P3 Rental LED Screen for South America

Product: P3.91 LED Rental Display
Location: South America

LED rental screens are widely used in various events due to their lightweight and thin cabinets, ease of assembly, and high-quality playback effects. These features have also led to positive feedback from customers in South America.

The cabinets used for LED rental displays are typically 1000*500mm or 500*500mm and are combined in a 3:4 ratio to achieve the best viewing size. The 1000*500mm cabinet weighs only 13 kg, and the 500*500mm cabinet weighs only 7KG, making it easy for an adult to pick up with one hand.

P3.91 LED rental displays are best viewed from a distance of 4M, which is the distance between the viewer and the screen at events. This has become the primary reason for the popularity of the P3.91 type.

Since the size required for non-universal events may vary, customers can adjust the size of the assembly according to the constraints of the place. Installation is also effortless, requiring only simple splicing, like building blocks, whether it is done by a professional or not.

P3 Rental LED Screen for South America (2)

Considering that events can be indoors or outdoors, there are two types of LED rental displays available, indoor and outdoor, with differences in brightness and waterproofing. Indoor products can also be used outdoors without waterproof requirements.

At the same time, NSE recognizes the strong demand for LED rental displays in the market and has prepared over 300 square meters of products to meet this demand.

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