P3 LED Digital Poster with a Size of 576*1920mm is Used Retail Store

Location: Germany
Application: Retail Store
Compared with traditional poster publicity, the publicity effect of LED digital posters is more significant. Because people are often not attracted by static things when walking on the street, they are often attracted by dynamic things to stop there.
The appearance of a P3 LED digital poster with a size of 576*1920 mm is used to replace the original traditional poster, and the replacement is not awkward when the size is similar. According to the feedback from our customers, the LED digital poster has saved them a lot of money. In the past, if there was a date on the poster or the product information changed, a new poster needed to be printed again. Since the beginning of using the LED digital poster, You only need to modify part of the content on your mobile phone or computer and resend it.

P3 LED digital poster with a size of 5761920 mm is used Retail Store
We ship the LED digital poster as a whole, making it as user-friendly as possible. We try our best to do everything we can before shipment so that the final user will be more convenient and feel value for money. If you need to move to different locations in the store, please note that our base has sliding wheels. It can support free movement within the movable range with the plug as the center.
If you are looking for more options to increase your retail store benefits, I hope you can give NSELED a chance to provide you with solutions.

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