Custom P4 LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional P4 LED screen manufacturer with superior visual performance. Our P4 LED screens offer excellent heat dissipation, high refresh rate, and vivid images.

  • P4mm pixel pitch for indoor and outdoor use
  • Eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing display
  • High brightness and contrast ratio
  • Wider viewing angle

NSE P4 LED Screens

NSE has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing LED screens with 4mm pixel pitch. It offers a high contrast ratio to bring sharper images. These screens can support portrait orientation, wall mount, hanging, and landscape orientation. It can provide detailed color for premium advertising displays. Rest assured that all our P4 LED screens can offer high efficiency, clear visual effects, and stable functions.

As a professional manufacturer, NSE can customize P4 LED screens according to your requirements. Just send us your inquiries today!

P4 LED Screen

P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Display

NSE full-color HD P4 indoor LED screen is fast to assemble offers high brightness with waterproof has good heat dissipation and light &thin. It offers 2 years of warranty maintenance.

P5 Rental LED Display Panel

Our P4 rental LED screen offers high refresh rates, anti-damage, curve design, single person installations. It is made using die-casting aluminum materials cabinets.

P4 Flexible LED Display Screen

P4 Flexible LED Display Screen provides stable performance, long service life, high brightness, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It has a high-performance IC driver chip.

P4 Indoor Fixed LED Display

We manufactured P4 Indoor Fixed LED Display that has module accessories including a magnet, rubber, cabinet screw, etc. It is more convenient for maintenance.

P4 Studium LED Display

NSE P4 Studium LED Display offers a full-color patch with a wide viewing angle and a good mix of light. It has a fence to prevent deformation and a terminal for convenience and efficiency.

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NSE P4 LED Screen Advantages

Quick Installation
Quick Installation

Our P4 LED screens are designed with quick installation features. It can be wall-mounted, hanging, standalone, ground installation, and more. These are also easy to use.

Extensive Applications
Extensive Applications

NSE offers custom P4 LED screens for different applications including upcoming promotions, cinema lobby, shopping malls, retails, train stations, airports, and more venues or locations.

Sharp Image
Sharp Image

With its high resolution, high brightness, excellent contrast ratio, and high refresh rate, you can assure that all our P4 LED screens can provide a sharp and clear image display.

Vivid Colors
Vivid Colors

P4 LED screens from NSE can display stunning images. With its high contrast ratio, we guarantee that it can provide vivid and vibrant colors for an eye-catching display.

P4 LED Screen Cabinet Design

NSE offers P4 LED screen with the excellent cabinet design. Its cabinet is designed with ultra-lightweight which makes it easy to operate and install. The cabinet also improves the heat dissipation of our P4 LED screens. Aside from that, these cabinets are also integrated with the following:

  • Humanized handlebar
  • Light cabinet frame
  • Easy side lock
  • Quick-lock feature
P4 LED Screens for Indoor Display
Standard P4 LED Screen

P4 LED Screens for Indoor Display

NSE manufactures P4 LED screens for indoor display with the following features:

  • Vivid images and smooth videos without blank or ripple
  • HD image display
  • Accurate and clear image
  • Provides the audience with the great viewing experience

If you want a customized P4 LED screen for your specific applications, NSE can provide your needs!

Standard P4 LED Screen

A standard P4 LED screen has a 960 by 960mm cabinet size. Its modules also have 320 by 160mm sizes. NSE can manufacture a standard P4 LED screen that is easy and quick to maintain and assemble. You can easily make a LED screen of different sizes through our standard P4 LED displays.

These screens also have waterproof features. It ensures that no water can enter if it is used for outdoor applications. We designed standard P4 LED screens with low risks of moisture and high protection level.

Standard P4 LED Screen

NSE – Your Trusted P4 LED Screen Supplier

NSE – Your Trusted P4 LED Screen Supplier
NSE – Your Trusted P4 LED Screen Supplier

NSE manufactures P4 LED displays that are commonly used for both outdoor and indoor applications. It can be installed in large commercial areas, tourist attractions, international airports, shopping malls, and more locations. It features high brightness so it can still provide a clear display under sunlight.

Additionally, NSE offers P4 LED screens that can withstand various environmental impacts and weathers such as high temperature, wind, snow, rain, etc. These screens are widely used for effective advertising and drawing customers’ attention.

If you want a customized P4 LED screens, don’t hesitate to contact us!

NSE P4 LED Screen


Our P4 LED screens are guaranteed to have the following features:

  • Simple structure, lightweight, and nice appearance
  • Light and thin panel design
  • High stability and reliable performance
  • High refresh rate
  • Dynamic images display
  • High brightness
  • Wide viewing angle

At NSE, you can find a broad range of P4 LED screens with the following specifications:

  • 4mm pixel pitch
  • SMD pixel configuration
  • HDMI, S-video, DVI, and SDI input signal
  • Supports VGA mode
  • Pixel by pixel brightness correction
  • 100,000 hours lifetime

Custom P4 LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

P8 Rental LED Display

The P4 indoor LED Fixed Display is used in cinemas to display theatre information, film titles, or to show short promos etc. To communicate film schedules and film previews.

P4 Flexible LED Display for Airport

The P4 Flexible LED display is more original in shape, making its unique features better suited to the overall structure and environment of the airport building.

P4 Outdoor LED Display for Plaza and Park

The P4 waterproof LED screen has adjustable brightness, high refresh, and high visual quality for commercial use. This P4 waterproof LED screen adopts the latest technology, control technology, more vivid colors, and so on.

Your One-Stop P4 LED Screen Solution
Your One-Stop P4 LED Screen Solution

NSE is a P4 LED screen manufacturing company that is a national high-tech enterprise. All our P4 LED screens are certified by FCC, RoHS, CE, and ISO. We can provide ODM and OEM services to meet your requirements.

  • “NSE has been my first choice if I need a P4 LED Screen for my project. Their LED screens are very flexible and can be adjusted based on my installation options. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “We have been choosing NSE to provide us with P4 LED Screen if we have projects or events. They never failed to provide us with high-quality LED screens at a reasonable rate.”

  • “Thank you, NSE, and your team for the safe and environmentally friendly P4 LED Screen. Plus, the services are very affordable. Thanks for the installation support!”

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