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NSE P10 LED Displays are perfect across several industries and installation sites. You can find them useful as advertising video walls and digital billboards. These LED displays are your great choice in advertising your brand or products.

NSE P10 LED Display

P10 LED display is also called electronic display. It is made up of LED beads and led PCB panels, which display text, pictures, animations, videos, content by controlling the red, blue and green LED lights. It can be adjusted according to the needs of different occasions.

The P10 LED display is widely valued and rapidly developed because of its high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, large size, long life, impact resistance and stable performance.

P10 Indoor Full Color Fixed LED Display

P10 Indoor Full Color Fixed LED Display is commonly used as a brand advertisement display by diverse organizations and businesses. It offers excellent color uniformity, reliability, high contrast ratio, 6500nits high brightness, waterproof, and more.

P10 Outdoor Full Color Fixed LED Display

The P10 Outdoor Full Color Fixed LED Display is completely waterproof with IP67 safety grade. These are suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation sites. Popular for having a long lifespan, broad color space, heat dissipation, economical features, etc.

P10 Indoor Interactive Dancing Floor LED Display

LED dancing floor screen is a kind of foot interactive LED screen that has become popular in recent years, commonly used in scenic areas and some entertainment interactive places, is a novel digital ground full colour LED display equipment.

P8 Stadium LED Display

The stadium LED display is used for advertising around stadiums such as football stadiums and basketball courts, and is a perfect combination of modern sports and commercial operations by cycling advertising messages while enjoying exciting matches.

P10 Semi-Outdoor Door Head Scrolling LED Sign

The LED single or double color display is generally composed of red, green, blue, white and other individual one or two colors, display content is generally text content and simple patterns. Generally used in community gates, government agencies or hotel doors.

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P10 LED Display Benefits

High Contrast
High Contrast

P10 LEDs can generate high contrast ratio and high brightness. It has a 20-watt power source and 5 volts. input.

High Smoothness
High Smoothness

The high smoothness of custom P10 LEDs improves their visual appearance and viewing experience.


Removable to any installation areas. Ask for professional assistance for installing and removal process.

Heat Dissipation
Heat Dissipation

Due to heat dissipation, the heat does not become stuck, preventing overheating display. Heat can shorten its life.

What Makes P10 LED Displays Stand Out?

When compared to P6 LEDs, P10 LEDs have a greater viewing distance. As a result, they are ideal for led screens and promotional video walls. The following are among the most common P10 LED display specs:

  • These LEDs have the following pixel configurations: SMD3535/DIP346
  • P10 LEDs typically have a refresh rate of 1920HZ.
  • Each square meter has a 10,000-pixel matrix.

Even those watching from a distance can enjoy the experience of a top-standard and sleek image with p10 LEDs. Because of their versatility, these displays are extremely popular in a wide range of industries and work particularly in cultural events and large gatherings. As a result, it works well in outdoor settings.

The Common Specifications of P10 LED Display
Why Choose NSE P10 LED Display

Features & Benefits of P10 LED Display

Distance Viewing: Pixel pitches have a significant impact on image quality. The larger the pixel pitches, the better it is for long-distance viewing. As a result, p10 leds with a pixel pitch of 10mm are ideal for long-distance viewing. The image resolution will be incredibly clear even if you are watching the screen from a distance or through a high angle.

High Brightness: P10 LEDs are extremely bright. These LEDs have a voltage level of 20 watts and a 5-volt source voltage. As a result, the brightness generated by these LEDs is exceptional. It allows the image to be displayed even in direct sun.

Heat Dissipation: These models have a high thermal dissipation system. As a result, the heat does not become stuck, preventing the screen from overheating. Heat can shorten the life of electronic devices. These LEDs have a longer lifespan than models that heat up fast due to their cooling system.

Ideal LED Display for Different Applications

P10 LED displays are extremely adaptable. They’re used in a multitude of sectors. Because p10 displays are ideal for long-distance viewing, they are ideal for digital billboards. Billboards are placed in high-traffic areas and outdoors. The brightness and high resolution of the p10 make it ideal for them.

It can also be used in the transport industry. P10 LEDs can be used to display repetitive and timeframe data on terminals. Similar applications can be found in airports. For example, to display travel information and timing. Another use could be to provide flight safety guidelines.

Unique Characteristics

NSE –Excellent P10 LED Display Supplier in China

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
Choose NSE Thin LED Screen for Your Business1

NSE has extensive experience in the design, research, and manufacture of P10 LED displays. Our products have all received CE, RoHS, FCC, and ISO9001-2004 certifications. All of our LED products, including the P10 LED displays, are tested to ensure better color uniformity, adaptability, and reliability.

NSE offers ODM and OEM services for your company. You can speak with our expert about your industrial design. Your P10 LED displays could be customized with your branding, logo, and other requirements.

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NSE P10 LED Display

The letter P indicates pixel distance and the numbers represent the distance between every LED. For instance, the LED gap among each LED on the P5 display is 5mm, while the LED gap between the LEDs on the P10 display is 10mm.

Now, which is the most suitable pixel pitch for your application?

P5 has a higher density which means it requires more energy. It makes sense because the P5 has more pixels and is designed to be used at a closer range. Both P5 and P10 are good advertisement displays. Determining the right LEDs for you will be based on distance viewing. For close range, P5 is perfect while in contrast, P10 is great for long-distance viewing.

Installation Ways for P10 LED Display

Standing Type Installation – P10 LEDs have 6 inches thickness, and enough toughness to stand horizontally.

Supporting Type Installation – In a supporting type installation, the display can stand alone while also providing support to other systems. This installation makes use of the display’s strength to support another object.

Interactive LED Floors – This installation method works better for stages. It is installed onto the floor.

Hanging Installation – P10 Displays can be hung on walls and ceilings.

NSE offers both fixed installation and rental LEDs. Choose fixed installation if you want the display to stay in one place for a long period. Otherwise, the flexible ones are ideal for temporary use.

Custom P10 LED Display for Any Installation Sites

P10 LED Display for Outdoor Advertising

Custom P10 LEDs provide crystal clear image quality, high smoothness, heat dissipation, and more. These are excellent choices for your different outdoor advertisement board projects.  With high brightness and contrast for quality display results.

P10 LED Display for Roadside Billboards

NSE provides a P10 LED display most appropriate for designing advertisement boards of any size. There displays brightness can up to 6,500 nits which can provides better image quality for roadside installation sites.

P8 LED Display for Airports

Custom-made P10 LEDs are perfect to install for different transportation hubs, such as train station, airport, and more. These displays are used to inform travel flights, timing, advertisements, and so on.

Single Red Color DIP LED Display

LED door head screens are dynamic and colourful, attracting attention, mainly used to release the latest advertising information, widely used in banks, studios, beauty shops, mobile phone shops, etc

NSE – Leading P10 LED Display Manufacturer
NSE – Leading P10 LED Display Manufacturer

We Provide P10 LED Display with High Smoothness, Crystal Clear Image Quality, And High Contrast Ratio.

  • “NSE is the best when it comes to our LEDs needs – specifically the P10 LED Displays. After we tested each display, all were working well and easy to install. I’m looking forward to working with you again!”

  • “Thank you, NSE, for providing us with a high-quality, dependable P10 LED display for our company. We experience great after-sales and customer support system.”

  • “NSE P10 LED displays have qualities that exceed my expectations and application needs. This is a great way to promote my brand and products to more people.”

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