tests, waterproof tests, etc.

Various Formats
Diverse Formats

LED displays support numerous formats such as graphics and video. It gives excellent and clear visual effects.


All our LED displays are IP65-rated, which means they are protected against water. ISO/CE/ROHS certified.

High Brightness
High Brightness

P8 LED display provides screen brightness up to 7,500nits, making it perfect for outdoor sites.

P8 LED Display Highlights

Superb display presentation – This display solution provides very close viewing depth.

IP65 safety level – It is extremely protected against water. They can meet the needs of diverse outdoor applications.

Consistent construction – These displays have consistent cabinet and module designs. It decreases the delivery time and helps promoters save a lot of costs.

Support system – Its backup system includes signal input and module double power. This guarantees x2 stable performance.

Lightweight and thin design – Due to their light structure, they can help save transportation costs. It has a 960x960x133mm cabinet size and 31kgs each panel.

P8 LED Display Highlights
Quality Compliance

Installation Methods

The right way of installing LED displays is determined base on your application fields and installation sites. Below we discussed the 5 different types of installation methods.

  1. Wall mounting – It is the most preferred method if the LED display is located semi-outdoors or indoors.
  2. Suspension method – When the display needs to be used semi-outdoors or indoors including stations, corridors, passages entrance, subway stations, railway stations, and more.
  3. Roof installation – This method ensures that the LED screens and their steel frame can withstand winds. It is usually installed outdoor.
  4. Mosaic method – In this method, the entire screen is fully fixed on the wall. It is commonly used in both outdoor and indoor sites (e.g. building halls, building entrances, etc.)
  5. Column method – The method used for installing outdoor billboards is the column method. It is an easy way and suitable for any panel weight.

Better Visual Effect

Excellent brightness -To ensure high brightness, we use great driver lCs (likeMBI5124 and 2038S). 5500nits brightness can ensure the led displays still work well in direct sunlight.

160° Broad viewing angle – With a broad viewing angle, it can deliver the best visual experience to the audience. It not only helps ensure the stability and quality of pictures or video content but also
make the people in different directions can see the display content of the led displays well.

High resolution and high refresh rate – Our P8 LED display has a high resolution and high refresh rate. It is essential especially when the display screens are exposed to sunlight.

Application Range

Why Choose NSE P8 LED Display

led perimeter display

For the past 18 years, NSE has prioritized P8 LED display screen fabrication. We are specializing in providing one-station service of the led screen, from researching, designing, to producing. Our R&D team has over 15 years experience of in designing P8 LED screens. In addition, we have a unique product testing facility where we perform excessive LED screen reliability analysis.

We perform hot and cold shock tests, water-resistant tests temperature and pressure tests,anti-UV evaluations, motion tests, brightness tests, and other tests for your custom-built P8 LED displays.

If you’re searching for a led display solution to your advertising plan, we’re your best bet. We offer OEM LED display options for your project requirements. Send us your design right away.

NSE P8 LED Display

Unique Installation Way

Each P8 LED display cabinet is provided with a remarkable lock that can be easily installed and adapted from all cabinet aspects. This results in a truly seamless cabinet and an improved display of rewind contents. And not only does it aid fixed installation, but it also offers a variety of installation methods (by column, by wall-mount, by mosaic, and more).

At NSE, all of the customs LED displays we offer are sealed and waterproofed. We seal them using high-quality, dustproof, and waterproof cabinets. Once you order from us, you are sure to have fully secured and reliable LED displays.

Strong Display Impact

With the continual development of the advertising market, advertising information can be seen everywhere in life. It is hard for people to pinpoint everything they need to know from a large amount of advertising. Under this kind of basis, the brand wishes to more clearly articulate its marketing messages. Adjusting the promotional carrier and making the ads more imaginative and appealing is an efficient strategy.

This is what our P8 LED display will bring to the advertising industry. We have indoor and outdoor 2 series P8 LED displays suitable for the different needs of install places. They deliver high definition, more colored, and stronger display impact to every audience. It is an effective solution if you want the crowd to be more familiar with your brand and advertisements.

Custom P8 LED Display for Any Application

P8 Rental LED Display

Rental P8 LED screen embraces virtual and physical pixel technology making the content more vivid and clear with no blind dots or flickers.This technology is lightweight.

P8 LED Display for Large Stadiums

All our LED displays with P8 levels are excellent monitors for huge stadiums. It offers a much longer lifespan than LED screens from other brands. When installed in the stadiums, they are commonly used as scoreboards or excellent ways to do brand promotions.

P8 LED Display for Shopping Malls

When you install this display screen for shopping malls, the best viewing distance is from 8 to 100meters. It provides higher resolution and brightness than other ordinary screens.

P8 LED Display for Airports

When used in the airport, P8 LED display broadcast news or recommend airport gift shops, restaurants, or newsstands. It gives entertainment by displaying high-quality content all around the terminal. Its common lifespan is 100000 hours.

Your Professional P8 LED Screen Supplier
Your Professional P8 LED Display Supplier

NSE has received numerous international accreditations, including ISO9001-2004, ROHS, FCC, CE, and others. We have a strong technological team capable of providing superior OEM/ODM services. We also serve many as 2000 customers from over 100 different countries. To suit your standards, we offer a 2-year return policy for every LED item.

  • “I absolutely adore your P8 LED Display because it is simple to use, delivers superior video conferencing, and has a 160-degree expansive angle which really is ideal for me. Thank You, NSE!”

  • “Your P8 LED Display is very convenient to use, versatile and can be accessed via a mobile phone. Thank you very much, I am fully satisfied!”

  • “I am extremely pleased with your products, particularly your P8 LED display. It is composed of complete accessories like a charging fort, touchpad, audio recording, and many other features. You and your team deserve 5 stars.”

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