How Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates Make Your Event Better

Outdoor LED screens for tailgates ensure that festivals, concerts, business events, and other outdoor entertainment are fun and memorable. This is relevant for businesses, and tailgate event hosts as it can boost visibility, increase brand recall, and improve sales. Not only that, this article highlights everything you need to know about these displays, but first, here are the benefits of LED signs outdoors for tailgates.

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1. Increased Awareness

Getting your brand out there can be challenging because it is the first step toward acquiring an audience and helping them understand and become loyal to your brand. Recognition is one of the major drives for building customer trust and increasing sales, and when it is ruined, it can be difficult to get back on the audience’s good books. 

The size and display quality of outdoor LED screens used for tailgate displays stand out, grabbing attention and creating awareness about your brand, product, or event. The signage design and configuration make it easier for attendees to find your event and remember the brand associated with it.

2. Content and Display Customization

Aside from increasing brand awareness and visibility, LED outdoor signs for tailgating events support screen and content customization. Whether you want a small, medium-sized, or large outdoor display, or you want an aluminum, stainless steel, or iron cabinet material for additional protection, outdoor LED screen manufacturers offer options to suit every customer’s needs.

You can even decide to get a higher-resolution display or a flexible LED screen that can fit into any architectural building design. In addition, there is no limit to the kind of content you can display. Whether it’s an animation, high-quality graphic, image, or video, these LED screens can be designed to meet all your display requirements. 

3. Attract More Business

Besides businesses and event hosts, most outdoor LED screen buyers offer tailgate TV service in their communities or states to give residents firsthand access to live sports events, festivals, or concerts. If you run a tailgate display service or are planning to start one, there are many opportunities for making money awaiting you. 

For starters, offering this solution with a high-performance tailgate outdoor LED screen as a business gives you access to a wider audience and these viewers will gladly pay a fee to watch their favorite team or musicians perform. Aside from that, local businesses may decide to advertise their products with you, opening up opportunities for more meaningful collaboration and increased return on investment. 

4. Enhanced Visibility

So much goes into finding and retaining customers and marketing is one of the strategies businesses use to get new clients. However, customer acquisition has become quite expensive, with a record of companies spending well above $30,000 yearly only on advertising. Enterprises spend this much on advertising because the more visible you are, the less you’ll have to work to convince people to buy from your brand. 

So, how can display technology help you achieve lower ad costs and higher sales? Tailgating LED signs outdoors, are designed with high brightness levels and the ability to showcase a better representation of your original content. This enhanced functionality ensures that your audience has a memorable experience. With this, you’ll successfully create a lasting impression that will further increase your brand visibility among their peers.

5. Increased Sales

As discussed earlier, outdoor LED screens for tailgates increase sales, but how can you get your viewers to the buying stage using your TV tailgate setup?  You can do that by displaying your products, services,  offers, special discounts, or any upcoming event, boosting sales during tailgates. 

For example, if you own a restaurant and are hosting an outdoor tailgate event, while the audiences are being entertained, you can display interactive menus, new dishes, new dining space, and other promotional content on the screens; this will encourage attendees to make purchases, contributing to higher revenue.

6. Higher Customer Engagement

No one wants to attend a boring party, and those who avail themselves of such events tend to leave earlier than intended. Tailgating events are not only for parties; businesses also organize a promotional occasion or a product launch featuring popular musicians to promote a product. During such events, it is advisable to rent a big-screen outdoor TV to add color and life to the setting.

At this point, large outdoor TV screen rental provides a platform for engaging content, such as interactive games, contests, or live social media feeds. This engagement entertains attendees and strengthens the connection between your brand and the audience.

7. Enhanced Viewing Experience

Tailgate events are often associated with sports and entertainment. When musicians host concerts, during occasions like movie premiere occasions, or when displaying a live sports event in the neighborhood outdoor LED sign boards for tailgates come in handy. They elevate the audience experience and keep viewers engaged and entertained.

