P3 Indoor LED Poster Application Exhibition

Location: Germany
Application: Exhibition

P3 indoor led poster application exhibition
The case brought to you today is a case of a 6pcs P3 indoor digital led poster used in a German customer exhibition. This customer bought 6pcs P3 indoor led poster for his own exhibition and achieved perfect effect. The size of the LED poster in the picture is 576*1920mm, and the size of 6pcs connected together is 3456*1920mm, which just constitutes a 16:9 ratio screen, which is also the choice of most customers.

P3 indoor led poster application exhibition
Many customers will wonder, if I only buy LED posters for exhibitions, and my business only has a few exhibitions a year, will it be worth it? First of all, our screens can be used for 5-10 years. When you buy our LED poster, it means that you don’t need to worry about your booth display scheme in the next ten years. Secondly, you can also use it for some activities within your company during normal times, and you can even rent out your LED poster to earn fees when it is free. In the end, we have received feedback from many exhibition customers. Our LED posters have attracted many customers at the exhibition and created a value far beyond the value of the LED poster itself.
All in all, LED poster has become the best choice for exhibition promotion recognized by many customers. As a leader in this field, NSE is very happy to provide solutions for everyone.

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