P3.33 taxi LED screen from Ecuador

Location: Ecuador

Product: P3.33 Taxi LED Display

Taxi top screens are very popular recently. You can see LED screens installed on the top of taxis in every corner of major cities. They can also illuminate the city while promoting advertisements. Location, the installation of the taxi top screen is very simple, the advertising content can be switched at will, and the power consumption is low, so it is very popular with taxi companies.

P3.33 Taxi LED Display

P3.33 Taxi LED Display

P3.33 Taxi LED Display

People who are on business trips or tourists have a relatively high demand for taxis, so many hotels, restaurants or scenic spots like to advertise on taxis, so that passengers can learn more about the city’s scenery and culture, attract tourists to come to consume, and promote economic growth of the city.

The taxi LED screen is rich in color, and the picture displayed is clear and bright, which perfectly replaces the printed advertising pictures. The taxi LED screen is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Long-term use can save a lot of printing costs, and it will not cause any damage to the car body. , I believe that in the near future, taxi LED screens will appear in more cities and be seen by more audiences.

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