8. Consistent Content Display 

One of the biggest upsides of the outdoor tailgating LED screen is its ability to withstand prolonged exposure to various weather conditions. This means that you can showcase your content and host parties and movie nights no matter the weather or lighting conditions because it is built to function even under unfavorable environments. 

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates

This section explores how outdoor LED screens for tailgating events work, different types of tailgate displays, applications, and factors to consider when choosing a tailgating LED screen. Let’s get started!

LED Screen Trailer For Husker Tailgates In Omaha Or Lincoln, NE

What Are Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates?

Outdoor LED screens for tailgates are high resolution displays mounted on trailers or stands, making them portable and easy to set up in parking lots or outdoor venues. They allow sports fans and audiences to watch live broadcasts, games, or presentations in a vibrant and engaging way, enhancing the tailgating experience. 

These screens come in various pixel pitches and have wide viewing angles, making the content displayed highly visible across different angles and distances. In addition, they have excellent color reproduction capabilities; most portable TVs for tailgating are full-color screens, offering bright and vivid content representation that provides an immersive viewing experience for the audience, no matter the lighting conditions.

What Are the Challenges of Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates?

While outdoor LED screens for tailgates offer many advantages, they have limitations that make them inaccessible to certain settings and event hosts. Some of these challenges are;

  • Power Supply: Ensuring a stable power supply to illuminate content on the screen can be tricky, especially in outdoor settings. Power generators or reliable electrical connections are essential to keep the screens running smoothly. Your event will likely not hold without them, so plan a backup power supply when hosting tailgating events.
  • Setup and Transportation: Outdoor LED screens for tailgating events are usually large and heavy, making setup and transportation cumbersome and expensive. It often requires a team to handle the logistics; these additional expenses can concern certain individuals.
  • Cost: High-quality outdoor LED screens for tailgating events are expensive to purchase or rent, making them a significant investment for tailgating parties or events. They are not just expensive due to their size, as those aren’t the only factors that contribute to the cost of an outdoor rental display. Other factors include pixel pitch, resolution, manufacturer, shipping costs, installation fees, maintenance, etc. 

Common Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates by Sizes

One interesting thing about LED screens is that they come in different sizes. Each size comes with its own uniqueness and varies in price. The emission of light that comes out from the LED screens is dependent on the sizes. Now, let’s look into some sizes.

1. 24 x 8 LED Outdoor Scrolling Sign

A 24 × 8 LED outdoor scrolling sign is a display or light-emitting sign that is most used in outdoor events, stadiums, and highways to add more flavor and fun to an event. This LED outdoor scrolling sign is 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall. 

This LED outdoor scrolling sign is mostly used for displaying information, advertisements, advertising products, etc., using LED lights. It also has some unique features, including its ability to display texts and graphics already programmed in it.  It can also be used in any weather condition, whether sunny or rainy; this implies that sun or rain does not affect it.

2. 30 x 8 Outdoor LED Signs

30 × 8 has almost the same features as the 24 × 8 but varies in some ways. One of the ways they vary is in their sizes. This Outdoor LED Sign is 30 inches wide and 8 inches in height. This type of LED is 100% visible and has an inbuilt capacity to withstand climate change. 30 × 8 outdoor LED signs use LEDs to display animations, images, and information. 

The sign determines how detailed the content and visuals will appear. This 30 × 8 sign can make texts, graphics, and animations very clear to the eyes from a far distance, even in direct sunlight.

3. 33 x 2.5 LED Outdoor Sign

This 33-inch, 2.5-height LED outdoor sign is designed to perform many outrageous functions. They are also used outdoors: stadiums, highways, and outdoor events. Like the aforementioned LED outdoor signs, they can withstand climate change. They are also used to display any kind of visuals whatsoever to inform, educate, and entertain.  A 33 × 2.5 LED also has a high density, making the content visible and readable.

One interesting thing about this LED sign, which is also evident in others, is that it is highly accessible. This implies that you can easily access it, make corrections, and make updates from anywhere by simply connecting it to a computer or a network to enable remote management.

