P10 LED Display: A Complete Guide

P10 LED Display A Complete Guide (2)

The pixel pitch for P10 LED display is usually 10mm.

This guide covers all information you are looking for about the P10 LED screen displays. So, before investing in your next LED screen display, read this guide

P10 LED Display Viewing Distance and Angle

For these display screens, the minimum distance for optimum viewing is about 10 meters. This is due to the large pixel pitch.

The display screens are characterized by a reasonable wider viewing angle. The optimum viewing angle is about 120 degrees.

P10 LED Display A Complete Guide

P10 LED Display

How to Calculate Pixel Density in P10 LED Display

Pixel density refers to the number of pixels per square meter of the display. Usually, pixel density will depend on the size of the display and the overall resolution.

For example, a P10 LED display with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels and an area of 1 square meter would have a pixel density of 128 pixels per square meter.

In most cases, the pixel configurations for P10 LED screen displays is SMD3535/DIP346

Knowing Brightness of P10 LED Screen Display

The brightness of a P10 LED display is typically measured in nits. Nits is the unit of luminous intensity.

Normally, the Nits brightness determine the specific applications. For instance, 2500 Nits brightness is suitable for outdoor applications.

P10 Vs. P8 LED Display Screen  -Which is Better

  • Pixel pitch: The pixel pitch of a P10 LED screen display is 10mm, while the pixel pitch of a P8 LED display is 8mm. This means that the pixels on a P8 LED display are closer together and the image is more detailed compared to a P10 LED screen.

P10 outdoor led module

P10 LED Display

  • Resolution: The resolution of a P10 LED screen display is typically lower than the resolution of a P8 LED display with the same size. For example, a P10 LED screen display with a size of 128×128 pixels would have a lower resolution than a P8 LED display with the same size. This is because of the large pixel pitch.
  • Viewing distance: The optimal viewing distance for P10 display is 10 meters while for P8 is 8 meters.

P8 Outdoor LED Screen

P8 LED Display

  • Price: P10 LED screen displays are more affordable than P8 LED displays, as they have a larger pixel pitch and a lower resolution.

Areas Where You Will Find A P10 LED Display

The most common areas you are likely to see P10 LED displays include:

  • Advertising spaces
  • Entertainment
  • Displaying information in malls, or offices
  • Airport display
  • Hospital display
  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Traffic control
  • Promotional video walls
  • Road side
  • Retail stores, etc.

outdoor led display

P10 outdoor LED Display

FAQs on P10 Screen Display

1. Are there Specific File Formats you Can Display on P10 Screen Display?

No, you can display virtually all picture, video, animation and text formats.

2. Are P10 LED Screen Displays Energy Efficient?


Modern LED displays are popular for low energy consumption. Actually, they have low working voltages.

3. Which P10 LED Screen Displays do NSE Offer?

When it comes to LED screen displays, you can choose:

  • P10 indoor full color fixed LED display
  • P10 outdoor full color fixed LED display
  • P10 indoor interactive dancing floor LED display
  • P10 outdoor stadium LED display
  • P10 semi-outdoor head scrolling LED sign

4. Do P10 LED Display Screens Overheat?

The modern P10 LED screen displays have efficient and reliable thermal dissipation system. As a result, it prevents LED screen from overheating.

5. Are there Recommended Installation Options for P10 LED Screen Displays?

Yes, we can recommend any of these:

  1. Hanging installation
  2. Supporting installation type
  3. Free standing installation
  4. Interactive floor installation


Generally, P10 LED display offer unlimited possibilities in the digital advertising industry. In fact, they form a perfect option for outdoor advertising. This is due to their large pixel pitch which means images are only visible at a defined minimum viewing distance and angle. Also, they are brighter because of this effect and can be found in several outdoor applications.

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