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P16 LED Display Manufacturer

NSE is a professional P16 LED display supplier in China. We offer a full range of LED display products with waterproof and dustproof designs. Can customize panel size according to your needs.

  • Good heat dispersing performance
  • Corrosion- and Anti-UV tested
  • Ultra wide-angle design
  • High-resolution images

NSE P16 LED Display

The P16 LED display has characteristics of low power consumption, high pixel density, and easy and quick maintenance. It can display clear, fine, and bright color text images and video. High brightness that can be adjusted. Can fit any outdoor environment use.

NSE offers a wide range of P16 LED screen sizes, colors, shapes, screen patterns, and models. Whether you need it for your brand or business, rest assured of NSE’s capabilities. We provide OEM and ODM services for you. Our company utilizes high-grade materials and advanced machinery to make these products. All LED display P16 products are fabricated to meet strict market compliance.

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P16 Indoor Full Color LED Display

The P16 Indoor Full Color LED Display provides long life. Color – mixed design is flawless. The RGB color mixing creates a realistic visual impression for the audience. LED display brightness may be adjusted automatically based on the surroundings.

flexible led display

NSE P16 Flexible LED Display has a convenient combination of features. It includes high stability and comprehensive functionality. Thus, the ability to adapt to a variety of adverse weather conditions.

P16 Outdoor Full Color LED Display

Low power consumption P16 Outdoor Full Color LED Display has a super wide viewing angle. It increases its worth by reaching a larger audience. The anti-UV modules prevent deformation under sunshine.

NSE P16 DIP single color LED display can play a variety of text images and videos. It features low power consumption, high pixel density, and simple maintenance. The cabinet can be customized to fit the LED display size.

P10 Semi-Outdoor Door Head Scrolling LED Sign

P16 DIP Full Color LED Display has excellent vision, high resolution, high brightness, and long view distance. Suitable for all weathers; rainy, foggy, or sunny. It meets international FCC, CE, ROHS, and other standards.

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P16 LED Display Advantages

Superior Luminance
Superior Luminance

The P16 LED display provides a balanced brightness with a uniform distribution of light. It also exhibits vibrant colors and high resolution. This monitor can display live color video.

Energy Saving
Energy Saving

NSE developed an energy-saving P16 LED screen intending to lower electric power costs. It has an energy-saving efficiency of more than 50%. A great option for outdoor advertising.

High-Resolution Image
High-Resolution Image

P16 LED display has a solid pixel display. It can display clear and vibrant video, text, and graphics, as well as HD video. They have a high contrast ratio of 4000:1 and produce a vivid and true-color.


Long-life Span
Long-life Span

The P16 LED screen has a relatively long lifespan and excellent cooling. The long life expectancy of 100,000 hours, with brightness decaying to half of that time. FCC-Certificated.

Convenient Functionality

NSE P16 LED screen has consistent visibility and IP-certified performance in any outdoor environment. Its slim, lightweight case enables faster installation and maintenance. There is over-voltage and over-current protection for added safety.

The high-quality raw materials fine craft screen displays a high-resolution image. It delivers long life and a low failure rate. Through standard processing technology, you can guarantee the same level of row and column tubes. The RGB color mixing brings a realistic visual effect to the audience.

Convenient Functionality
Installation Method

Installation Method

The P16 LED screen structure is available in a variety of installation methods.

  • Ground Installation
  • Hanging Installation
  • Inlaying Installation
  • Wall-attaching Installation
  • Upright Installation
  • Seating Installation


NSE offers P16 LED display with the specialty of waterproof, sunproof, damp roof, windproof, and more. It makes it widely used in outdoor areas, including:

  • Commercial Advertising;
  • Radio and Television Media;
  • Municipal Engineering;
  • Commercial Walking Street;
  • Cultural or Relax Square;
  • Residential Sub-District;
  • Stadiums, various public facilities, and other places.

Why Choose NSE

Why Choose NSE
Strong Display Impact

Established in 2011, NSE focused on research, development, and production of LED displays. One of our specializations is LED display by level. P16 LED screen received high appreciation in the market for its great properties. It involves easy maintenance, ultra-wide-angle design, energy-saving design, and so on.

With rich industry experience, NSE is dedicated to manufacturing new LED display designs. Our R&D team concentrates on product design and development. Production strength enables us to provide OEM services to you. Regardless of your requirement, NSE can fulfill your project.

NSE P16 LED Display

Quality Certifications

As ISO9001-2004 quality system certifications, NSE ensures all P16 LED displays to exceed international standards. Thus, passed a range of severe product dependability testing.

  • CE-approved
  • ROHS-approved
  • FCC-approved
  • UL-approved
  • Anti-UV tested
  • Waterproof Tested
  • Vibration Tested
  • Illumination Tested
  • Hot and Cold Shock Tested
  • High and Low Temperature Tested
Custom Specifications

NSE can provide OEM production services for P16 LED displays. We can specify display products detail.

  • Pixel Pitch
  • LED Configuration
  • LED Type
  • Screen Resolution
  • Module Size
  • Module Resolution
  • Cabinet Size
  • Cabinet Resolution
  • Cabinet Material
  • Brightness
  • Viewing Angle, and so on.

Custom P16 LED Display to Boost Your Business

Spectacular Design LED Billboards

The P16 outdoor LED display can be viewed over long distances in sunny outdoor conditions due to its high brightness. Its excellent color performance also adds color to outdoor property information distribution.

P8 LED Display for Large Stadiums

The P16 LED stadium screen includes live content, game time, local time, and a scoring control system. It allows the audience to experience the stunning effect of the screen.

big led screen

P16 outdoor DIP full color LED display is rich in color and stable in effect. It is widely used in commercial advertising, tourist attractions, shopping malls, stations, stadiums, various public facilities, etc.

Your Trusted P16 LED Display Supplier
Your Trusted P16 LED Display Supplier

ISO 9001-2004 Certified Factory. National High-Tech Enterprise with 12 Patents. R&D Team. Exported to 100+ Countries. Perfect Pre-sales, Sales, and After-sales Service System.

  • “Timely delivery, rigorous adherence to the goods contract’s conditions, exceptional situations encountered, but also active cooperation, a dependable company!”

  • “NSE offers a variety of ready-made options as well as the ability to create a new program based on our requirements, which is a great way to suit our objectives.”

  • “In summary, we are pleased with all elements of the product: low cost, high quality, quick delivery, and good product style; we will continue to work together!”

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