4. 36’x 85 LED Sign Programmable Outdoor

A 36’× 85 LED sign is a big-sized outdoor display that measures 36 feet in width and 85 feet in height. The display capacity of the LED sign is very high, which makes it suitable for outdoor displays (advertisements or content). This LED sign is mostly used on highways or any outdoor event. 

Businesses and companies or brands mostly use it in advertising and promoting their products and services. It is also used in conveying and displaying updates on information, event schedules, or even time, weather, or temperature. 

One significant thing about this sign is that it is cost-effective because of its ability to consume less energy. It should also be handled with great care by employing professionals for the installation to ensure it is fixed properly. It should also be serviced and maintained appropriately to keep the LED sign functional. 

5. 36’x 94 LED Sign Programmable Outdoor

A 36’× 94 LED sign is another programmable outdoor display LED with 36 and 94 widths and height, respectively. The description shows that it is larger than the previous LED sign. It has the same features as the others, from the function and mode of operations to the maintenance. However, the mode of operation and functions can vary from the other LED signs depending on the model or manufacturer.

6. 36’x 96 LED Sign Programmable Outdoor

A 36’× 96 LED sign is another programmable outdoor display with the same features as the aforementioned signs. This LED sign measures 36 feet in width and 96 feet in height. Like other signs, it uses LEDs(Light-emitting diodes) to produce bright effects and displays. 

It is also programmed for outdoor environments and can withstand outdoor climatic changes. It has a clear visual and is energy efficient. Also, it can be linked to a network and computer for remote control. Carefulness in maintenance is also essential to avoid damage of any kind.

Using Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates in Various Settings

Outdoor LED screens for tailgates are not only used for festivals and concerts; businesses and other corporate institutions use them to reach a wider audience and gain more sales by promoting products, conferences, and other relevant occasions. Here’s a rundown of various settings where outdoor tailgating LED screens are used.

1. Church LED Signs Outdoor

Most churches, especially churches sitting thousands of people, use these tailgate TVs. In choosing LED signs for churches, so many factors and considerations need to come into place because each LED sign has different occasions they are used for. Church LED signs are mainly used for displaying Bible passages during service displaying information such as announcements(Service time, worship time), religious messages, events, etc. 

Also, churches can program heartfelt welcome messages for members or first-timers. This LED sign also displays the time, weather, and temperature for the audience. Church LED sign Outdoor can also be used in a Church outdoor crusade meeting. They use it due to the high population that would grace the meeting. The aim is to ensure everyone follows the service accordingly and does not miss out on any information. 

This LED sign is so huge that it is visible to the audience. However, it depends on the size of the sign you are going for. Using a larger sign for a larger audience is more suitable to give more visibility. Also, because of its high light-emitting capacity, the texts, images, or any visual projected will be visible and bold to the sight of the audience.

2. Gym Outdoor LED Digital Signs

Gym Outdoor LED digital signs are programmable, fixed displays in a gym. These LED signs are installed firstly for entertainment. It can be installed inside or outside the gym. For the outdoor installation, it is mostly installed at the entrance of the gym. 

This gym outdoor LED digital sign is used for many purposes. The first purpose is for entertainment. They mostly display programmed videos featuring different gyming styles, benefits and effects of gyming, fitness tips, their facilities, the different uses, etc. This aims to promote entertainment during workouts.

They also use it in advertising and promoting their brand. They program the LED digital signs to display information regarding joining their memberships, training services, class schedule, gym opening time, or any upcoming events, which helps people or members plan themselves well. There are different sizes of screens, so it is important to consider some factors before choosing a sign for the gym. Some factors include space, location, viewing distance, and budget.

When looking for suitable close views, you can go for the small screens under 32 inches. On the other hand, when looking for a screen that covers a wide range of views, you can go for the medium size, which ranges from 32 to 55 inches. When looking for a suitable screen for a very spacious gym, it’s advisable you go for larger screens that range from 75 to upwards.

