P3 LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE supplies a lightweight and high-refresh-rate P3 LED screen, perfect for indoor and outdoor advertising, events or information presentation. We have 12 years of experience in manufacturing and providing LED screen solutions.

  • Lightweight, up to 7.2 to 15 kgs.
  • High Refresh Rate up to 1920 Hz to 3840 Hz
  • 3-5 Years Warranty
  • Ultra-Thin

NSE P3 LED Screen

NSE P3 LED screen is designed to provide an excellent viewing experience to the viewers. It can guarantee high brightness and high contrast for a higher level of visibility and brand exposure.

You can really trust our P3 LED screens since they are manufactured in compliance with ISO9001-2004, FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications. NSE has its own fabrication facility, aging test facility, and assembly line that can guarantee cost-effective LED solutions.

We have OEM and ODM services to support your business. Contact us now!

  • P3 Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Screen

    The fP3 Indoor Fixed Installation LED Screen has seamless splicing, highly accurate brightness, wide viewing angle, and color consistency. It delivers super subtle images without getting tired in longtime watching.

  • P3 Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Screen

    The Waterproof P3 LED Screen is ideal for outdoor applications. It is also shockproof, lightning-proof, and has high brightness that allowing the led display to continue to work in rain, snow, or strong sunlight.

  • SMD Rental Screen

    NSE P3 LED screen for advertising is lightweight for convenient installment and transport. It can also save labor costs ideally suited for flow shows.
    Designed with simple structures and a beautiful appearance.

  • Sphere P2.5 LED Display

    P3 LED flexible screens are special shaped LED screens that have been transformed on the basis of the LED screen. The most common are shaped splicing screens, spherical screens, curved screens, L-shaped screens, quadrilateral hexahedra, and other irregular-shaped screens.

Why NSE P3 LED Screen

High Contrast
High Contrast

Excellent viewing experience with high brightness and contrast.

Effective Display
Effective Display

Caught more attention than traditional tools and displays.

Sharp Image
Sharp Image

Sharp and clear image with an excellent high-resolution display.

High Flexibility
High Flexibility

P3 LED screens provide full control over the content display types.

P3 LED Screen Application

If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting P3 LED screen, NSE is the best place to come. We provide LED screens for the following applications:

  • Stadiums
  • Advertisement
  • Securities exchange, banks
  • Shopping malls
  • Stations, postal offices
  • Entertainment, restaurants, schools
P3 LED Screen Application
P3 LED Screen Feature

P3 LED Screen Feature

NSE uses advanced technology to produce high-quality P3 LED screens. These are integrated with unique features that make them ideal in different applications:

  • 111,111 pixel/sqm LED Density
  • High resolution and high brightness
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor fixed installation and events
  • Natural and true color, excellent displaying effect
  • Environmentally friendly, low power consumption
  • Seamless panels with outstanding flatness
  • 140-degree both vertical and horizontal viewing angle

If you have any requirements for your P3 LED screen needs, NSE can customize them for you.

P3 LED Screen for Indoor Application

P3 LED Screen for Indoor and Outdoor Application

NSE P3 LED screen supports indoor and outdoor applications like conferences, weddings, and events. or sales events. They are suitable for these applications because of the following reasons:

  • Brand awareness and increased visibility
  • Reach broader customers
  • Caught attention with a bright and vivid display effect

NSE also offers customized P3 LED screens according to customers requirements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your LED development.

P3 LED Screen for Indoor Application

Choose NSE to Custom Your P3 LED Screen

Custom SMD Screen
Choose NSE to Custom Your P3 LED Screen

NSE has rich experience in the development, research, and production of P3 LED screens. All of our products are passed to CE, RoHS, FCC, and ISO9001-2004 certificates. We ensure that all of our LED products like the P3 LED screen have excellent color uniformity, compatibility, and dependability.

NSE provides ODM and OEM services for your business. You can communicate with our expert to discuss your product design. We could customize your P3 LED screens along with your logo, brand, and other specifications.

Drop us your email now!

NSE P3 LED Screen

More Features
  • Favorable Effect: Using point-to-point calibration technology for a clearer image and stronger layering.
  • Areliable and consistent system with long service life and anti-interference ability.
    Convenient maintenance and installation of display modules.
  • Module design technology and distributed scanning technology for high reliability.
  • Module design technology and distributed scanning technology for high reliability.

To ensure the quality of our P3 LED screen, our team performs the following testing:

  • High and Low-temperature test
  • Hot and cold shock test
  • Salt spray and corrosion test
  • Anti-UV tent
  • Brightness and illumination test

P3 LED Screen for Indoor Application

P3 LED Screen for Event Hall

The P3 LED screen has a large display format to ensure engaging digital content. Due to their excellent feature, they are suitable for use in any event that is held at the hall.

P3 LED Screen for Building Lobby

The P3 LED screens are suitable for indoor applications like building lobbies. It delivers engaging content and informative messages to the visitors.

P3 LED Screen for Supermarket

The P3 LED Screen can display a full range of merchandise with details that make it stand out from the rest. For example, it can show the production process of the restaurant’s dishes, information about promotions, entertainment offered, etc.

Your Leading P3 LED Screen Manufacturer – NSE
Your Leading P3 LED Screen Manufacturer – NSE

We Deliver P3 LED Screen with High Brightness, High Contrast, And Clear Image Quality.

  • Thank you, NSE for delivering us a high-quality, reliable P3 LED screen for our business. Excellent customer service and after-sale service.

  • I have been sourcing many companies for our LED needs. But NSE is the best among them. They always communicate us with to discuss our product design. They were a very accommodating company, excellent services at a reasonable rate!

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