P6 LED Screen Manufacturer

NSE specializes in P6 LED screen manufacturing for 10+ years. We tend to offer high-end LED screen solutions for advertising and marketing applications.

NSE P6 LED Screen

The P6 LED screen is absolutely waterproof. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. NSE P6 LED screen series are highly in demand in various markets. Because of its excellent color uniformity, high dependability, and compatibility. All NSE P6 LED modules have a two-year warranty service.

Additionally, NSE offers guaranteed-quality LED screen products to you. Each module meets and exceeds the following certifications: ROHS, CE, FCC, etc. We have a complete testing lab to do severe product reliability tests. It involves a waterproof test, anti-UV test, illumination test, and so on.

As an expert LED screen supplier, NSE can fulfill your advertising needs. We can also provide OEM P6 LED screen production service for you. Please send us your requirements today.

P6 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

The P6 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen has a clear and steady display. Provide simple installation and maintenance. Additional features are high light intensity with brightness control.

DIP full-color LED display

All P6 DIP LED display module has unique designs, exceptional quality, and dependability. It has high brightness and color uniformity. Ideal for outdoor rental LED screens and outdoor fixed installation LED displays.

P6 Indoor Fixed LED Screen

NSE P6 Indoor Fixed LED Screen has simple constructions with a nice appearance. Features thin and light panel. It has a quiet design, energy-saving, and environmental protection. Fast locking system.

P6 Stadium Perimeter LED Screen

LED perimeter screens are mainly used for commercial advertising and consist of a number of individuals LED boxes that can be quickly and easily disassembled and maintained. Each box has individual support feet at the back to ensure viewing angles.

P5 Rental LED Display Panel

P6 full-color LED screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor events. It has good heat dissipation and a long life span. Excellent horizontal and vertical viewing angles ensure the display effect and working experience.

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P6 LED Screen Advantages

High Definition Pictures
High Definition Pictures

NSE P6 LED screen features vivid and clear resolution. It produces crisp and clear realistic-looking full-color photos. High-definition display and delicate picture for indoor and outdoor environments.

High Protection Level
High Protection Level

With a great protection level, it can work normally in any bad outdoor environment and all-weather conditions. P6 LED screen is moisture-proof, waterproof, shock-proof, lightning-proof, and so on.

Seamless Splicing
Seamless Splicing

The P6 LED module achieves seamless splicing by adopting breakthrough technology. It also allows for a greater refresh rate and more attractive picture displays. Overall amazing visual effects.


Broad Vision
Broad Vision

NSE LED screen P6 boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle, providing a viewing area of 140 degrees on the screen – both horizontal and vertical. It helps you reach a wider audience effectively.

Unique Characteristics

NSE P6 LED screen’s main features involve:

  • Low Power Consumption(Environmentally friendly)
  • Intelligent Control
  • Quick Assembling and Teardown.
  • Zero Noise
  • Seamless Panels with Excellent


  • Ultra-thin and Ultra-light high precision.
  • True and Natural color for Perfect Displaying Effect.
  • Good Waterproof Performance.
  • Strong Anti-UV Capability.
  • Moisture-Resistance.
  • Shock-ProofLightning-Proof.
  • High Contrast Ratio.
  • High Brightness and High Resolution.
  • Long Life Span.
Unique Characteristics
Application Range

Application Range

The P6 LED screens are great marketing and advertising tool in both indoor and outdoor environments. The following are commercial and industrial areas where the screen are widely used.

Quality Compliance

Our P6 LED display screen products have achieved ISO 9001-2004 certification. NSE always implements to adhere to international quality standards for LED display. We guarantee each panel is reliable and built to last.

  • CE Certificate
  • UL Certificate
  • CCC Certificate
  • FCC Certificate
  • ROHS Certificate
Quality Compliance

Why Choose NSE

Custom SMD Screen

NSE prioritize P6 LED display screen manufacturing for the past 18 years. We are engaged in the research, development, and production of LED screen products. Our R&D team has over 15 years of experience in P6 LED screen designing. Plus, we have an independent product testing lab to do extreme LED screen reliability tests.

The following tests include hot and cold shock test, waterproof test, high and low-temperature test, anti-UV test, vibration test, illumination test, brightness test, etc. Entire production quality is controlled by our own SMT, Metal fabrication factory, assembly line, and aging test facility.

Moreover, NSE can provide customized services for you. If you’re looking for a unique solution for your advertising needs, then we are your best source. We provide OEM LED solutions to your project needs. Send us your design now.

NSE P6 LED Screen

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

NSE is a national high-tech enterprise. We have 22 patents and 5 software copyrights as of today. Thus, the company is composed of modern equipment and technology. It aids in fast and efficient LED screen production.

  • Independent Product Testing Laboratory
  • Metal Fabrication Factory
  • SMT
  • Assembly Line
  • Aging Test Facility
Customize Solution

With strong R&D and production capabilities, NSE can provide OEM production services. We can provide you a unique P6 LED solutions to meet your exact project needs.

  • Panel Size;
  • Color;
  • Life Span;
  • Brightness;
  • Resolution;
  • Operating Temperature, and so on.

OEM P6 LED Screen for Your Advertising Needs

The P6 Stadium Perimeter LED Screen can presents player profiles and the reality of matches. Extra large and clear live match screen breaks the seating restriction and makes it easier to watch the match from a distance.

P2 LED Video Wall for Shopping Mall

P6 LED screen for shopping malls has a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees vertically and horizontally. It features excellent color uniformity, is waterproof, and dustproof. Available in a variety of panels like an aluminum cabinet.

party and event led display

NSE offers an LED screen for concerts with brightness uniformity. Connection lock between cabinets that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its primarily used for performances, exhibitions, started opening, and others.

Indoor LED Billboards

The P6 LED screen for outdoor advertising has excellent thermal design and cooling performance. It’s easy to maintain, and simple to install and disassemble. The box has excellent durability and precision.

Your Reliable P6 LED Screen Partner
Your Reliable P6 LED Screen Partner

12-Years in Research, Development, and Production Experience. Own Metal Fabrication Facility. Export to 80+ Countries. Serves 2,000 Customers. Provide OEM and ODM Services. 2-Years Warranty.

  • “We’ve been in this industry for a long time and respect the company’s work ethic and production capacity; NSE is a reputable and professional manufacturer.”

  • “Our supervisor is pleased with this purchase; it is better than we expected, and the p6 LED module products and services are excellent.”

  • “This is a fantastic LED module. Bright and vibrant. It works flawlessly for vivid images and new displays. NSE works excellently. Five Star!”

  • “We have always believed that the quality of a company’s product is determined by the details; in this regard, the company meets our needs and the goods meet our expectations.”

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