3. LED Restaurant Signs Outdoor

LED screens are also used in restaurants for the sole purpose of advertising, entertaining, and promoting. These screens are installed at strategic locations in the restaurant. One of the aims is to entertain customers while dining with friends and loved ones.  Because a restaurant is a place of fun and relaxation, it is important that a restaurant has an LED sign that entertains the audience.

Restaurants use different types of LED signs, which help them attract customers, communicate information, and amplify the restaurant’s ambiance.  Some restaurants use “Digital Menu Boards” to take customer orders instead of the traditional type. The digital menu board surpasses the traditional static menu because of its color and captivating displays, showing images of different dishes. 

Another feature of this LED sign is that it allows easy updates to menu items. Some signs are also used to relate information to passersby, indicating when your restaurant is active or not. They program this sign to display texts like “open for business” and ” We are closed for business.” 

This goes a long way in attracting customers. Some LEDs are also installed to direct customers unfamiliar with the road. Most restaurants also install LED window displays to strategically play live videos of sports, wrestling, or any live events to draw people inside. 

4. Banking Outdoor LED Screens For Tailgates

LED screens are also seen outside the bank. These LED signs serve the same purpose as the other setting’s LED signs. Generally, outdoor LED bank drive thru signs are installed to show events, important messages, real-time news, weather forecasts, financial tips, advice, etc., to engage, inform, and educate their customers. 

5. School LED Signs Outdoor

School LED signs are mostly installed at the school junction and entrance. These LED screens are installed in school fields and other outdoor locations for tailgating events, especially during outdoor-themed graduation parties, movie nights in boarding schools, dance practice, and presentations.

The main purpose of using an outdoor LED screen for tailgating school events is to promote out-of-classroom learning. Unlike the traditional passive classroom, learning outside the four walls of a class enables students to participate actively, interact within themselves, and ease off the pressure of classroom learning

Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Tailgates Outdoor LED Screen for Your Event

If you’re in the market for an outdoor TV rental or a new outdoor LED screen for tailgates, these factors will guide you through the process and ensure you purchase an LED screen that is perfect for your display needs.

1. Resolution

The resolution of a tailgate outdoor LED screen impacts image clarity, meaning that higher resolutions ensure that visuals on the screen are sharp and detailed and vice versa. A clear and crisp view is important for any kind of display. Whether broadcasting sports games or movies or advertising a new product,  every detail matters for a memorable viewing experience. 

However, considering resolution is not just about image quality; it’s about ensuring a successful and engaging outdoor event experience. For instance, the resolution affects the viewing distance—a higher resolution screen allows people to comfortably see the content from a greater distance, accommodating more viewers and providing flexibility in positioning the screen. 

2. Location

The location of your tailgate party determines the kind of outdoor TV display screens you’ll rent or purchase. First, not all LED screens fit every architectural design, and not all can cover certain viewing distances. For instance, rectangular LED screens cannot fit the same wall that a Flexible outdoor LED screen for tailgating can fit. 

Additionally, since we’ve identified power supply as one of the challenges associated with outdoor tailgating events, it is important to know the power supply accessibility in the location. This ensures that a stable power source is available and another is on standby in case the first supply shuts down.  

Besides that, the location can greatly influence your event’s ambiance and atmosphere. Whether it’s a parking lot, a park, or a stadium, the surroundings can enhance or detract from the tailgating experience. So, taking the time to carefully consider the location ensures that your outdoor LED screen setup aligns with every aspect of your event.

3. Connectivity Options (HDMI, USB, Wireless)

Various outdoor tailgating screens offer different connectivity options. The first thing you should be concerned about is a reliable internet connection if you plan to stream live content, such as sports games or online broadcasts. Poor connectivity can result in buffering or interruptions, frustrating your audience. 

After internet connectivity, think about how you’ll connect your source devices, like laptops or media players, to the screen. Most outdoor TVs for tailgating support High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) while others support Universal Serial Bus (USB). Whichever one it is, having the right ports and cables on hand ensures a seamless setup. In addition, you can also consider wireless options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for greater flexibility.

