P4 LED Screen – The Ultimate Guide

P4 LED Screen – The Ultimate Guide

A P4 LED Display Screen basically an LED Screen with pixel pitch of 4. We have the P for pitch.

The 4 after it symbolizing the distance between any adjacent LED lights in the panel, in this case 4mm.

So, if you want to learn more about these types of LED screens, read this guide.

Optimal Viewing Distance Of P4 LED Display Screen

There is a very simple and fast way we can use to determine the optimal viewing distance of P4 Screen. We consider the pixel pitch and double that value.

This gives us the minimum distance in feet for picture clarity by the audience. Let’s an example of a P4 LED Panel Screen having a pixel pitch of 4mm.

P4 LED Screen
P4 LED Screen

This means that the minimum distance to perceive clear pictures should be 8 feet. At this optimal distance, the images appear non-pixelated.

Features Of P4 LED Panel Screens

Some of the prominent features of the P4 LED Display Screens we can take a look at are:

Extended Shelf Life

This type of screen can stay operational for around 12 years or even more when you carry prompt maintenance. In as much as it is cost-friendly, it can provide you with a very complete service.

This is beside the fact that its power consumption is very little compared to standard screens.

Wide-ranging Angle Of Observation

The vertical and horizontal angles of view of the P4 LED Display Screen is very large. This means you can experience the same quality view from either side of the screen.

Adjustable Brightness

We can easily adjust the brightness of the P4 LED Panel Screen to blend with the lighting of the surrounding. Their brightness levels can attain values as high as 1000 cd/m².

The rate at which the P4 LED Screen refreshes is very sensible. This ensures that the displays we receive do not flicker and screen is not distorted.

Two-Way Maintenance

You can service the P4 LED Displays from either the back or the front conveniently and easily. Nevertheless, for permanent installations, it is easier to access it from the front.

Applications Of P4 LED Panel Screens

You can use these screens in any of the following scenarios:

Passing Information

The P4 Screen can be used in the conveying of various messages. Such material can be product info on commodities or just any other form of data required at a particular place.

Marketing Of Products

We can efficiently convey information about a certain product to promote it to clients using the P4 Screen. This will greatly cut down on costs since there won’t be need to distribute hard copies of the same.

Digital Billboard

As a digital billboard, we can use a variety of formats like FLV to display motion images. The P4 LED Panel Screen can also display static information while at it.

How Content Is Sent To The P4 LED Screen Display

Uploading content to your P4 LED Display Screen is strikingly not different from the way you would to a Television. There are several inputs available like HDMI that are connected to the sending controller that you can use.

This means that you can choose any device and to send data using the controller. These may include thumb drives or even laptops.

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually a very simple process. This is because all these technologies is already available and we use them daily.

Mobile Vs Permanent P4 LED Display Screen

Deciding whether your LED Screen will be permanent or mobile is very important during its installation. With permanent P4 Screens, you will find their backs are mostly more bounded.

This is contrary to the mobile ones which contain more open backs. This for ease of access to the exposed wires when it comes to changing locations and setting up again.

Transit OOHMoreover, the locking mechanism in the mobile P4 LED Display Screen is fast and easy. Combined with incorporated handles, you can conveniently use them for exhibitions.

outdoor led displayCommon Cathode Technology In A P4 LED Screen

In order to efficiently supply power to the P4 LED Display Screen, we use the Common Cathode Technology. This means that we can easily regulate the voltage that reaches the different Diode colors like blue, red or green.

The voltage should individually be supplied to each LED for us to have a display that is energy-saving. This also has the effect of evenly dispensing the heat that has been dissipated from the P4 LED Panel Screen.

Maximum Build Size Of A P4 LED Display Screen

When we reason objectively, we can have P4 LED Displays of infinite sizes. All this will be factored in by the resolution requirements generally.

The best resolution ratio that you can use to achieve clarity is anything around 16:9 or alternatively 4:3. Besides this, the budget for the P4 LED Panel Screen should also determine the build size required.

Importance Of Optimal Resolution In P4 LED Display Screens

There are some factors that you should put into account when it comes to the resolution of our LED Display Screen. They include the content to be displayed, the size of the screen and the distance of view.

It is very possible to subconsciously exceed a resolution of 4K when it comes to LED Screens. This will make it impossible for you to it since the servers won’t be able to sustain it.

For indoor P4 LED Screens, you will require a reduced pixel pitch that will result in a higher resolution. On the contrary, outdoor Screens are very large and the viewing distance is long.

This means that you will a lower resolution resulting from an increased pitch will serve you just right. This will still let you get away with an accomplished display.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing P4 LED Screens

Here are some of the different factors we can put into consideration before purchasing these LED Screen:

Size Of Display

We have to look at the target audience and whether the screen will be indoor or outdoor. The larger screens will definitely cost more than the smaller ones.


The video tiles of the P4 LED Screens has different configurations. By example, it would cost more for you to acquire a complex configuration indoor display than a normal outdoor one.

The upside of it is that it will produce images that are solid and clear. This gives you an edge when you’re going all out on customer experience.


We can determine the resolution of a LED Screen by using its pixel pitch i.e. 4mm. Beside this, the processor running the LED screen also plays a role in determining its resolution.

For us to achieve images of the highest resolution, a processor of the highest standard is required. This makes it very expensive but totally worth.


The budget you set aside also affects the kind of LED Screen you will purchase. However, you should not compromise the quality of your display over price.

Choosing The Right P4 LED Display Screen Provider

Settling for the right P4 LED Screen provider requires you to check indications such as:

Operational Years

The safest bet is to look for a provider who has sufficient years of experience. Providers manufacturing sub-standard P4 LED panel Screens don’t usually last long in the industry.

Level Of Staff Skill

You can tell a provider is accomplished when the workers are professionally trained with good experience. This means that they have full knowledge of the product they will provide including after-service.

Customer Reviews

An easier way of determining a good provider is checking their reviews online or asking other customers offline. If the online and offline reviews are spectacular, rest assured you will receive the best in service and product.


With P4 LED screens, you can achieve a viewing range of around 4-20 meters comfortably.

As you can see, thee displays play an integral role in modern digital advertising.

If you are looking for high quality LED display screens from China, contact us now.

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