P3 Poster screen for US Restaurant

Size: 2048×1024

Location: US

Product: Digital LED Poster

Our company provided solutions and products to many restaurants. Many restaurant owners have been worrying about the decoration and advertisement of the restaurant. After our communication, we have provided LED display solutions for restaurant owners. After the installation of the LED screen, the owner is very satisfied. It satisfies the owner’s planning and aesthetics for the restaurant, and can also play news or football game videos for customers. The most important thing is that the restaurant’s advertisements can be played at any time to attract more customers to the restaurant. As long as the customers who come to the restaurant will have a very good impression of this restaurant deep impression.

P3 Poster screen for US restaurant

The biggest difference between the restaurant LED display and TV is that the LED display can play any program you want to watch, it can be a Youtube video, it can a live web game, or it can be a video produced by yourself, while TV can only watch TV broadcasts. The color of the LED display is richer, the picture quality is brighter, the screen size can be customized, and the content on the screen can be clearly seen in any corner of the restaurant, so more and more restaurants choose to replace TV with LED displays.

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