4. Content Sources

Why is it important to consider the content source of your tailgating display? It is necessary to consider this factor because the kind of content you showcase will determine if your viewers will stick to the end or leave before the event starts. For instance, a tailgate outdoor LED screen with Live streaming features provides access to real-time events like sports games, ensuring that fans can catch the action as it happens. 

In addition, outdoor LED screens with smart options, streaming services, and high-quality video gaming support will enable you to stream movies from applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Also, you can stream songs, music videos, and concerts to light up your tailgate party.

More so, you can also use it for high definition games like Call of War (CoW), Need for Speed, and God of War. This makes your tailgating event interactive, encourages participation and enables you to provide personalized services for football, movie, game, and music concert lovers.

5. Audio integration

Your event is probably not complete if all you have is a video setup on your tailgate outdoor LED screen. For many reasons, having proper audio setup goes a long way is bringing life to your event. Imagine a scenario where you’re live streaming a game like CoW on the screen and everyone gets to hear all the sounds, it immediately makes them feel like they’re part of the game.

Each battle doesn’t seem faraway because they get to see your game character’s movement, watch him reload and use weapons, and also get to hear his interactions with other fighters. The same applies to other forms of events, such as presentations, seminars, movie binging, etc. Hence, it’s fair to conclude that tailgating goes beyond visuals. Rather, it’s all about creating unforgettable experiences for everyone.

6. Cost

Cost considerations are essential to ensure that your event remains within budget. Giant outdoor TV rental price varies depending on size, resolution, pixel pitch, cabinet material, brand, and additional features. By evaluating costs upfront, you can compare offers from various suppliers and make informed decisions that align with your financial resources.

7. After-purchase Support

After-purchase support is important for the ongoing maintenance and reliability of your equipment. Outdoor LED screens for tailgates are investments, and like any technology, they require occasional servicing or troubleshooting. Ensuring the supplier or manufacturer offers reliable support, warranties, and spare parts can save you headaches and additional expenses.

Which Company Is the Top Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates Manufacturer?

As a leading LED screen manufacturer, NSE, among other LED screen manufacturers, emerges as the top outdoor LED screen manufacturer. They specialize solely in outdoor LED screen and provides diverse and best-quality LED display products. Why NSE LED?

Aside from offering the best quality products and some eligible features that make them stand out, NSE is highly reliable in delivery and certification. Their products are highly reliable as they have passed ROHS, CE, FCC, ETL, and UL. Also, they are trusted by over 500 companies and have been certified by professional organizations for their stability, reliability, and environmental protection. 

NSELED team provides free installation training courses and a long-time after-sale service to clients. Contact them today to be among companies leveraging their products, including mobile LED displays, mobile LED displays, creative LED displays, commercial LED displays, advertising LED screens, and Rental LED screens to improve their outdoor events.


Getting outdoor LED signs or screens is very important and can draw traffic to your business because of the fancy, attraction, and publicity it will bring. When looking for a place to get an outdoor LED screen, you must research the best brand to get a high-quality one. Getting a good quality LED screen from a good brand makes you save less as there won’t be any need for constant repair and renewal.


1. What Are Outdoor LED Screens for Tailgates Price?

Outdoor LED screens come in different sizes and brands. However, these screens’ prices depend on the sizes and brands. For instance, two brands can sell a particular size of outdoor LED screens for different prices. Depending on the sizes you want, you can get a smaller screen for a couple of thousand dollars. However, you should check any online marketplace to provide you with the exact price.

2. Which Display Is the Best Outdoor LED Screen for Tailgates?

First, determining the best outdoor LED screens for tailgates depends on your preference and what you intend to use them for. The best size of screens for tailgating ranges from 50 – 70 inches. You should go for the ones with high resolution ranging from 1080p or even 4K, as it will afford you an overall clearer display as well as great appreciation from viewers.

3. Where Can I Rent an LED Wall Display for Outdoor Events and Festivals?

There are so many outdoor LED manufacturers to rent from. However, one of the best outdoor LED manufacturers is NSE. NSELED is the best and very reliable. They provide the best LED screens in different sizes with a very high resolution.

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