Outdoor P4.81 Rental LED Display Screen

What’s Outdoor P4.81 Rental LED Display Screen?

As the international epidemic eases, especially the global economy is gradually recovering, entertainment activities and outdoor performances are slowly increasing. Many entertainment activities and outdoor performances need to be equipped with outdoor rental LED displays, which will promote the rapid growth of demand for LED outdoor P4.81 rental screens in the market.

As a customized display made of die-cast aluminium, the P4.81 outdoor LED rental screen is very light and thin, resistant to high temperatures, highly stable, adaptable to various environments, not easily damaged, and very easy to install and dismantle, convenient for transport and handling. This is why many singing performances, exhibition displays tend to buy this P4.81 LED rental screen, is because it is simple and easy to install and transport, not easy to damage, greatly reducing the user’s transport costs and maintenance costs.

The media industry is very high frequency of use is the P4.81 rental screen, the early advertising planners will be displayed it as a background, and then arranged venue, stage and so on, with the various advantages of LED display touch the market, P4.81 rental LED display is very common, widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing activities evening, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theatres, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms.

What is the Difference Between an Fixed P4.81 LED Display and an P4.81 LED Rental Display?

Fixed installation of the P4.81 LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor fixed, generally after the installation is completed can not be arbitrarily moved, while the rental of outdoor P4.91 LED display, according to the performance or publicity requirements can be moved to the designated place to play different video programs .
In order to meet the requirements of this frequently moving performance, the P4.81 rental LED display is not only used outdoors, but also often used indoors, often for stage performances, fashion shows, temporary advertising campaigns, new product launches, etc.

  • Different Pixel

As the stage LED rental screen must play high definition programmes, the broadcast effect is required to be more distinct. Therefore, the typical outdoor environment uses P3.91 and P4.81 models of high-definition screens.

  • Different Cabinets

General traditional outdoor LED display are waterproof box, the structure is relatively heavy. P4.81 outdoor LED rental screen is now generally made of die-casting aluminum shell, thin structure, high stability, easy to disassemble and install at any time.

  • Different Installation Methods

P4.81 outdoor Stage LED rental screen can be dismantled at the end of a concert and transported to other stage venues, installed quickly and easily. Outdoor LED display is usually a fixed installation method, fixed position after not easy to move.

  • Different modes of transport

P4.81 Stage LED rental screens are highly resistant to minor collisions for transport and handling, and must conform to the loading system of the dimensional means of transport. Because it needs to be handled frequently, the LED screen itself must be designed to be robust against handling.

In summary, we can see that the difference between the P4.81 stage LED rental screen and outdoor LED display mainly lies in the cabinets, installation methods, transport treatment and other aspects are different. Compared to outdoor LED display, the P4.81 stage LED rental screen mainly lies in the need to move, repeated disassembly and installation, so the requirements of the product is very high, you need to pay attention to the product shape specifications design, structural design and the product requirements are therefore very high, requiring attention to product form factor design, structural design and material selection.

Outdoor LED Display vs Rental led display

How to Choose a Suitable P4.81 Outdoor LED Rental Display?


  • Choose High Quality and Easy to Install LED P4.81 Rental Screen
    A professional LED rental screen not only has a beautiful and generous appearance, and installation is also very easy and very easy to transport, and in addition to these characteristics, the attractive LED rental screen has a wide perspective, you can see clearly from all angles of the business want to promote the content, and seamless splicing picture quality is also very high, it is easy to attract people’s eyes.
  • Choose Brand, Cost-Effective P4.81 LED Rental Screen
    If users want to choose high-end LED rental screen, you need to go to a wide range of styles of LED rental screen high-end market carefully selected, selected good quality, stable performance, process control in place, with brand advantages of the product, compared with the low-end market products, then, more cost-effective.
  • Choose the Easy Maintenance P4.81 LED Rental Screen
    Because the LED rental screen needs to be disassembled frequently, so easy to failure, and first-class service LED rental screen business R & D staff will be in the design of products to fully understand the needs of customers and repeatedly simulate the use of the site, and in the design will reduce the damage caused by disassembly problems. In addition, will do a good job in the selection and configuration of raw materials, so that customers in the use of the time, more secure.

From the above points, on the whole, a popular P4.81 LED rental screen is beautiful and generous, stable quality, not easy to use when the failure, and also needs to be easy to install and maintain, the best can also be based on customer demand to carry out appropriate innovation.

P4.81 LED Rental Screen

What is the future of P4.81 outdoor LED rental screens?

In recent years, the P4.81 LED rental screen market is becoming more and more extensive, and its popularity is becoming more and more prosperous. However, as more and more companies join, the competition in the P4.81 LED rental screen industry has become increasingly fierce.

In the past two years, from the display quality requirements, the more precise the LED rental screen point spacing more popular, the future will certainly replace the 4K display effect, the corresponding product prices will also come down.

Now P4.81 LED rental screen is mainly used in stadiums, parks, banks, securities, stage, bars, shopping malls, stations, telecommunications, monitoring, schools, restaurants and other different outdoor places, the future of its application areas will be more extensive, such as smart factories, smart city areas.

In summary, is the future development trend of LED rental screen. At present, NSELED has been at the forefront of the industry, with its products being slim, light, efficient and with lower overall cost as the development direction.

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